Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Anika was a valued person in Mahar, but she abused the privileges given to her too much.

She’s a girl with jet-black hair and mysterious dark eyes that people couldn’t help but be drawn to. But what made her different from the many was that she was born with special abilities.

People like her were rare—there’s a slim chance that one person having the same abilities as Anika was born in a year, therefore explaining why she held importance.

After she was born, she did not inherit her parents’ last name, but instead, it was the state who gave her name “Jin Anika”. She was baptized by the upper echelons, her life bound to be easy—all her living and educational expenses supported by the state until her very death.

Only her kind could produce a successor to the king. Like the king’s ability, “Praz,” Anika was gifted with the power “Ramita”.

Eugene looked down at her hand and thought of these facts.

If the king’s ability was the power of destruction, Anika’s superpower was the power of creation. For this reason, her ability was recognized as much more sacred.

However, Anika’s psychic abilities were weak compared to the six kings of Mahar. Yet, this wouldn’t always be true… For Anika hungered power more than anything else. 

Eugene recalled what she had written from memory.

—At first, Jin Anika was naturally weak with her Ramita ability. Soon enough, her body started craving the darkness until she finally found her ultimate strength by combining forces with the evil.

Before Eugene knew it, the day was over. She took a longer-than-usual bath, being waited on by the maids. The bathwater, which had petals floating on its surface, was fragrant and soothing to her nerves.

The maids were rubbing and oiling her skin, preparing her for her night with the king. The very thought embarrassed her.

Tonight, she was dressed differently from her usual nightgown.

No, what she was wearing was far from a nightgown, but rather, she found herself donned in a scandalous piece of clothing— a sheer and thin dress that barely covered her naked body.

As soon as the maids left, Eugene sat still on the sofa and pondered her next actions for this situation she was facing.

I can just say that I don’t want to do it. She comforted herself.


She turned her head in surprise. An authoritative voice came from outside her door.

“Your Majesty, it’s you.”

A moment later, the door opened wide. The king walked in and gestured to the servants behind his back. Without fuss, the servants bowed their heads and marched away, leaving the two of them alone in her chamber.

Kasser approached the queen, who now stood by her sofa with her head bowed down. He stopped a couple of inches away from her. Then, he stared down at her intensely, imperceptibly irked by her modesty, which he still believed was only a facade.

“Would you rather bump into a Lark in the desert than look at me?”

Upon hearing so, Eugene lifted her head but kept her silence, not knowing what to say. 

Kasser said, sitting on the sofa, “I thought we still have time, but there was a mistake. We have to wrap up our contract now.”

Even though Eugene felt embarrassed, she was still relieved that Kasser did not once look at her skimpy outfit. Instead, he chose to gauge her first with a conversation.

He is not a gentle person, after all.

In Eugene’s novel, the Four Kings were the good against evil, but they were certainly not good men. 

He is also not a hero who cries out for justice. 

Much of his motive for chastising Jin Anika was personal revenge. Kasser was arrogant and cynical. He didn’t get along very well with the other kings.

“You say you don’t remember the contract, so I’ll have to go back to that. Three years ago, we made a deal.”

Kasser explained the deal between the two of them. The contract itself was rather simple, so the explanation ended quickly.

Eugene asked with a puzzled look, saying nothing for a long time.

“A… a child?”

“Yes, my successor.”

Right after hearing about the unexpected contract, Eugene broke out in a cold sweat.

“Next month will be the third anniversary of our marriage.” Kasser spoke indifferently like he was only discussing the weather in front of her. “We have a little more than a full moon left.”

“…You don’t expect me to have a baby in just a day, do you?” She laughed out loud, finding the contract impossible to be fulfilled in a month.

Am I missing something here? Is he an alien creature just like the ones in Sci-fi movies? Would his successor grow abnormally fast inside me?

However, these thoughts went down the drain as soon as she saw his dead-serious face.

“But this is so sudden—.” Complained the panic-stricken Eugene.

“As I said, I have no intention of breaking the contract. And I don’t have time to consider your situation.”

Looking at him, Eugene couldn’t help but be filled with confusion. If one listened to him and calculated his body language, it was more like he was telling her: “Let’s eat together without any tension.” rather than, “Let’s have a baby.”

Are these people just weird, or is their culture always like this?

In the novel, Eugene included soft emotions such as love and friendship. Kasser was far from being an amorous lover.

This guy is weird. This, I’m very certain of.



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