Chapter 111

Chapter 111

“Chancellor?” Eugene asked with surprise. 

The chancellor, or also known as the deputy chancellor for Eugene in her world, was an important figure. She wondered if she could really ask for such a thing from someone with such a high ranking until she realized she’d been sleeping with the highest authority every night. 

“But for such a trivial matter? For someone in such a high position?” she asked Marianne.

“Any task from the queen could hardly be considered trivial, Your Grace.”

“I see.” Eugene hummed in understanding, “If so, then I shall additionally request this be done in secret even from the king.” She told Marianne. “I will tell him myself eventually, but not right now.” She further explained. “He might feel otherwise and inform him the moment he hears of it.”

“Your Majesty, if I may correct you, one person investigations are usually carried out without a notice to the king. If the queen herself is concerned about these investigations, then I can assure you that the chancellor can be trusted with such discretion.”

“Are you sure I can keep this a secret for a while longer?” she asked, rather dubious of that fact.

Would the Chancellor really be able to turn a blind eye? To not ask questions or inquire why she would request him to keep this a secret from her husband?

She had initially thought nothing went by the palace without the king knowing about it. She even believed that her day to day life was being reported to him every end of the day.

“If you’re truly concerned though, I suggest making it a formal request.” Marianne proceeded to answer. “This way you can ensure he would keep it a secret from the king. He’s a wise person, he’s not the type to commit such folly.”

She’d heard of Chancellor Verus in passing, specifically when Marianne was explaining the different roles and hierarchy in the palace. And so she had sent a summon to the chancellor, which Marianne delivered swiftly.

She had expected that he was quite an old man, but the further she listened to Marianne, she discovered he was pleasantly younger than she thought.

I must use this as a chance to meet with him.

“Very well, I shall send for him to make a formal request.”

“A wise decision, Your Grace.” 

“I shall take my walk now.” She told Marianne before they parted ways.

Ever since she’d taken charge of the palace’s internal affairs, it was unavoidable to cooperate with the chancellor in some cases. Additionally, while Jin might have been unsociable on purpose, Eugene had done so unknowingly.

She wanted to put an end to her solitary way of life, that’s why, when all this was over, she had planned to go out and interact more with the people outside the palace walls. 

The chancellor was not someone she was close to, nor was he close to Jin, so there shouldn’t be much expectation on how she would act around him. He probably wouldn’t be able to differentiate Jin from Eugene.

As she thought of this, she failed to notice Marianne’s lingering gaze as they parted ways.

The queen seems to be doing well, even with things beyond her power. Marianne mused.

Back then, the queen was forbidden from meeting with the others, as well as working with them either. It didn’t matter if she lost her memory, one’s lifestyle couldn’t be changed overnight.

Marianne soon found herself filled with concern for the queen.

She ordered an investigation and said she would meet the chancellor. Still, I will have to wait and see.

Calling for the doctor, and discussing what they theorized with the king would most likely be delayed as well. Suddenly, a maid burst in, hurrying to her side…

“Baroness, the chancellor has sent word,” said she, handing a crisp envelope to Marianne, who accepted it at once. She hastily opened the letter, and read its contents.

He was requesting a meeting, but he hadn’t specified when or what it was about.

I wonder what’s wrong? In any case, this is an opportune moment.

Just as she was about to send word that the queen was requesting a meeting with him, a letter had arrived from him requesting for one as well. Quickly jotting down her reply, Marianne informed him she would meet with him at the earliest possible moment.

Eugene trod lightly, walking gracefully on the ground. The garden, which connected to the building by the corridor, was a comfortable place, even if it was not a proper pathway. 

Perhaps, her mood was brought on because of the pleasant memory of when she first stepped out of the palace to breathe in some fresh air for the first time. It could also have stemmed from the fact she was alone, and not even maids followed her this time.

Somehow, it’s funny.

She never thought she would understand the feeling of the rich girls back in her world who would ostracize their bodyguards. When she saw those kinds of scenes in dramas or movies, she felt sick to her stomach and spewed out profanities at their ignorance. 

But now, she could understand where they’re coming from.

As she strolled in the wide palace garden, it felt both unfamiliar and familiar, as though she were in the front yard of her house. Since when did this feeling start settling in her mind? The palace that she once thought of as immensely large, she found was no longer overwhelming to her.

If I happen to go back… I won’t be able to go back to how I’d lived before.

Both physically and mentally, she had spent her time in this place with abundant leisure. If she were to go back to her previous life as Eugene, she would miss these things, maybe enough to break down at such an incredible loss.

I don’t know how I got here, but it doesn’t matter to me anymore.

Eugene sighed and looked down at her hands. She fisted them and unclenched them back and forth. 

This body moved through Eugene’s, her will – the body of Jin Anika. Ever since she’d entered this body, there had not been one moment where she felt as though she was not wearing her own clothes.

It felt strange that she did not feel strange at all. Like she was meant for this body.

In order to keep living with this body, Eugene must resolve Jin’s past. Why did Jin, who lacked nothing, gather forbidden books, and make contact with heretics? I need to find her real motive.

When Eugene finally looked up, she jumped back with a jolt at the figure in front of her. 

A few paces in front of her stood a black horse, whose crimson eyes were staring right at her.




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