Chapter 199 (Mature)

Chapter 199 (Mature)

Though his touch was slow and gentle as of the moment, it still felt as powerful as hard and deliberate touches. Eugene bit on her lower lip to suppress herself from moaning.

Eugene enjoyed the feeling of him touching her by pretending to be asleep. She felt good and wanted him to touch her more explicitly, and was desperate to feel more.

Then she heard Kasser sighing.

Eugene’s belly twitched at the sound of his sigh, his breathing seemed to be laboured. In an instant, she felt the sensation of the area between her legs getting wet. She realized her frank desire that she had been feeling frustrated with days of abstinence.

‘I want to do it.’ Eugen thought to herself.

Eugene heard Kasser exhale again as he lifted his lips from kissing the nape of her neck. His hand, his palms were on her thighs, moving in circles and  stopping at just that special point. Eugene thought that it was unlikely for him to go any further.

The more he hesitated, the more anxious Eugene got.

Unusually, Eugene had a wicked urge to touch a man.

When the sun rises, they must attend the ritual with a clear and clean mind. Though she knew that fact in her head, she wanted to shake him. The feeling of becoming a villain leading the man to corruption was subtly thrilling to her. She felt excited by the thought of seducing him beyond reason.

She grabbed the back of his hand on her thigh. His tense hand flinched momentarily. She turned her head back and made eye contact with him. When she saw his eyes shaking finely, a smile broke out from her lips.


Eugene whispered in a low voice at a distance that was close to each other’s lips.

“Don’t stop, continue, Mmmm.” Eugene said as a moan escaped her lips.

She couldn’t finish her words. His lips approached straight away and devoured her lips. The kiss became a fuse, drawing out the desires of men and women for each other. Their t0ngues were entangled and saliva mixed with intense kisses, and they fell into a trance, possessed by c@rnal des!res.

Eugene opened her lips and actively received his kisses.

When his t0ngue, piercing her mouth, swept through the inside of her cavity, she too captured his and played with it. They exchanged harsh breathing, and warm air travelled between their lips, while their t0ngues constantly engaged and rubbed against each other.

He climbed over her body, and hovered above her. He pulled his lips from her and licked her lips while pressing his whole body against hers, burying Eugene’s body deeper into the mattresses.

Eugene’s bedclothes, which had been draped under her thighs, suddenly hiked up exposing her lower body against the cold morning air, but the chill she got from her exposed skin was brief.

The warm sensation coming from her center intoxicated her.

“Mmmm….” Eugene moaned again.

Eugene covered her mouth with the back of her hand to stop more moans from escaping her lips. At this quiet dawn time, the walls of the tent couldn’t be properly soundproofed.

She was worried about what to do if someone heard from outside, but had no intention of pushing him away especially now with his head between her legs. The tip of his tongue, digging into her inner walls. It was as stimulating as if awakening all her being. A sense of immoral!ty, like doing something that shouldn’t be done, made her even more excited.

His nose rubbed against her sensitive nub, this sent a tingling pleasure throughout her body. The moment he put his lips on a small bump and inhaled strongly, a pure white light spread in front of her eyes.


The wailing sound came out from her mouth without permission. She tried to suppress the sound that leaked out with the back of her hands and covered her lips. The short pleasure was so sweet that she felt like a thirsty man who drank just a sip of water.

She felt the power that grasped the inside of her thigh, and her waist trembled with anticipation. His hardened manhood touched her wet opening. The thick shaft squeezed through the small entrance and slowly entered.


She took a breath and blinked her eyes. It felt like there was a nerve at the tip of her hairs that was stimulated, causing goosebumps to appear all over her body. She was satisfied with the sensation of him filling up her insides so much that it was overwhelming. Even the feeling of his stiffness inside her gave her so much pleasure.

His member slowly slipped out and re-entered, pushing against her narrow inner wall. Keeping a slow pace, he got on the rhythm little by little. Her two legs, which rested on his waist, loosened when pushed deeply, and wrapped tightly when stepping back.

Kasser was thrilled by her active reaction, of her responding quite enthusiastically to his touches, and the movement of her inner walls that matched his pacing and seemed to clung to his member with each thrust. Soon the day will be bright. There was not much time left for them.

The heavy shoveling of the thrust quickly led her to the peak of excitement.

“Mmm ahhh…”

Eugene was still covering her mouth with the back of her hand. The pleasure that was pouring in quickly spread all over the body. The convulsive moist wall narrowed and tightened while Kasser’s member was still buried inside her.

A low groan flowed from his throat, and he shivered with its release. Kasser’s seeds spilled inside her and Eugene’s body trembled as she received them. Their heavy breathings filled the quiet tent.

As their rapidly beating hearts calmed down little by little, Eugene’s body slowly relaxed and stretched. She reached out and touched his cheek. He covered the back of Eugene’s hand with his own, turning his head and kissing her palm.

Eugene blinked as her eyes were getting hot. It was strange that a short, intense love affair, devoted to their instincts, felt more lyrical than a fresh kiss.

She didn’t know when she had fallen for this guy this much. Her heart hurt a little as she carried the weight of this knowledge.


The ritual, which began early in the morning when the sun had just risen, was finally about to end. They had just to perform the final acts.

After burning dry blades of grass in a huge brass censer that was taller than an average man’s height, the ashes that were produced were then gathered and sprinkled on a pot full of fresh water from the lake. The ritual was going to end with the act of scooping and drinking the water, by those who attended the ritual.

Eugene was told that she didn’t need to drink all the water in the bowl, so after taking a sip from it, she handed it over to the maid.

‘It’s finally over.’ Eugen said to herself as she let out a deep sigh.

She lightly touched her face and massaged it.

She wondered if she managed her facial expressions well today. She was embarrassed to remember what had happened at dawn. She didn’t know what she was thinking. Where she had the audacity of doing the ritual with that kind of mentality. She was fortunate that the procedures of the ritual were relatively simple for her to follow.

She hurried to get dressed in the morning before the maid came in, and later asked Kasser in an anxious voice.

“What if your ancestors are angry because we disrespected them?”

He laughed like someone who had just heard an interesting story.

“They will be proud of their descendants who were striving for the prosperity of their family.” Kasser replied in a teasing tone and Eugene blushed by what he had implied.

Eugene glanced at Kasser, he was currently giving orders to his aide. She let out a sigh, thinking that it was difficult getting to know one person. The more she found out about Kasser, the more confusing he seemed to her.

A king who treats his ancestors as props to his jokes, only he would dare. She thought he would be very conservative when it comes to the royal family because he did not hesitate to enter into a contract marriage to obtain successors, but apparently he wasn’t as self righteous as she thought.

After the aide bowed his head and turned around to leave and do his bidding, the eyes of Kasser and Eugene met.

He then walked towards Eugene.

“It’s all over, let’s go now, my queen.” Kasser told her with a slight smile on his lips.

“Are we leaving right away?” Eugen asked.

“The sooner we leave, the better. There is no time to eat, so eat quickly if you feel hungry.” Kasser told her.

The two went to the tent area to see the progress of their company. It was agreed that they wouldn’t be taking everything back with them, they were going to leave behind those that they would no longer need to make their travel light. The site where the tent was put up was also almost fixed. All tents were dismantled, leaving only a few simple tents behind. It was almost sad.

The warrior approached and bowed his head.

“Your Majesty. I found someone who was spying on the surroundings, and captured him. He’s a wanderer.” The warrior reported.



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