Chapter 219 (2)

Chapter 219 (2)

Although it had been long since her servant left her chamber, not a single sound had drifted in through her door from outside so far. Eugene, all alone in her chamber, felt like she was growing anxious in vain the more her wait for his return prolonged.

[I’ll come see you tonight.]

The very recall of his low whisper had caused a flutter in her chest. Eugene had always been conscious of his steady gaze as she knew his eyes were always set on hers whenever they went. But despite all that, when something of importance comes up to him, he would never stray his eyes from what he was ought to do, not even for her.

She did fancy the way he looked when he was engrossed in his work. But at the same time, she also had this twisted thought of hers where she wanted to stir up his unwavering concentration. At this rate, she felt like she might insist on her childish act to implore him not to leave her side whatever the occasion. Eugene had always loathed the kind of lot who tended to behave differently when they start on their relationship, but now she felt like she could finally relate to them.

‘Can this be…love? This whole unstable feeling of mine?’

The word ‘like’ did not seem to fully depict her true feelings for him. Though she was overwhelmed with joy at the thought of him, that joy would sometimes be washed over by a wave of fear lurking inside her.

‘I wonder how he feels about me?’

Eugene looked into her reflection in the mirror of her dressing table. Being attended by her servants day and night, she had given herself no more than a quick glance at the mirror only to make sure she was looking presentable before she went on with her day. For the first time in a while, she studied her reflection in the mirror with some level of intensity in her eyes.

A line had creased her brow in a sudden bewilderment. It had only been three months since she had found herself thrown into a strange world inside someone else’s body. Yet, she was struggling to remember how she looked in her real world.

‘Eugene’ was only an average woman in her late twenties who strived her everyday life to make a living in her real world. Or one might say she had an appearance that was beyond average standard. Although it might just have been a smooth talk, she also had received multiple remarks about her looks with some regarding her as a beauty even.

Eugene had tried to recall her real face out of the reflection that was staring back at her. As the black hair and iris were both Jin and Eugene’s distinctive characteristics in their appearances, she couldn’t quite bring out the faint image of herself in her distant memory over the reflection in front of her.

She eventually had given up trying after a few more attempts, thinking there was no point in remembering her past as from now on she would be living in this new world in the way she looked in the mirror now.

‘Am I fast to adjust or am I just satisfied with how I look right now?’

The woman in the mirror was without doubt an indisputable beauty even from an objective point of view. Although her impassive face gave off cold impressions throughout, there was a coquettish charm from the way she smiled with her eyes.

Her gaze then shifted from her reflection to her hand which she had rested upon the dressing table. She gathered her fine-looking long fingers altogether so as when she held up her hand, her neatly aligned fingertips arched to a beautiful shape. And just like the slim bones of her fingers, her fine-boned physique had made her appear to be of slimmer build than she actually was.

Her glance had moved further from the tip of her fingers along her arm and eventually stopped around at her chest. Looking down into the thin fabric of her sleeping garment, the cleavage of her ample bosom had casted a dim silhouette down under her garment.

She was absent-mindedly observing down herself until she spotted a darkish mark on where her two mounds touched each other.

‘I never realized there was a mole down there.’

After unbuttoning the front of her sleeping garment which only revealed until her abdomen, she used her fingertip to lightly press on the skin of her bosom as if to pull it up to her so she can get a clearer look at the mark she found.

Soon, she had to gasp at her own finding, as the mark didn’t turn out to be a mole after all. It was in fact a mark which was left on by Kasser a few nights ago.

The mark, which was supposedly reddish, seemed to have turned bluish just in a few days of time. The very sight of the mark recalled the sensations she had felt when his lips were pressed upon her bre@sts as he sucked on it. She felt flushed with a sudden embarrassment as she was ashamed of herself for having disgraceful thoughts in her mind while waiting for her husband to return.

A restless sigh escaped her as she reached out to her garment to redo her buttons.

Knock knock.

Eugene jerked her head to the sound at the door, looking stunned, as if she had been caught right in the middle of a shameful act. She was dumbfounded as she heard no sound of her servant calling out to her nor was she aware of the door of her chamber being opened. But somehow, he was here without her knowing…

Her eyes met with Kasser’s, who was standing with his one fist propped on the door as if he was knocking on it. She felt her heart plunge at the sight of him while her face burned up as if her cheeks were caught on fire.

She averted her eyes from his smoldering gaze while her trembling fingers grasped onto the fabric of her unbuttoned sleeping garment. She turned her back on him as her mind was now filled with nothing but a strong urge to escape from the embarrassing moment, despite all the time she had waited for his return today.

But she was soon caught by his grasp as he rushed towards her. And with his sturdy arm wrapped around her waist, he drew her body closer to him. Eugene let out a startled gasp as her body was turned back forcefully by his firm grasp despite all her resistance. He then impatiently pressed down on her lips with his, pushing himself deep into her mouth while he moved intrusively inside her.

She was soon engulfed by his warm flesh tangled with hers in her mouth as he sucked on hers. Eugene felt her head spinning as if her body was being swallowed whole by him. And every moan of hers that escaped her intermittently was muffled by him sooner or later.



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