Chapter 161

Chapter 161

After a few more plunge, the King arched his back. At that moment, Eugene had also found release.


Her body grew taut as she let out a lengthy mo@n. Hot seed spilled into her, coating her insides as she milked him dry. Kasser held his breath as he released thick ropes of white, he was beginning to see stars. It was always such a treat climaxing inside her.

And then he fell limp, careful not to crush her with his weight. He nuzzled at the crook of her neck as both of them lied still, the sounds of their ragged breaths now the only thing filling the room. It didn’t take long for Kasser’s breathing to even out, but Eugene was still heaving from their frivolous l0vem@king. 

Kasser suddenly burst out in laughter. He raised his head and looked at her with a playful expression.

“It won’t fit, huh?” he teased. And Eugene, who had been trying to catch her breath, could only flush in embarrassment.

Who could blame her? She was in shock at the sight of him that it was the first thing that came to mind. Coincidentally, it was also the first thing out of her mouth. In hindsight she should’ve known better. They’d been doing it numerous times now, there was no way it wouldn’t fit.

Of course after she’d said it, she had all but thrown herself at him, enthusiastically wrapping her legs to pull him closer to grind against him in pure pleasure. Even if he were to accuse her of pretending to be naive, she wouldn’t have disagreed.

She gave him a mean pout, knowing he brought it up intentionally just to tease her.

“You’re heavy.” she huffed. He wasn’t that heavy, but for now, half-heartedly throwing him off her with a poorly made excuse was the only thing she could do. He chuckled at her reaction.

She was naive yet bold, with a bit of a weird side, and yet that unpredictability was her charm. 

With a sigh, he lifted himself up away from her, before languidly pulling out. His seed dribbled out of her, and her body grew tense, feeling the emptiness for a moment, before she reflexively closed her legs together.

He laid his body down beside her, positioning his body towards her. He propped his head up on his open palm, as he fixed his eyes upon her with a gentle gaze. He stared at her with a burning desire, she feared she’d catch fire.

What is this woman? He genuinely wondered. What was it about her that was shaking him to his very core?

Eugene was confused as to why he was laying there without doing anything to her, but she welcomed this brief respite. She relaxed her body, trying to recover at least a little bit of her strength.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t help but ask anyway.

“Do you have something you want to say?” she hummed at him.


“Then why are you looking at me like that?”

“It’s just…” Kasser took a deep breath as he continued to stare at her unabashed.

He thought about what a relief it was that he decided not to send her to the Holy City yet. How could he have thought to send her by herself? Right now, he felt he never wanted to let her out of his sight, not even for a moment.

“It’s just what?” she prodded, tilting her head up at him.

“It’s just that… I neve thought I’d love the thought of simply looking at you this much.” He admitted, and Eugene couldn’t help but feel prickles in the back of her eyes. He sounded quite the romantic, but Eugene’s expression held something odd…

“Your body… doesn’t seem to agree with what you’ve just said.” she hesitantly rebutted.

She couldn’t help but think if the room had been dark, his words would’ve been much more romantic. But when he hardened up once more, she couldn’t help but feel the romance part had been ruined, somewhat.

Kasser suddenly burst into another fit of laughter. Chuckling, he swiftly rolled over on top of her once more. He laced their fingers together as he pinned her down. This was not the time to lie around and do nothing. The night was too still too young.

The thoughts in his mind were wild and vulgar. He would have no doubt Eugene would’ve been quite embarrassed to learn of them. Swiftly, he leaned down and caught her lips in another bruising kiss. And just like that, he was raring to go once more.

* * *

Am I weak to pleasure?

Eugene thought this to herself as she thought of the passionate l0vem@king they’d engaged in the past night over and over again. The problems she’d had just a week ago, though it caused her tremendous stress that she even lost her appetite, seemed to pale in comparison to what was troubling her now.

Of course, in that one week, a lot had happened. Eugene had gained the identity of an Anika with an incredibly strong Ramita, and the man who had in all but name, and was formerly known as her husband, had confessed his desire to pursue a proper relationship with her. 

The more she thought about it though, none of her problems had been actually solved yet. 

Eugene still didn’t understand who she was, or why she had come into this world. She also had yet to completely confess everything to the king, and admit to the fact she was an entirely different person, not Jin, not even a bit, but Eugene.

But right now, none of those thoughts plagued her, but something completely different from two weeks ago. Her deepest fears were all but gone now, and she had the strongest of feelings everything would now turn out alright in the end.

Is it because of the Ramita? She wondered. Not for the first time she would connect it to the lucid dream she’d had. The freedom she’d experienced from swimming through the endless water had yet to leave her. It was always present, always in the back of her mind. 

And from time to time, thinking about it made her feel wonderful.



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