Chapter 146

Chapter 146

He gathered his breath and concentrated on his inner self. He tried to suppress Praz, but the wriggling brat hardly calmed down.

Is the Ramita affecting you?

Kasser glanced towards the door. If he moved now, he’d lose his concentration and release the barely suppressed Praz. He felt like he was tying the Praz with a chain and held it tighter. Praz was gradually calming down, and little by little, he was regaining control.

However, as soon as he relaxed for but a moment, a fireball-like energy popped out of his body. It was too late to catch it. In an instant, the blue energy that escaped from his body took the form of a giant snake and filled the bedroom. 

This is bad!

This loss of control would be a disaster.

He glared at his Praz, trying to find an opening to suppress it again. His brow furrowed as he pursued the translucent blue snake with his eyes. Praz didn’t want to have a war of nerves with Kasser, it seemed distracted by something else.

Praz bent its huge body, circled once in the water, and further reduced its size. After taking a lap around the chamber with a body that had already been reduced to half, it shrank itself further. 

It shrank further and further until it was about the size of his hand. This place was too narrow for swimming, so it seemed to have shrunk. As it swam around the chamber, his Praz looked satisfied.


Kasser felt the same way he did when he saw Abu as a small cat. There was no dignity at all in a span long blue snake.

What the hell is going on!

He let the playing Praz be and approached the bed. As she lay in the bed, Eugene’s black hair swayed in the water, her white skin looked unusually pale.

His chest had started to pound.

I don’t think it’s her powers running wild…

The area filled with water was limited to the chamber alone. It meant that she was controlling it unconsciously. But his rationale prompted him. 

What if this was a side effect of Ramita? What if it’s too much power for her body to accept?

He was slightly alarmed. His knowledge in these things was very limited, in fact, close to nil. His inner voice told him this was beyond his power. He was heartbroken, he couldn’t believe there was nothing he could do when his wife was in such a condition… that it wasn’t him but the Sang-je who could rescue her. 

He gritted his teeth, trying to rein his will.  What if his willfulness to keep her away from the Sang-je pushed her into danger?

I need to send an urgent message to the Holy City.

The letters delivered through messenger birds could not contain much content or secrets, but the speed was faster than any route. The express would reach the Holy City in a few days.


When she had first asked him to call her by this name, all he could think of was keeping up with her whim. But now, more and more he felt an unknown satisfaction when he called her “Eugene”. Rather than staying in the kingdom because of her status as a queen, it seemed that a person named Eugene was standing by his side through her own will.

“Eugene… Eugene… Eugene…”

He repeatedly called out to her. When he had first seen her lying down, he felt dazed and angry after hearing what had happened. Now, all he could do was think of ways to bring her to safety. 

Eugene’s eyelids moved ever so slightly. Her eyeballs shifted just as he was about to turn away to write the message.


He called her out, one last time, with an earnest hope that she would open her eyes and look at him.

Her eye’s movements grew within her closed lids. The water rotated slowly around her. Then, it spun faster and all the water in the chamber began to get sucked into her body.

The turbulent flow of water had no physical effect on Kasser, who was standing right beside her. He stared at the fantastic scene unfolding before his eyes. A huge stream of water was being absorbed by Eugene, creating a whirlpool and with that, the water in the chamber disappeared in an instant.

The blue snake swam against the force of the sucking current. After holding out until the end, it jumped into Kasser´s body and disappeared as if it were returning to its original dwelling.

Kasser looked around the room. There was no sign of water anywhere.

Eugene opened her eyes with a gasp. She looked refreshed as if she had just awakened from a deep sleep. She blinked at Kasser and smiled.

Deep down in Kasser’s heart, heat spread out. It was totally different from when Praz was trying to break out. He just couldn’t control it. He put his hand under her lying form and pulled her into an embrace.



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