Chapter 158

Chapter 158

She didn’t exactly know what she wanted. But she knew for sure that she longed for this man hovering above her to keep doing what he does. The sensations hit her so deeply that she almost felt frustrated, wanting more pleasure to bring her to completion.

She gripped her thighs more tightly to his waist and slightly raised her hips to seek more friction. Centering her middle to match his as they continually grind on each other.

He almost lost it. The muscles on his back stretched taut and the immense lu$t overwhelmed his senses. He waited so long for this night to come and it’s finally happening. He didn’t rush as he took his time in unraveling his woman, feeling like he’s got all the time in the world.

He pressed his mouth further against hers. His t0ngue swept inside as if he’s searching for something, deepening the kiss once more.

Eugene’s eyes fluttered. The way he caressed her tongue and sucking it into his mouth ignited her senses so much that it consumed her whole being. Electrifying her nerves in the process.

She matched her breathing with his, feeling that it is more pleasurable that way when they are in perfect synchronization.


A series of mo@ns kept slipping past her mouth as she struggled to keep them at bay. How could she when she was already feeling so overwhelmed by his actions- from his hands that kept on massaging her twin peaks, and his er3ction that never stopped grinding against her middle.

She first thought that making love with him would somehow exhaust her. He was always passionate and persistent, and to top it all off, his stamina was also incredible. He no longer held himself back from his intense desires, and she didn’t mind one bit.

But tonight, he seemed more desperate than usual. His energy skyrocketed as if Eugene had woken up the beast inside him.

He finally lets go of her tongue, which is almost numb from all the sucking he’s been doing. Eugene gasped as he dove straight into her neck, and sucked the delicate skin there.

He busied himself with her neck as he kept on sucking and nibbling, tickling her slightly as she let out a small whimper, feeling overpowered. He moved his mouth next to her ear and whispered huskily,

“Arms up.”

It felt like he finally reached his limit. With a shaky breath, she obediently raised her arms above her head, completely submitting to him.

Without missing a beat, he took hold of her hem and easily rolled her nightgown upwards, removing the dress from her body.

She bit her lips raw as she felt her whole body throb in pleasure. Seeing him struggling to restrain himself makes her feel so excited, like how he softly caresses her limbs while his eyes are nothing but predatory, or how he’s trying to resist his hands from seizing her completely, making sure she knows that she’s well taken care of.

It is as if she’s watching him struggle right in front of her, conflicted between being a gentleman and ravaging her completely. It really spurred her on.

No one knows he’s like this. Not even his nanny who watched him grow up, that the King who was always cold, calculating and disciplined is unable to restrain himself from lu$t.

Eugene liked the thought that only she gets to know this side of him. A knowledge that could only be shared between the two of them, man and wife, making her feel that she’s closer to him than ever.

She felt chills went up her body as the night air swept in. But it didn’t last long; her body was quickly covered by a damp, muscular one, engulfing her in the process.


Her back arched reflexively when he placed his mouth over her breast, sucking on it greedily. Her skin stretched taut under his tongue.

Kasser buried his nose into her chest, inhaling her flesh deeply, and her soft, sweet scent captivating his nostrils. Simultaneously licking, and breathing in her scent at the same time.

He continued on tasting her body, marveling at her sweet taste that seemed to paralyze his senses.

He wasn’t even sure if he’s this real—not sure if he’s just imagining it. Lustful desires quickly took over his senses and filled him in a euphoric trance. He was also aware that all of his five senses are reacting to the woman beneath him.

He suddenly wished that he could throw away his reputation as king just to ask someone, anyone. Was this what s3x between a man and a woman was always like? Why did he only desire and thirst after her all the more, with every time that he made love to her?

Did everyone feel the same ecstasy?

Emotions and excitement die down when repeated continually. That is a given. He remembered when he first successfully killed a lark, he couldn’t keep his excitement at all. But now, he barely had it in him to be excited even if he killed a dozen of them in a day.

But why was it that his desire for her did not seem to weaken? Instead, it only seemed to grow stronger every time. He’s almost afraid of the fact that he may be lu$ting after her regardless of where he is.

And every time he’s reminded that it’s his wife he had desires for, he felt like he’s on top of the world, and excitement bloomed through his veins.

He licked on her taut bud and pressed on it with his mouth. Rolling it and teasing it all the more with his tongue.

Her body trembled underneath him, shaking from his actions. He was reminded yet again that only him got to taste her sweetness.

“Mine.” A strong feeling of possessiveness overcame him and his blue eyes darkened even more.



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