Chapter 220 (1)

Chapter 220 (1)

His strong suckling had left a pulling sensation behind the root of her tongue. He gave a loud smacking kiss onto Eugene’s lips as he bit around her chin and her cheeks. His smoldering desire must’ve influenced her as she was feeling heightened with excitement. The surging sensation aroused from his kiss was now tingling her entire body with intensity.

“What were you doing here alone?”

His gruff whisper was ringing about her ears. He reached out onto her panting chest and strongly grasped onto her mound over her sleeping garment. And with pressure on his grip, the soft flesh of her bre@st had squeezed out in between his fingers. Somehow the outline of her body revealed beneath her thin garment had in fact came as a greater provocation to him visually.

“What were you thinking about in your head? Were you recalling the way I licked across your whole body while you caressed yourself?”

“Hmp…No, aah!”

He took a mouthful of her ample bosom between his teeth and bit right into it. Eugene’s body was reeling from shock as she was taken by surprise.

He slipped his hand down to her buttocks and heaved her onto the dressing table with his one hand. He fastened her body onto a stable prop and embraced her torso with his hands placed around down by her waist. Her hardened tips were temptingly revealed against the thin fabric of her tightly pulled sleeping garment.

After staring at them with an unquenchable desire, he helped himself to a generous bite of her well-rounded bre@st as if he was biting into a sweet juicy fruit and sucked on her mound. Although there was a thin layer of her garment which prevented him from tasting her bare flesh, he cared not a fig about it.

He rather thought it was all for the better. He felt like he could use the touch of her rough fabric against his tongue to help him cool down and get his senses back in his head. Otherwise, he was afraid that he might succumb to his greatest desire and end up hurting her flesh with his constant biting and licking.

“Ah! Ump….”

Eugene was using one of her hands to give support to her arching back whilst she held onto his hair with her other hand. He must’ve just taken a shower because she could feel the dampness as she ran her fingers through his hair.

Now that her garment was soaked in his saliva, the wet fabric was sticking to the peaks of her mounds more than ever. She felt the shivers running up and down her spine every time her sensitive protrusion was sucked into his mouth. She jerked her chin up in the sudden sensation and the sound of her stuff falling onto the floor by the sweep of her hands was like a distant sound to her ears.

“Hmmp, Mhm….”

As he strongly yanked her unbuttoned front garment away, one side of her shoulders was completely revealed through the helplessly lopsided collar, where a mound of her bre@st escaped and dangled before him. The draft brushing across her defenseless flesh made her shiver with sudden coldness. But before long, a warm flesh was rolled around at her cold tip and violently sucked her flesh back into the warmth.


Strangely, a tingling sensation was felt around her private entrance in between her inner thighs when it was her bre@sts that were being engulfed. To the instinctively locked legs of hers, he had managed to slip his hand in between her crossed legs and before she knew it, her legs had helplessly spreaded apart by the strong grip of his hands.

He revealed her inner thighs to himself as he lightly brushed his hand over her most sensitive part, hidden underneath her undergarment. His fingers penetrated her fabric easily from the sideways and he tantalizingly rubbed against her wet entrance. Through her entrance, slippery with trickling fluid, he pushed one of his long fingers all the way to her insides. And not long after he retracted his finger free from her, it was back on her entrance rubbing for another deep penetration.


Eugene flinched as she was bitten on her tit by the lips that were sucking on her bosom. Hastily, her undergarment was stripped halfway down, hanging loose around her thighs. And to her exposed skin, he placed down his hand and firmly grasped around her bare privates with his palm. With that, he shallowly slipped an inch of his finger into her opening and before long, his whole finger was deeply shoved all the way through and scratched her inner walls with his bent fingertip as he slipped out from her.

She was wet through with the fluid seeping from her opening, which eventually trickled down along his hand to his arm as her part engulfed his finger. The sounds coming from the wet rubdowns were then mingled with indistinguishable heavy breathings in the room.

As he continued to shove his finger in and out of her body, Eugene’s most sensitive erogenous zone was starting to get stimulated by his repeated fingering.

“Ugh. Hmmp…”

Eugene moaned as she gasped for breath. Kasser, whose tongue tip was rubbing eagerly against her peak, fiercely sucked on her well-rounded mound until it hollowed.

Gradually, his fingering got roughened as he started to pick up his pace. Enthralled by the shower of his caresses, her body was tilted to the back while intermittent nasal sounds escaped her from time to time. Her arm was tottering behind her back as she struggled to give support to her arching back.

In response to his conduct, she gently rocked her waist in the direction of his hand and felt the prickling sensations agglomerating down in her lower abdomen as if her sticky wet part was burning with heat.

A few more rubs would have sufficed for her to reach her rousing peak. But to her regret, he sneakily tantalized around her verges before he abruptly pulled out his hand from her body completely.


A wistful sigh was let out from Eugene’s mouth in disappointment. With her cheeks desirably flushed like an appetizing fruit, she hazily gazed at him through her merely opened eyes.


Kasser, who seemed to have reached his breaking point, heaved a sigh as he jerked his head to swallow up her lips. With his mouth adhered onto hers, he promptly devoured the soft inner flesh of her opened mouth and soon, they were entwined around each other altogether.

He then clasped her body to his chest by tightening his arm around her waist. Eugene, who was perching on her dressing table, reflectively held out her arms as if to embrace him when she realized that her body was lifted into the air. But it turns out that she had floundered her arms in vain as her lifted body was turned in an instant.

Her chest, soaked in Kasser’s saliva, was now pressed flat on the cold surface of her dressing table. It was only when her toe tips slightly touched the ground, she realized that she was barely standing with her upper body bent at the waist over the table. And before she knew it, the dress she was wearing was rolled up to her waist and her narrowly hanged underwear was stripped further down to her knees.

She placed her forehead on the back of her hand while she panted for breath. Overpowered by the force of his grip pushing against her bent back, her body seemed to have stiffened even after his hand was lifted.

Then, when he grasped on her butt0cks and revealed her cleft by spreading them apart, she couldn’t help but to feel deeply disgraced by his abruptness. But her body, knowing what to expect from a man, highly anticipated the impact yet to come. Instinctively, she felt a flinch in her opening as her lower abdomen tightened with tingle.


She faintly let out a moan at the touch of a hot sensation on her rear.



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