Chapter 159

Chapter 159

His hand traveled down her body, skimming her ribs and grasping at her hips. Her slightly damp skin felt so good under his fingertips, her curves enticing him even more. It felt endless as he ran his hand along her figure.

He’s having difficulty keeping his thoughts straight. His whole being feels like he’s on fire, and his er3ction was hard as stone.

He remembered how it felt being inside her, how her tightness seemed to engulf him completely. His body was begging for release, for climax.

But he kept on restraining himself, wanting to prolong this moment even further. ‘A little more… just a little more.’ He whispered repeatedly to himself.

He finally removed his lips from her bre@sts and slowly moved to her chest, lining up kisses along her stomach, her hips and continued to move downwards.

His lips made its’ way to her privates, grazing his teeth along the fabric of her underwe@r.


Her body succumbed to the gentle kisses he’s giving her, and involuntarily thrust her hips upward. She was about to close her spread legs but was abruptly stopped by his hands.

His hands had been kneading along the inside of her thighs, and he grasped her from behind as he pulled her underwear down.

Eugene screwed her eyes shut and turned her head to the side. She suddenly felt so exposed, with the cold air biting at her now bare body.

He spread her legs even further and her face felt hot from embarrassment.

She lay still and obedient as she nibbled on her lips. She felt shy as her body trembled with expectation.


Fireworks exploded behind her eyes as he caressed her s3x with his lips, and proceeded to lick up and down.

How could he do this? She never imagined something like this happening. She didn’t think that she could get used to this.

But after a few moments, the pleasure seemed to escalate.

“Ahh.. Mhm…”

Her whole body trembled. The pleasure she felt seemed endless. And every time his nose brush past her nether lips, it felt like she was being electrified.

He tickled her cl!t with his tongue then gathered it fully to his lips as he sucked. The feeling surprised her so much that she moaned loudly.

“Ah! Ahhh”

He licked all the juices that came out of her. His lips kept on moving against her folds, taking his time like he did with her bre@sts. He pressed on her inner skin and drove this tongue deeper.


She mumbled incoherently as she arched her back and came. Her hips jerked in spasms, and her eyelids saw nothing but white, hot pleasure as the sensation traveled all over body- to her waist, back, and everything.


She gasped for breath. Her s3x still pulsing slightly after reaching its’ clim@x. Her strength left her body completely as she crashed.

Kasser held her weak legs in his hand and stared at her folds, now moist with her juices.

He imagined how she would taste like if he were to lick her, and he’s almost tempted to do so.

He was pretty sure he could spend the entire night tasting and biting all over body, but he pushed away his thoughts to the side.

He didn’t want to drain her completely with multiple org@sms, as he wanted to prepare her for the grand event.

He inserted his fingers inside her opening, feeling her inner flesh loose as her entrance swallowed his fingers up. She tried to close her thighs but doing so prompted him to look at her face.

She shyly avoided his gaze as his mouth curved upwards.

At first, she felt shy and embarrassed that Kasser mouthed her heat just moments before, now she can easily spread her legs open in front of him. He was charmed by the thought of his wife opening up for him.

He righted his body as he first removed his shirt, then his pants, and his drawers were gone too. His length was now swollen and fully er3ct.

Her eyes became huge when she saw it, standing proud and it is more emphasized by the brightly lit room. She wasn’t able to ask for the lights to be turned off.

It was her first time seeing it in all of its’ glory, gone are the days wherein she could only see its’ outline in the darkness. It was quite large and beyond anything that she could have imagined.

She felt genuinely confused as to how that thing could hide in a pair of pants without being noticed. It was massive.

She gasped and lifted her upper body with her elbows. Showing her concerns as he neared her,



He moved swiftly in front of her and pulled her legs towards him, putting her back into her original position.

He climbed on top of her as she voiced out her concerns,

“It’s not going to fit!”

Kasser responded with a short laugh.

“It will.”

“But it’s too big.”

“Are you doing this on purpose? If I lose my mind any further, you’ll be in trouble.”

Eugene’s face went white. As he slowly smiled, she saw the deep blue fire in his eyes. His expression as he licked his own lips seemed indeed like that of someone that had already half lost his mind.

His hands gripped her thighs as he pushed his hips between her legs, and placed his arms on either side of her head.


Eugene swallowed when she felt his tip at her entrance. She placed her hands atop of his shoulders and she’s unable to push him away. His hardened member slowly passed through her core, and deeply slid into her.



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