Chapter 157

Chapter 157

Her heart was furiously beating against her chest and she’s unable to calm herself down. She counted the hours, the minutes until the king’s arrival to the palace.

However, Kasser did not arrive at his usual time. A steady silence floated outside Eugene’s room, and her anticipation towards his arrival died down.

“Where could he be at this hour?” uttered Eugene with a sullen expression.

“What is he trying to do?” She would just have to wait for the servant to inform her about the King’s whereabouts. Time passed and the King has yet to arrive.

“He should have told me that he wouldn’t be able to make it,” she whined internally

Drained with all the waiting that she did, she eventually tired herself out, and decided to sleep her distress away.

When Eugene had fallen asleep, the door quietly opened and revealed the entrance of the king. He specifically told his servants to not inform her about his arrival anymore, as he would be arriving so late in the evening.

Kasser approached the bed where Eugene currently lay, and seeing her in that state shifted something deep inside the King.


Eugene did not move one bit. He too had been impatient lately with what’s happened between them, and time kept slowing down, taunting him with the sight of the sleeping woman before him.

Kasser should have just sent the reports back to the administration, instead of dealing with it inside the office. He really thought that the reports could be taken care of quickly, and he did not expect that it would take so much of his time.

He did implement the rule of not postponing a day’s work to the following day. Doing so will only have the employees being heavily reprimanded. As a result, the administration did not hesitate to report to him even if it is past working hours already.

Tired from today’s events, Kasser sighed and roughly sat on the bed, making the foam jiggle. Despite his movements, Eugene remained soundly asleep.

He lifted a folded leg onto the bed, leaned his arm onto one knee, and rested his chin on the palm of his hand. He slowly looked at Eugene and he can’t help but stare at her face, with desire looming over his eyes.

Eugene suddenly turned in the bed, making her pajama dress go up above her knees, revealing her long, slim legs. Kasser shifted his gaze towards her exposed limbs. All his blood ran down south, his pants suddenly feeling tight and uncomfortable.

He couldn’t wait any longer.

Kasser scooted near Eugene’s legs as he grabbed both her ankles, feeling his way up to her exposed calves and gently massaged them. Her smooth skin felt so soft and wonderful under his large hands and from then on, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to restrain himself anymore.

He continued feeling his way up to Eugene’s body, softly caressing all of her spots and he leaned down on her, hovering above her while placing both his arms on the sides of her head. He kissed her forehead first, then the eyes, nose and lips.

Eugene stirred slowly from Kasser’s ministrations. She slowly opened her eyes and saw the man hovering above her. Still dazed with sleep, she mumbled a soft “hmmm”, still confused on what’s really happening.


Kasser no longer reigned himself in as he aggressively kissed all over Eugene’s face. The kisses seem to never stop, making Eugene giggle at Kasser’s actions.

He then kissed her mouth, swallowing her giggles along the way. He forcefully pushed his tongue towards hers as proceeded on sucking and kissing.


Eugene let out a short sound. She can feel Kasser surrounding her mentally and physically as she felt sensations all over her body. She also felt something poking into her middle.

Finally realizing what’s going on, Eugene’s no longer sleepy as heat pooled around her stomach as she wrapped her arms around Kasser’s neck. His scent filled her nostrils as they kissed.

Kasser thoroughly explored her mouth- never stopping while feeling around Eugene’s legs with one hand. He grabbed Eugene’s leg and wrapped it around his waist as her dress rolls up to her stomach.

Eugene then wrapped her other leg to his waist, clinging herself to him completely. They are now wrapped with one another like inseparable vines. He pushed his hardness against the clothed space between her legs.

They are still not fully together since they haven’t discarded their undergarments yet. But Kasser kept on grinding his hips against Eugene’s, stimulating her even more.

“Ahhh… mmm..”

Eugene let out a low moan as they pushed into one another, the roll of their hips simultaneously grinding together, not slowing themselves down as they pushed & pushed, pleasure skyrocketing between them.



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