Chapter 181

Chapter 181

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Kasser sat Eugene carefully on the bed, making sure she’s comfortable as he kneeled in front of her. He gently caressed her shoulders before leaning in and capturing her lips with his own.

Parting her lips to tell Kasser to hold on for a while, she only managed to open her mouth as he devoured her completely— her words dying on her tongue.

Kasser could feel her penetrating gaze, looking at him like she’s signaling him to stop, but he couldn’t bring himself to stop kissing her.

Recently, he’s been having a hard time controlling himself whenever he’s with Eugene. It’s like his body was not his own, and his patience hung thinly by a thread. 

He’s always overcome with this irresistible urge to touch and kiss her, and when he gets a little bit of her, his greed skyrockets as if it was ignited even more. The hunger he felt was evident in his kisses.

It was the only thing he looks forward to after spending the whole day submerged in work. During nighttime, Eugene was all his, and he didn’t want to waste any moment spent with her.

He pried her mouth open with his tongue, kissing her deeply and passionately. They were in a tangle of wet lips, mingled breaths and tongues wet with each other’s saliva. He had memorized her taste by now, but she still tasted as sweet as ever.

Hovering her from above, Kasser caged Eugene in as she slowly leaned back, her head tilted in an angle to fully accommodate his lips. Mouths chased each other, swallowing one another down as they kept their lips locked.

“Hnn.” Eugene moaned as his tongue made its way inside, winding around hers like a slithering snake as he sucked her in deeply into his mouth. Eugene felt a tingling sensation run down her spine, and she unconsciously let out a moan from the back of her throat.

With her half-lidded eyes, she could see his slanted, protruding nose. Her eyelashes fluttering as she struggled to keep them open with the pleasure she’s been feeling. Closing her eyes shut, her lower abdomen tingled with excitement. It’s like her whole body was on fire. 

They were so engrossed with each other that she felt like they reached a new level of intimacy, despite having made love a number of times.

Satisfied with her taste, he took his lips from hers to catch a quick breath, leaning down once again as he placed a gentle kiss on her lips, then slightly brushed on her cheeks and eyelids as if he’s committing her to memory. Barely even lasting a second, he proceeded to kiss her even more passionately, mouthing her a little harder.

“My King— hnn. W-wait.” Eugene stuttered. There was something that she had to tell him. Eugene turned her head to the side to avoid his kisses, but Kasser dipped low and burrowed his face against her neck. He planted a kiss there, gently biting down on her flesh as he sucked on her skin. His ministrations made her want more.

“Ahh.. “ Eugene moaned as she lifted her hands up to his chest. She pushed at him lightly and said, “My King.. There’s still something we need to discuss.”

“Hmm,” He mumbled against her skin as he continued to pepper her face with countless kisses.

She glared at his stubbornness. “Oh, you.” She mumbled as Kasser went on as if he never heard her.

She already told him that she would meet up with Rodrigo, wouldn’t it be fine to go meet him since Kasser had already given his permission?

Kasser attacked her neck again with relentless kisses, making Eugene giggle at the contact. He liked these soft, lingering moments between them, and he mentally told himself to not do anything that may cause a rift in their relationship. 

He hoped that they could be like this forever.

“We will meet outside the castle.” Eugene said.

“Why?” Kasser asked directly to her ear, softly nibbling at the soft skin.

“I don’t want him to be on his guard. I will go meet him alone.”

Hearing her words made Kasser stop kissing. “What are you talking about? What about your escort?”

Eugene tilted her head down, making eye contact with him and said, “There won’t be an escort. I’ll go alone.”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Kasser said sternly, cutting her idea off.

Eugene blinked, looking at his eyes that seemed to grow cold and hard. Not bearing the softness it had a few moments before.

“Why don’t you just call him to the palace?” Kasser asked.

“I can’t talk to him in the castle because it might take long.”

Kasser stared at her for a few moments and asked, “Why?”

“I’ve always talked with him outside. If I suddenly told him to meet me here, he would be really suspicious. If I want to get my answers, I need to make sure that he trusts me.” Eugene explained.

“Well, if you never had a private conversation with him, all this wouldn’t have happened. “ Kasser said.

“Ah. That’s—” Eugene lowered her eyes and continued, “Before…  before that incident. I remember meeting with him outside.”

“Met him? Alone?” Kasser said in a low voice. Apprehension evident in his voice now that he knew Rodrigo’s true identity. Eugene’s mouth grew dry.

“I don’t think I was alone. I’m pretty sure that I had brought a maid with me, and that maid served as a messenger. It’s one of the maids who went to the desert with me and went missing.” Eugene said as she supported herself on her elbows, the bed dipping slightly from her weight. Kasser leaned back and sat down next to her. The heated atmosphere they were in earlier evaporated, replaced by an air of stiffness around them.

She told him about Ellie, who came in as a temporary servant and soon became a maid. “There’s a woman named Molly, who also served as a temporary maid like Ellie, who’s also acting as a messenger.”

Kasser’s expression turned a lot harder than it already was, making Eugene sweat profusely seeing him at edge. She felt that he had become angrier upon hearing of her past ventures of going out without his permission.

