Chapter 130

Chapter 130

At first they, his cries fell on deaf ears. However, the Lark was persistent.  At short intervals, Abu kept crying until the time they had no choice but to turn their attention to him.


In between sucking on her lips, he muttered a curse to himself and retracted his lips.

Left to Kasser he would have not given a whit even if Abu wailed all day long. But the woman in his arms kept trying to nudge him away as if her concentration was broken.

He kissed lightly on her wet lips and licked them with his tongue. His eyes were full of thirst that had yet to be quenched. After a gap of a few days, her lips tasted so sweet that he felt dizzy. He just wanted to rush to a room with her in his arms. But today, he wanted to spend time with her in a way different from physical entanglement.

Not just because of Marianne’s nagging. But because just spending the nights with her vaguely felt there was something between him and her that could not be narrowed down.


Kasser gritted his teeth and muttered. “I’ll make him a leash and tie him up.”

Eugene burst into laughter with a flushed face. She squatted and waved at Abu.

“Abu, come here.”

His wish answered, Abu immediately dashed to Eugene for a peck. 

Kasser cast a perverse look at the Lark who was acting like a pet dog.

“Abu. I can’t play with you today. I don’t have time today. See you tomorrow.”


The muscles in his face swirled. He didn’t like it. But there was no justification to stop it. He had already said with his own mouth that it was okay to be close to his Larks.

However, the truth was, he wanted to put Abu away from her sight. He was aware of the fact that his emotions were indescribably childish, but neither was he remorseful nor ashamed. That said, there was no question of rectifying either.

“Abu, come here, I’ll give you a hug.”

The black leopard jumped into Eugene’s arms without hesitation. Kasser was stunned to hear Abu’s throbbing sound in his throat and laughed for a short time. He seriously pondered why his hwansu had transformed into such a shape.

His musings continued even after he’d got into the carriage with her and out of the castle. He belatedly realized the fact that it was strange. He had never heard of a Lark, which already had a master, following another person as if they were his master.

The carriage slowly trudged forward. This was the first time Eugene was going out at this time of the day, and for a lunch at that. Her curious eyes peeked out the window, her face still held traces of pink from the indulgence just before.

Gazing at her from across, was Kasser. The scene where Abu had clung to her earlier, kept replaying in his mind. However, he had surmised the reason for the inexplicable behaviour of his Lark.

She’s an Anika. It was widely believed that Larks did not attack Anikas, although the theory was never put to test.  And Abu was basically a Lark. Given the tenet, it was natural for him to not attack or even terrorize, which he otherwise did, but this sort of “affection” was truly unfathomable.

Yes, there were instances where the Larks had reacted favourably towards an Anika, but they were few and far between.

Favorable… but can I really only define it as favorable?

It is a known fact that the records in history are prone to be distorted to an extent. However, the choice of the word, to the person who witnessed Abu’s interaction with this Anika, seemed wrong.

How many Larks had responded to an Anika in such… affectionate and amiable ways? And how many had willingly allayed their monstrosity? This only meant that Abu’s fondness for Eugene was indeed rare. He hadn’t shown such a side of him even to Kasser, never.  

That Anika who had proclaimed to have a strong rapport with the Lark was the very one who had planted the seed of the old tree at the plaza in the Holy City. She went down in history as the Anika to possess the strongest and most powerful Ramita ever.

By this, it could be inferred that Larks responded not only to Anikas but also to their Ramitas.

But Abu wasn’t like this before…

Why now? Her Ramita is powerful for it to garner attention from larks.

In the past, Abu had often seen the queen at close quarters. Back then Abu was not interested in her. Needless to say, nor was Jin Anika. The two lived in their own worlds, never once crossing paths.

Although Kasser didn’t know what kind of power her Ramita held, he was of the belief that it had to be essentially similar to his Praz. This was the only explanation for the phenomenon as to why only an Anika could give birth to the king’s child.

Therefore, like the king’s Praz, Anika’s Ramita would neither overflow nor dissipate from her own natural vessel.

Eugene, who had been looking out the window all along, turned around when the carriage didn’t stop at the town square. As she did, her eyes met with the man gazing at her.

“Do you have anything to say to me?” she asked. 

He seemed somber than usual, clearly, he had been ruminating. Considering all that had happened earlier, Abu’s behaviour et al, it was no surprise he had his queries.

“You asked me about Ramita before. You can’t feel Ramita even now?”

Of all the questions she had expected, this was hardly the one. She wasted no breath in answering him though.

“Yes, I feel nothing special”

Kasser was taken aback. “Don’t you even remember the lucid dream?”

“Ah…” Eugene hesitated. Rather than reluctance, the look on her face said that she didn’t know how to explain it. “I don’t remember what the lucid dreams were originally. But I recently had a strange dream…” 



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