Chapter 129

Chapter 129

Chapter 129 – Isn’t He Cute? (2)

“Yes, I know.” She was only stopping by, and was looking forward to her first lunch in the village.

“Do you want to take him?” he asked, unable to conceal the terseness in his heart..

Eugene replied, staring at him, as his tone had gotten sharper. “No, I was here only to talk to Abu as he’d be waiting until I got back.”

Kasser furrowed his brows slightly and then pursed his lips tight. Then, turning his gaze towards Abu, who was still holding onto him, he shook his head in anger. Abu yelped and mewled in reply as if crying injustice.

And why not? It wasn’t his fault that the woman and he got along so well. And why should he not continue? As such the pair of orbs stared into each other in a stalemate, one raging another piteous.

The strange exchange didn’t escape Eugene’s notice. She keenly observed the man. His awkward and sullen appearance was akin to the one she’d just seen in his office.

She looked back on the situation from before and now. Resentment was a part of all his usual capricious changes in emotions. However, he did say he was not offended that she had been touching and spending time with Abu.


“Your Majesty,” Eugene hesitantly said, “The lizard you saw earlier, and Abu too… I’m interested only because it’s your Lark. While you were at the store, I held on to Abu and worried about you.”

Turning his back slightly in her direction, he said nothing. However, his silence made clear his disbelief in her explanation.

Eugene could hold back her laughter by biting her lip hard, however, she couldn’t control her pounding heart.

That man… surely he isn’t jealous? To define his current attitude, it would be more like a common desire for a light monopoly that everyone wants the person in front of them to focus only on themselves.

Or it could be a childish emotion ‘Why don’t you look up to me?’. If he came back from his achievements as king, everyone would have cheered and praised him after all.

Eugene had a pleasant smile. Whatever the reason, he showed his emotions to her and only to her. For the first time, towards this nonchalant monarch who had it all, she felt a slight touch of sympathy.

At this moment, Eugene was in a great dilemma. She wanted to see the proud man’s expression right now, but she also didn’t want to see. On the one hand she wished to see his never seen before emotions, on the other she couldn’t muster the courage. While she oscillated between the “to and not to”, the man himself turned towards her.

Her heart skipped a beat as her eager eyes sought his face. Alas, her excitement was ruthlessly shattered glimpsing the indifferent visage. He then turned around, just like that.

Silence suffused with unease filled the air. The man knew not what to do, while the woman behind was confused over him.

Looking at this cold back, Eugene hesitated ever so slightly, her hand that rose to reach him stilled. She debated if her conjecture about his feelings had some grounds or she was mistaken. It was another matter if she was right, but if she was acting out her delusions, even staying up the entire night wouldn’t do away the ensuing embarrassment!

In the end, she threw caution to the wind, gave in to her feelings and hugged him from behind. Her delicate arms failed to wrap his large body, even so, she held on to him tightly. She could feel his taut body stiffen, she was nervous too.

But the moment his hands grabbed hers, releasing their grasp, her heart sank. She felt a heavy lump in her throat, and her legs seemed to give away. It seemed she was mistaken after all…

But before she could collapse to the floor, the man abruptly turned and swallowed her lips. He wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close into an embrace, one hand snaked around her neck and clasped it. It seemed like he was blocking her retreat, afraid she would run away.

However, Eugene had no intention of running away. Instead, she was backing in the strange satisfaction, her heart fluttered… gone was the gloom from a moment ago. Her mind was blank, she felt nothing but his warmth and passion within the volley of kisses.

Finding the gap between her lips, he easily slid his tongue in deep. He swept through the inside of her mouth, relentlessly grazing her tender flesh.

“Hmph.” A soft moan decided to escape.

Her fingers holding him by the shoulder had long turned pale. His kiss, which took all her breath away, was greedy. He tilted his head further and pushed his tongue deeper. A pair of lips stuck together, without the slightest gap.

As his arm around his waist tightened, Eugene felt pressure under her chest. All the breaths that were choking were sucked into his lips.

Eugene loved this moment of her longing for him while still trying to catch up to his pace. Kasser had never been lukewarm nor did he know moderation. He seemed like someone who could switch moods at a click. Under the sun, he was the solemn, able and wise king, who never erred, joked or made a fool of himself. Under the moon, in the close confines of her chamber, his kisses and thrusts were that of a famished beast.

His tongue rolled up her tongue and sucked it hard. A chilling shudder mounted up her back.

After days of agonizing over it, her mind was blank. She didn’t know that the relationship between men and women was so strange until she experienced it.

It was not that only one side had suppressed physical desires. In the face of physical desire, the reason was meaningless. Passion was the one true master, and the pair indulging in it right now, had long delved into a bottomless abyss.


Some distance away from the couple immersed in a dense kiss, Abu cried woefully.

Without mercy, Kasser had tossed away Abu, before he pulled Eugene for a kiss. With a flexible handspring, Abu had safely landed on the ground.

However, when he saw his master clinging to the woman, he was impatient. That woman’s affection was all being grabbed by his master now. He didn’t dare to interrupt so he let out a timid cry of discontent.

But would the man and woman who had fallen in love, even care?



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