Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Eugene stared at his fierce blue eyes, a sight she could never get tired of.

Clear blue energy swirled on his pupils like waves rushing in chaos. It was horrifyingly mysterious…


With only six people in the world having this power, a king’s supernatural Praz could only be passed through lineage.

The king’s successor would have this supernatural ability, but his control would be unstable and his power far short compared to that of his father. The heir apparent was only able to inherit his ability intact when he ascended the throne, upon the death of the previous ruler of the fleet.

Intense energy flowed out from his body; one Eugene could feel blatantly. His skin was scorching hot, which ever so slightly touched her bare skin, and would perhaps leave marks in the aftermath.

But seeing such fantasy she only wrote in her novel; Eugene felt an indescribable strange sensation. She gazed up at him in a daze, her eyes fixated on his.

She found herself enchanted by the swirls of energy that danced in his eyes until such time it united to form a figure and stretched long like the eye of a snake… It didn’t stop there, it also swelled as if it would pop out of his very eyes.

Then the temperature rose…

And it became too much for her body to bear.

It was only at this moment that Eugene felt absolute pain—one only Praz could cause. Her imminent death quickly filled her mind which was previously on a haze of admiration over her creation.

Her creation that could take her life at the snap of his fingers.

On instinct, Eugene threw herself away from him with fright. Her sudden action made Kasser get ahold of himself, and the energies dwindled until it disappeared into thin air.

Kasser looked down at his hand with a rather embarrassed look. This was the first time that he lost control of his Praz since he took the throne.

Terribly frightened, Eugene’s eyes rose sharply. Did he intend to kill her just now?

From the moment the king entered her chamber in a fit of unmistakable anger, it was apparent that Jin Anika had committed a terrible crime, for which Eugene would be forced to carry the punishments.

But now, seeing Kasser exercise his deadly power against her, her emotions got the best of her and she did what any other person would do in her position— scream out loud.

“Are you comfortable blaming others for everything you do?” Kasser’s deep voice snapped her out of her panic.

“What?” Eugene, finally coming to her senses, questioned him.

“If you scream like that, people outside will get the wrong idea.”

It was naturally impossible for Eugene, who used to reside in a completely different world, to grasp the situation around her in such a little time. With the previous slips of Anika’s memory in her, she wondered if she could possibly remember everything.

Yet, even if she used all her imagination to reason, she would only be blasted by a splitting headache.

How much she had had to rack her brains out to conjure a plausible script before she called Zanne to her chambers was immeasurable. Then, this happened which brought her another mystery to solve just yet.

From the way his eyes intensely locked with hers, penetrating her very soul, she could tell that Kasser was getting frustrated by the minute. Though she tried to understand his position, she also felt resentful of the fact that she was criticized for a thing she didn’t do.

She’s in the queen’s body, but even if she wrote the character herself, this novel-world went out of her expectation in totality.

For sure, she didn’t want to be in Jin Anika’s shoes. The look on the face of a man who was brimming with hatred made her realize even more.

“I have always known your impudence.” Kasser shook his head in dismay. “Are you in the position to yell now?”

“Is the king comfortable in using Praz against people when he gets angry?” She was quick to retaliate, conveying his own words to get to him.

With such strong conviction, Kasser stared at her incredulously. “That was a mistake.” He regressed, followed by a sigh.

There on, they fell into an uncomfortable silence. Yet, endless thoughts of each other swarmed their heads, leaving them no peace inside.

Finally shattering the silence, Kasser asked her curtly, his countenance a bit restrained than before. 

“Let’s talk calmly.” 

Then he made himself comfortable on her sofa which was quite too little for his large frame.

Although he had offered so, Eugene was hesitant in sitting with him. With his size, he took up most of the space on the sofa. Therefore, sitting beside the king would mean being in close proximity to him… She remained standing, she felt fine at this position, she thought.

It didn’t take long for Kasser to notice her refusal; hence, he threw her one icy glare as if to say, ‘Sit down, your king commands it.’

Adamantly, Eugene’s knees gave way beneath her, and she willed herself to sit next to him. The soft cushion slightly sank under her weight.

Kasser took a long breath, controlling his simmering anger and clenching his teeth inwardly. In complete opposite to the air he emanated, Eugene was now as cool as a cucumber.

She was tired of pretending she knew everything—doing so would only put her life on the line.

Who knows? Jin Anika might have committed a great crime punishable by death. In reluctance of taking responsibility for her actions, she had me transmigrated into her body… 

And here I am—possessing her flesh and blood!

Anika was treated as a very special being in Mahar. Only the Sang-je would be able to judge her and convict her of her crimes.

Even though Jin Anika’s sins were revealed in the novel, the king only killed her when the Sang-je allowed a trial-free punishment.

“I have something to tell the king.” Eugene uttered, looking at him in the eye, expressing sincerity. “It’s very sudden and you might not believe it.”

She made up her mind. She was going to give the king the false excuse she had given Zanne. After much thought, she came to the conclusion that the simplest way to escape the grudges brought by Anika’s doing, was to confess her ignorance.

Memory loss.

It was an excellent excuse—or she hoped it was.



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