Chapter 178

Chapter 178

Eugene had no intention of doing anything to Rodrigo right now, seeing that she might get a lot of information out of him. “I need to think about it. I feel like it’s not enough reason to arrest him just because he used the money I gave him. It’s not like he stole the money from me anyway.”

“If you don’t plan to have him arrested now, should I just keep on investigating?”

Eugene swallowed nervously, her throat suddenly feeling constricted. “Did he commit any crime?” Eugene asked, trying to feign calmness.

“That I’m not sure of.”

Verus had also found out that there’s been a transaction between Cage and a person that was involved with the servants of Mara. He suspected that Cage might be one of the servants, and he planned to investigate further. He held his tongue, keeping his schemes to himself.

“If you find out anything unusual, let me know immediately. Okay?” Eugene deadpanned, trying to mask off her anxiousness with a straight face.

“Of course, Your Majesty.”

“I’m sure you’re busy with work. I won’t hold you up any longer. Thank you for carrying out my request in such a short time.” Eugene said.

“I only did my duty, Your Majesty.” Verus replied as he stood up, bowed low and quickly left the office.

With Verus gone, Eugene’s serious demeanor changed into a distressed one as anxiety filled her up. Pacing around the room with clammy hands, Eugene muttered repeatedly, “What do I do? What should I do?”

He used Jin’s money to build the warehouse—the darkroom warehouse that was under suspicion.

When Eugene had asked the chancellor to investigate Rodrigo, she only intended to get more information about his identity by the name of Cage. She didn’t expect that Verus would uncover something so huge—and quickly at that, too. “Rodrigo, is that all you’ve got? You’re already being found out in such a short time.”

It seemed like the chancellor still had no idea about Rodrigo’s true identity, but he might figure it out soon enough. Rodrigo and his actions among the servants of Mara would surely be brought to light, along with the fact that the funding has been provided by none other than the queen, to whom they refer to as a Saint. How was she supposed to explain that?

Eugene had no idea what it was Jin was trying to accomplish through her relationship with the servants of Mara. She didn’t know where to go from here, and she couldn’t make something out of what Rodrigo had said to her, and the situation with Tanya Molly too. She didn’t know where to begin.

She was lost in her thoughts for quite a while. With her arms crossed, Eugene raised her head slightly and said, “That’s right. That’s my only option.”

After the king’s servant had come and gone, he went straight to the queen’s chambers.

Under normal circumstances, Eugene would have been waiting for Kasser while seated on her bed, but now that she’s tensed and restless, she opted to wait for him while sitting on her sofa instead.

Entering the room, Kasser faced the bed, expecting Eugene to be lounging over there. Turning around, he saw Eugene standing up from her seat and he marched straight towards her. “Your Majesty. I have something to tell you.” Eugene said as he reached her closer.

“Right now?”

“Yes. Right now.”

Kasser scratched his temples. “Are you sure that it has to be right now?”

“Yes. It absolutely has to be right now.” They went in back and forth.

Eugene motioned for him to sit down on the sofa across her. It was his first time seeing her face today after the brief time they spent at lunch together. Why was it so hard for him to see his wife’s face? He felt that it was very unfair. What he wanted to do now is pick her up bridal style, lay her on her back and kiss her repeatedly. He felt like they’re wasting time by talking when they should be canoodling right now.

He sat down reluctantly.

“Your Majesty.” Eugene said with hesitation. She stopped there as if she was having trouble voicing out her words. Seeing her on edge made Kasser curious on what she’s about to say.

“Uhm.. I’ve made a mistake. Well, at least I think I have…” Eugene said quietly.

Waiting for her to go on, he leaned his body back towards the backrest of the sofa as he stared at her intently.

“It happened previously. It’s something that I did before I lost my memories.” Eugene continued.

Eugene filled him in by saying that she had asked the Chancellor to investigate Cage, and the conversation they had in the afternoon. She also told him about all the information the Chancellor had managed to gather up.

“So he built a warehouse with the money you gave him. Is there a problem? If he did something you find disrespectful, just call him out for it.” Kasser said.

Eugene spoke carefully, wary of how he might react when he found out. “That man… he’s not just an information broker.”



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