Chapter 160

Chapter 160

The only sound that echoed in the room were the gasps that escaped from between Eugene’s lips. The pressure that had built up within had suddenly surged up to her throat.

She couldn’t get the sight of his member out of her mind. It felt so firm, and filled her up so well, she could hardly believe that was the one pushing into her at this very moment. Unlike when it first entered her, it slid in so easily through her slicked walls.

She was so turned on, she was lubr!cating to make it easier for him. Not to mention the earlier org@sm helped a lot. She definitely felt a lot more loose, and relaxed.

She remembered the soreness she’d had days after their last time together. But the pleasure outweighed the pain, she hardly paid attention to it. All that mattered now was how she felt like this was a perfect moment, an evidence of how they were made for each other as she readily accepted him without much resistance.

She had been nervous upon remembering the pain of the very first time he had entered her, but it turned out to be all for nothing. She felt a little embarrassed at having overreacted just now. As her gaze lazily passed over his face, she suddenly locked her eyes on his expression.

It was her first time seeing his face under bright light as he entered her. His eyebrows were creased as he bit his lower lip in deep concentration. But she could see the undeniable pleasure in his clear blue eyes. She found herself mesmerized just by looking at him, she could only look away.

A new wave of pleasure washed over her as a sudden heat travelled through her body. 

The pleasure he felt was contagious. She found herself relentlessly writhing and twisting as electric sensations ran through her veins. She heard him suck in a breath, as she felt her walls tightened up around him, she arched her back as he thrusted in rhythmically.



Kasser shuddered. He let out a low and guttural m0an, which escaped from his lips, as if he’d been holding it back for so long, but now couldn’t hold it back anymore. 

She didn’t even realize she could be turned on some more until she heard it. Her body trembled at the sound as she let out breathy gasps.

“Eugene… unh!”

Her hips rose to meet his thru$ts. Every movement he gave only served to excite Eugene more, the way she saw things, how she heard them…

She could feel herself convulse, suck!ng in sharp breaths… 

He must have gasped as she tightened up, because it was only shortly after his breath stuttered could she feel her body seize up once more. She felt so ecstatic, she was almost at the climax.

It was like a chain reaction had been set off. Her walls were clamping tightly around him, the onslaught of pleasure kept coming, wave after wave after wave…

Kasser threw his head back, eyes squeezed shut, before he looked down, staring at Eugene’s writhing body beneath his, his senses tingling with pleasure. He could feel the sheen of sweat building up on his back, the cold air hitting it…

He slammed himself straight into her, groaning as he bottomed out, fully sheathed inside her.


Eugene’s hands scrambled for purchase on his shoulders, fingertips digging into his skin, threatening to draw blood. Something at the way they pressed in stinging pain woke something in him, and then he saw blinding white as he lost a few seconds of consciousness with one final thrust.

Eugene’s body met the thrust as she shuddered, gasping for breath as her body shook. She let out a scream of pleasure.


He took deep breaths, trying to regain lucidity as his hips resumed their thrust!ng against her sensitive entrance. He liked the way her overstimulated walls clammed up at his every movement, trying to sw@llow him, inviting him into her warm core…

But he was thirsty as he was in pleasure. He’d never get used to the feel of being inside her. 

He wanted to go deeper, bury himself deeper inside of her, to reach her womb. It didn’t matter if he had pushed as far as he could, it’s not enough…

Never enough.

Everything about her was like opium. Her skin, her scent… her voice.

Oh, her voice, it was like music to his ears, the way she’d call out for him, let out gasps of pleasure and m0an for him to go harder… faster…


Eugene was getting impatient. She could barely move her hips, but that won’t stop her. So she moved her body, lifting her hips as much as she could still do to hurry up his own thrust!ng. Her hands moved to the headboard, lifting her higher up on the pillows…

“Uhh! Ahh!”

She hooked her legs around his waists, her imagination running wild, conjuring images of his penetration. The sudden images flashing through her mind effectively converted her fear to pleasure once more. It made her inhibitions loose, as she soon began acting impulsively.

Using her legs, she pulled him in, welcoming him even deeper. Kasser couldn’t help but feel himself lose his mind.

He gave another hard, deep thrust, causing her body to shake and writhe as she fell back onto the bed, pinning her to the mattress.

“Ah! Hmh!”

It was as if the heat from their two bodies suddenly filled the entire chamber. The sheets of the bed were tossed haphazardly all around their entangled bodies. Eugene could even feel the mattress beginning to get damp from all the sweat and fluids assaulting the sheets.

Eugene’s eyes fluttered open, her vision blurred and in swirls as she tried to focus. She was too drunk in pleasure, her body felt too hot, she was sinking back into the plane of des!re.



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