His anger was evident on his eyes. His exasperation finally reaching his breaking point, and Eugene thought that it might have something to do with social status.

It’s not like he’s a lenient ruler, he’s just really careful when it comes to using his authority, not wanting to make his subordinates feel oppressed and looked down upon.

Eugene has yet to learn the fullness of the hierarchical system when it comes to social status. She didn’t know how sensitive he’d get regarding this matter.

The palace was the symbol of the King’s absolute power. It’s his resting place, and commoners frolicking the place are something he can’t fully stomach. It left a bitter taste in his mouth.

Kasser gritted his teeth, wanting to wipe the rats out of his vicinity. He took in a deep series of breaths as he was reminded of his agreement with Eugene.

One month. He had promised to leave it out of his hands for a month and he intended to keep his promise. When the grace period’s up, he planned to search every nook and cranny of the capital to clear out all the rats lingering by.

“I’ll take Molly in and keep her with me for a while. She’ll come with me.” Eugene said.

“Did you know that his messenger entered the palace?”

Eugene shivered upon hearing Kasser’s direct questioning. Everything’s going too fast, making her heart thump wildly in her chest. “Y-yes. He told me.”


“The other day. When he came to see me.” Eugene answered as she toyed with her hands.

“You said that you never had a private meeting with him.” Kasser stated, repeating the words she had said earlier.

Someone would’ve overhead this information if Rodrigo did utter the words.

Eugene gulped nervously. She was scared to think of how he would react when she tells him about Rodrigo’s hypnosis ability, which wouldn’t help her situation at all.

‘Should I just lie? But I already told him almost everything. Should I just be honest and come clean?’ Eugene thought internally.

“He has an unusual ability.” Eugene explained the scope of Rodrigo’s skills to Kasser. She described the scene she saw that day since she didn’t know what it was exactly.

She glanced at him, and his expression didn’t change much as she went on. “It’ll be fine. As long as he thinks I’m a Saint, he can’t and won’t hurt me—”

“Be realistic.” Kasser cut her off. “You’re going out of the palace and only bringing one maid with you, to meet up with a person who can manipulate minds. That’s what you’re saying, right?” He said as he laughed humorously. It was the coldest expression she had ever seen on him.

“Call him to the castle. I’ve already agreed with your terms, now do me this favor. Would you?”

“Then I won’t be able to get what I want from him.” Eugene said with a slight whine to her voice.

“What is it that you want to hear?” Kasser asked, clearly exasperated.

“The reason why I gave him a large amount of money, and why I’ve been called a Saintess.”

Kasser lifted his eyebrows. “Why do you need to know that?”

“I can’t just cover up what I did, not really knowing what it is I’m covering up.”

“Just cover it up!”

Their voices grew louder in volume as they argued back and forth.

“Cover what exactly? The case involving the cult?” Eugene continued, “or the past where I was Jin?”

There was no reason for Eugene to be upset since Kasser was not really fond of Jin. She had long decided to wipe out any remnants of Jin’s past, replacing it with her own present and future.

He had told her that they would start all over, willing to embrace her past fully. Did he say that on a whim? Her confidence in him shook slightly, making her question the depth of his words.

“You said that it doesn’t matter that I provided the servants of Mara with money or the fact that I was called a Saintess. If that’s the case, why won’t you let me meet him then?” Eugene asked sharply, accusation lacing her voice.

Is he having suspicions that she might meet with Rodrigo and plan something?

Kasser didn’t fail to catch on what she’s trying to say, making him shake his head lightly from the absurdity of her allegations. “I’m afraid that he’ll do something to you. I’m just worried that you’re meeting up with such a dangerous man without an escort.”

Eugene stopped short upon hearing his words dripped in nothing but sincerity.

“If you’re anxious because you can’t remember anything, you don’t have to worry because I’ll take care of it and I’ll make sure that you won’t get into trouble. You don’t have to go through such risks just to get in touch with him.” Kasser said in a soft voice.

‘Worried.. He’s just worried about me.’ Her mind is still stuck with what he said earlier. She smiled widely at him, making Kasser blink his eyes as he realized what she’s trying to do. “No.”

“Your Majesty.” Eugene said as she slowly approached him with a grin plastered on her face.

“No. I said no.” Kasser repeated, turning his head away from her gaze.

He flinched when her hand reached for his thigh, making him soft all over. He couldn’t find it in himself to push her body away, which is nearing so close to him.

After all, he couldn’t resist at all- her and her wiles.

“Your Majesty. I must meet him to find out. No matter how bad it got, I couldn’t have given him that much money just to get information. There must be another reason.”

Eugene knew that she only had this one chance to try to persuade him. The numerous things Jin had done were tangled like cobwebs, and she wouldn’t be able to go forward with this if she missed a clue— no matter how big or small it was.

“I need to know why I’m involved with the cult. If I don’t find out, I won’t be able to move on from this because of the nagging anxiety of not knowing what will happen. Your Majesty..  Please.”

Kasser visibly flinched at her pleading. After a short while, he exhaled a deep sigh, fully acquiescing to her request as he wrapped his hands around her back and pulled her into his embrace. “Fine. Just once. No more than that.”



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