Chapter 220 (2)

Chapter 220 (2)

Slowly, he invaded her by gently rubbing his bulk against her wet opening and stretched her inner walls to gain more access into her body.

Normally, he would have taken more time and care in opening her body. But the warmth of her inner flesh and the tightness around his finger was graphically vivid in his mind. So, at the end of his tether, he jerked his waist and crushed himself into her body to the fullest. And with his thigh thrashed against her hip, he was now deeply embedded in her, to the root.


Eugene’s body had leapt up from the sudden thrust. The pressure that filled below her body had surged up right under her neck. But in the next instant when he seemed to have pulled away, she was filled with another ravenous rush, with sparks flashing across her eyes in a blink.


Kasser shifted his gaze on his manh0od with a lust as he swiftly slipped in and out from her flushed inner flesh.

If anything, it looked as if he was being sucked into her puckering entrance. And from there, he felt the vivid tension surrounding his stuff as her inner wall tightened around him. The feeling of her muscle movement on his skin was truly pleasurable. Before long, he found himself gasping for air as a tingling sensation ran along his spine.

Moreover, the very sight of his manh0od slipping out between the cleft of her plump butt0cks was almost beyond description. Veins stood out on his blackish manh0od, which by now was all slippery and glossy from her liquids. From her captively rocking hips to her slender waist, her body was helplessly swayed by the force of his pounding movements. He was soon overwhelmed by his brutal urge to torment her delicate body to her limits.


Kasser continued to let out his urge until her sobbing moans turned to a coquettish shriek. He then pierced deeper to her end and stroked on her wall before he pulled out from her. The soft and fair flesh on her hips had rosed as if she was spanked.

“Ah! Ah-ah!!”

His every thrust had made her body to lurch impotently as if she was falling to the bottom of the world. At the same time, she fumbled her hands and nails to get a hold on to her dressing table in order to brace herself against his fierce movements.

But despite her efforts, her affabrous dressing table was needlessly well-finished that it had nowhere for her to grip on. With a brush of her hand, the items on the table fell and tumbled messily onto the ground with a loud clunk.

Eugene’s leg repeatedly jerked up in midair everytime he was crushed in and was back on the ground by her toes when she was left empty. Her staggering legs were firmly fixed into a position thanks to Kasser’s tight grasps.


The utmost sensation surged through her body like a sudden ferocious tide. Involuntarily, she clenched her hands into tight fists while her head was thrown backwards from the tension. Her inside, filled with his manh0od, had tightly narrowed by the ensuing pleasure.

Kasser winced as he gritted his teeth to bear with the constricting spasms from her walls, with all his strength. Gradually, as the squirming sensation from her inner movement subsided, he seized his moment and gently massaged against her loosen walls.


With his one hand pressing down her trembling back, the movement of his waist was surprisingly delicate, in contrast to his glaring gazes.

The shivering he felt around the nape of his neck was then altered to a hot rush of sensual pleasure all at once. With his patience exhausted, he erupted his urge and trembled as he filled her inside with his warm fluid.

When he finally slipped out from her limp body with a gentle twist in his waist, her entrance was then left empty with a throb. From there, thick and murky body fluids came pouring out as if a stopper was removed from a hole and trickled down to her feeble thighs. Kasser’s eyes were suffused with uncanny pleasures as he speechlessly stared into the sight before him, washed over by his visceral urge towards her.

Eugene caught her breath with her body lolled on the dressing table. One of her mounds which was left exposed all along from her disheveled clothing was practically glued to the flat surface of her dressing table, drenched in her own sweat. On account of that, she didn’t have to worry about her upper body slipping down from the table.

But she was hardly given enough time to even get her breath back. Her undergarment, which was loosely hanging around her knees, was finally stripped from her once and for all. After that, she was dragged by his pull as he wrapped his arm around her lower waist. And as if he was toying with a doll, he nimbly undressed her from her sleeping garment and grabbed her face in his direction.

She feebly blinked as he leaned forward to level gaze with hers. And before long, they were deeply engaged in kisses. He gently licked her soft lips and rubbed intently against her inner flesh.

Kasser then seated himself onto a chair which had been pushed afar by their earlier conducts and pulled her staggering body close to him. Grabbing her waist by his hands, he seated her body right onto his lap.

Eugene realised only belatedly of the strong presence of his manh0od. Thinking that she would never get used to that sight of his, she instinctively backed away from him in bewilderment.

“Ah, wait….”

But regardless of her fumbling resistance, he seized her pelvis with his hands to fit her entrance with his and yanked her body right onto him.


Her wet entrance had enveloped his bulk with comparative ease. Eugene uttered a piercing shriek as she clinged on to his arm. And as she was deeply inserted under the weight of herself, she nearly swooned from that impactive pain. He then pressed his lips onto her cleavage as if to lull her shivering body.

A little later, he grabbed on her pelvis once again and lifted her body up from his lap. With that, she felt like he was slipping out from her like a loose nail. But she was soon heavily hammered again as her body flopped onto his lap by his pull.


With her hips seized by his tight grip, her body began rocking back and forth by the force of his every shove. Sounding wet noises were then transpired by the intimate contact of their bare skin down below. Kasser, who was gazing at her bouncing bre@sts in awe, fully took her mound with his mouth in an instant and suckled on it wildly.

“Ah! Ugh! Please slow down…..Hmm-mp!”

Eugene had to close her eyes as she was getting dizzy from her spinning visions. And whenever her inside was poked, she was washed over by painful, yet pleasurable sensations. Down to her chest, his persistent suckling was starting to cause prickling aches around her peaks. Eugene had no choice but to wrap her arms around the head of the man who was devouring her ravenously, as the man’s body was the only thing she could possibly hold on to at that moment.




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