Chapter 131

Chapter 131

Eugene had been mulling over that dream to no end, and still had nowhere to know it’s meaning. Since between the two, Kasser had a better grip on matters as such, she decided to be forthright and seek help.

“Strange dreams? What dreams?”

“I saw water in my dream… I’m not sure if it’s a lucid dream. It was really weird. It didn’t fit Your Majesty’s description at all,” she said with a sigh.

“I don’t know if what I said to you is correct. Anika is you, not me. What kind of dream was it?”

Speaking up to her, Kasser said no more. An Anika’s abilities were not to be recklessly questioned. 

Time and again, the Sang-je had reiterated: Anika is a noble only by her existence. Rather than interpreting it as it sounds, people took it as a threat- If you don’t treat Anika with honor, there will be consequences.

There were many taboos about Anikas. `Do not try to question or dig into her existence` being the foremost. So, no one knew exactly what an Anika’s Ramita was. Nor were the people bold enough to speculate, thus thwarting all hearsay.

“Well, I wouldn’t be of any help at all.” Kasser’s words carried a hint of helplessness.

“But you might think of something when you hear of it. Is there a rule that an Anika shouldn’t tell anyone about her dream? Perhaps there is…” Suddenly, Eugene dropped her voice almost to a whisper and with a mischievous glint in her eyes said, “Let’s keep it a secret that only we know.”

Kasser burst into laughter. He looked at her with a gentle and easy gaze. As soon, he realized that when he was with her, he laughed quite often.

A strange impulse sprang up. He would’ve kissed her if they hadn’t been inside the wobbly carriage. It was a different feeling from the rapid heating of the body with a physical desire. It’s not that hot, but it’s hardly likely to cool.

“But I actually don’t know what exactly I saw in my dream. It felt like I was walking on the water in my dream. I looked everywhere but could only see the horizon facing the sky.”

Eugene narrowed her eyes thinly, recalling her dream. There was a scene that came to mind with a scene similar to her dream.

The sea…

But a sea? Firstly, the sea wasn’t shallow and certainly not ankle-deep. That said, even the strongest Anika in history only saw a lake. So the sea didn’t make sense… there was no way it could be a sea!

“… horizon?”

Kasser did not know what her dream meant. But intuitively, he felt that it was not unusual.

He was frustrated with the situation in which he could not help her because of his lack of ability. It seemed that the only way for her to get an answer was to meet the Sang-je.

He had been trying to avoid it, and now he had gotten back to square one.

Should I send her to the Holy City…?

As a rule, he should have sent a letter to the Sang-je at the time she lost her memory. Then, the Sang-je’s knights would have come to fetch her.

Even now, he didn’t know why he incessantly worried that she might regain her memory. Was it because of the fear of not getting a successor? Was it really just the reason?

For the past three years, he had been waiting for the three years to end. He had asked the queen to carry out the contract and said he would get a successor as soon as possible. However, off late, he was not in a hurry because of his successor. Rather, he hoped that this situation would be maintained. He wanted to know more about her.

What I really want is…

Is it the successor? Or the one who can give birth to a successor?

The contract with Jin Anika three years ago was simple. The things that would come after the birth of the child, had neither been planned nor discussed. The problem was that he wanted to see farther into the future but he was uncertain of Eugene’s stance nor of her plans. 

Kasser suddenly felt as if there was a heavy stone on his chest. He even found it difficult to breathe, when he saw his hands, for the first time ever, they had turned pale.

Right then, the carriage came to a halt. After a while, a voice was heard outside: “Your Majesties, we have arrived. I shall now open the door.”

“Let’s talk about the details later. Because I think it’s going to be a long story.” He wanted her to know that he was invested in her being as a whole, and not just her body. And her dream and worries, if any, were his too.

Eugene opened her eyes wide with surprise. She talked about her dream with a light heart but was embarrassed by his heavy reaction.

“Your Majesty, it’s probably a meaningless dream.” 

There was a lot she didn’t know, despite being the crater of this world. And Kasser, who wasn’t an Anika, wouldn’t either. There was no point in burdening themselves.

“Tell me later. Not here.”

With that, Kasser got up and went out of the carriage. He jumped to the side without stepping on the stairs and then extended his hand inside the open door.

He took a small breath when the small white hand emerged and rested on his palm.

His eyes shook when her upper body with its head slightly bent outwards came into view. He felt a slight thrill.

He had seen men escorting women during the societal parties. Hand in hand, they would walk… the men a constant shadow. It was a show of pride and a warning to keep the irrelevant out of reach.

His grip on her hand gave him strength. He realized his greed, yet didn’t want to let go of this hand.

Eugene took his hand and stepped down the stairs, taking in the surroundings as she did. 

The carriage had stopped in front of an opulent restaurant. The soldiers cordoned off a certain section of the encompassing area and stood guard, blocking people’s access. Even so, there were quite a few people gathered outside the invisible line.

Today, unlike their last outing,  the royalties were not disguised. Instead, they took control of their surroundings. Eugene had followed him because he’d said the day out and disguises were more cumbersome. She hadn’t minded it at that moment and was also looking forward to it somewhat. But she had certainly not expected things to be like this.



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