Chapter 156

Chapter 156

Upon hearing the question, Marianne’s expression changed. Eugene didn’t think too much of it when she asked about what the treasure is, and where it is located.

Marianne let out a sigh of resignation, making her look frustrated. She didn’t want to appear too nonchalant, as doing so would look like she’s trying to deceive the Queen.

“Where did you hear about this?”

“I didn’t hear it. I remembered it.”

“You remembered it?” Marianne asked in a confused tone.

Suddenly feeling anxious, Marianne’s face fell into a stony expression- the same expression she sported when Eugene came back after a meeting with Rodrigo.

At first, Eugene thought nothing of Marianne’s stiff relationship with Jin, just like when it’s with Kasser. But she came to understand what Marianne was truly afraid of.

Eugene saw from Jin’s memories that Marianne was treated unfairly for such a long time. She felt sorry for Marianne, who had to suffer on her own, until now.

She realized that Marianne will always be cautious around her, having no idea that there is another person inside the queen’s body.

“My memories has yet to return completely, but I do remember some of them. And I am able to recall the harsh treatment I bestowed upon you.”

Marianne’s eyes widened upon hearing the Queen’s words. She smiled towards the person in front of her. Eugene tried to continue but she was suddenly cut short-

“My Queen”, Marianne said in a soft voice

“You didn’t do anything wrong,” she continued, “It’s something that happened in the past.”

Eugene looked at Marianne quizzically, as if confused.“Is this one of the rules a person should follow, when belonging to the high society?”

Eugene did not have a set of social etiquettes to study from- she simply got it from Marianne, and learned from experience.

“Yes, sort of. But it does not only apply to social settings, but in all occasions as well.”

“Are you saying that I’m not allowed to learn from my mistakes? Or give my sincere apologies?’

“I’m just saying that you should be careful, especially when you’re in public where a lot of people would be able to hear you. You, along with King Kasser, hold the highest positions in this nation, and lapses are something that should be avoided.”

“What If I make a mistake? I don’t think hiding my mistakes would do the nation well.”

“Apologizing for your faults is enough, but there’s no need for the public to know.”

Eugene nodded with an uncomfortable look on her face. She used to hear about how the King is shameless where she came from, and that may be applicable to her as well.

“What if I made a personal mistake? How do I apologize then?”

“Invite them somewhere private and go over it with a cup of tea. That should be enough.”

Deep in her thoughts, Eugene insisted on her apology,

“I still want to apologize to you, Marianne. It’s just the two of us here, anyway. I realized that I treated you harshly and I’m sorry for that. I’m also grateful for you- being with me & helping me. Please continue to do so.”

Marianne paid her respects by bowing a full nighty degree to the Queen in front of her.

Slowly straightening her back, her face showed calmness- replacing the anxiety that plastered her face a moment ago.

“My Queen, I cannot tell you about the national treasure.”

“Will I have to ask His Highness?”

“Yes, my Queen.”

Eugene nodded.

She stopped asking about the treasure. Honestly speaking, she did not even hear about it, but when she saw it in Jin’s memories, she’s pretty sure that Marianne knows about the national treasure.
She didn’t think that Marianne directly lied to her. She knows full well that Marianne was probably instructed- and she’s pretty sure that the one who ordered her was no one but the King himself.


Servants had dropped by in the evening.

Facing her vanity mirror, she stared at her reflection, and saw restlessness written all over her face. She sent the servant back to the King.

She covered her blushing face with her hands, and she slowly fanned herself, trying to cool the heat emitting from her face.

“What’s wrong with me?” she internally asked herself

“It’s not even my first time”

The King left the palace and went straight to the repository. It’s been a week since they last slept together, but why did she refuse to sleep with him this time? It will be a while until the King comes back, as he will personally see through the red flare incident.

“I want us to start over.” This is what the King said before he left.

Eugene’s face became a lot redder than it already is as she reminisced their conversation in her head. Is it because she knew that the King could already differentiate ‘Jin’ and ‘Eugene?’ It felt like she’s back to the time when they first spent the night together.



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