Chapter 107

Chapter 107

The more Kasser thought about it, the more he realized he couldn’t explain very well just how complicated the situation he found himself in truly was.

Three years ago, when he’d entered the contract with the queen, he only expected that their relationship would begin and end once a child was born. His greatest concern about her memories returning out of nowhere was the fear of her suddenly turning back on her words.

Additionally, he never planned to tell Marianne about it, especially now with her old age. He’d be compromising her health if he were to tell her now. She’d be quite astonished, and he might give her the shock of a lifetime.

“Don’t worry, I’m taking care of it.” He reassured her, but Marianne’s eyes narrowed in a reproachful way towards him.

“Your Majesty.” She began, her tone taking on that of censure. 

By her expression, Kasser could sense the impending scolding coming his way, he let out a loud sigh. Disregarding his distaste, Marianne continued without care.

“Your Majesty, how can you keep things from me? You are already very busy with the affairs of the state night and day.” She pointed out. “Need I remind you that despite your schedule, you still found a way to visit the queen in her bed chambers every night?”

Kasser had had his fill of Marianne’s nagging as a child, he had hoped now that he was king he would be spared of such things.

Should he answer recklessly and ask her to back off the situation, she’d only give him that look of hers, which conveyed she was greatly disappointed with him and just get up and leave without letting him explain a word edgewise.

And so he opted for silence. He didn’t want to say anything that would give him away to Marianne’s scrutinizing eyes. She’d notice anything amiss with him in a heartbeat.

And to be even more honest, her suggestion on improving his relationship with the queen was rather tempting. But could he make it happen? 

Could they?

Could he even disregard the past, build a new one from the ground up? Would she stay as she was now should her memory return without warning?

It’s only recently that he began feeling he was married, three years after their union. Only recently, he even began to entertain the notion of the queen being more than just the bearer of his heir…

However, he couldn’t help but feel a little suffocated. Despite their growing closeness, he couldn’t deny that there was still an undeniable gap between them.

They didn’t normally run into each other, and the nights he would spend with her was full of passion. She smiled a lot, talked a lot, and didn’t show any signs of dissatisfaction whenever they were together. There was no problem, but at the same time, there seemed to be one. 

Only, he couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

“I’ll tell you, don’t worry.” He told the baroness. “As soon as everything is over.”

“Your Majesty.” Marianne sighed exasperatedly. “I do not mean the country, the state of affairs can wait! Why are you insisting on putting this discussion off? You can start wherever you want, I won’t judge.” She implored him, clasping his hand like she would a child. “Your Majesty, the kingdom won’t fall apart if you were to loosen up just a little. You’re not a god. How do you expect to do everything?”

Marianne was surprised she even said those words to the king, but she believed them to be true.

But despite her words, the king’s mien only remained calm, which only made her frown further. She knew she’d overstepped her boundaries, but still, he’s not angry at her. She realized she’d at the mercy of the king’s kindness, right there and then.

Eventually, Marianne reluctantly backed down, bowing her head towards him.

“Forgive me, Your Majesty. It was too presumptuous of me. Please punish me as you see fit.”

Kasser gave her a slight smile. He found her naggings annoying yes, but he didn’t hate them. Even at the height of his rebellious stage, when he was fourteen or fifteen, despite the fact he found everything she said tiring and irritating to listen to, he never hated it.

He remembered those times rather fondly, especially now that thanks to his experience before, he’d learned to stop talking back whenever Marianne scolded him.

Suddenly there was a cry from outside the king’s office.

“Your Majesty! There has been an emergency!”

It was the chamberlain.

He had ordered expressly that his meeting with Marianne was to be private and to be left undisturbed. It was highly unlikely they would disregard his commands for anything trivial. Both of them exchanged glances, their expressions wary and alert.

“Come in!” Kasser commanded without a moment further.

The doors burst open as the chamberlain hurried in, accompanied by another man. When he reached the king, the man immediately dropped on one knee, bowing reverently, and offered up to him a single red envelope.

“Your Majesty, urgent news from the Central Storage General!” The man exclaimed.

Kasser quickly got to his feet and hurried to the man. He plucked out the red envelope from the man’s hands and opened it, before scanning the contents quickly. 

Inside the red envelope, contained a small piece of paper. They made use of couriers when sending out urgent messages so that they wouldn’t be able to contain much confidential information or top secrets.

  • Accidents, Lark seed cracked, Yellow. 

No matter how carefully people managed the storage, the accidents that broke the Lark seeds still happened frequently. They would break, and therefore unleash a Lark, even from the tiniest of causes, especially during the active period. In rare cases, there were times that they would still break despite the presence of safety devices.

Kasser immediately turned back to face the courier, commanding him urgently. 

“Make your way to the general and tell him to send the warriors to the Central Storage.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” He immediately got up and ran out of the room.

“Chamberlain!” He called out, immediately facing the other man, “To the chancellor…” Kasser paused. “I must go myself.” He amended.

It would take too much time to send someone to call and wait for Chancellor Verus to arrive. If he were to wait a little longer, he would be able to get a more detailed report of the accident, but time was of the essence.



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