Chapter 222 (2)

Chapter 222 (2)

As Eugene asked without a trace of cynicism neither in her voice nor face, Darlin warily expressed her honest opinion to the queen. “…Yes, Your Majesty. But I meant it in a good way as Your Majesty seems to be at ease lately, than before.”

This time, Eugene turned to Charlotte to hear her opinion for the same question. “Do you feel the same about me, Count Oscar?”

Charlotte was indeed stunned by the blunt question. But after musing for a while, she answered with a determined voice. “Yes, Your Majesty.”

“How much do you think I’ve changed compared to the past? I wish to hear your honest opinion.”

“If I only may boldly say so, I would have believed Your Majesty as a completely different person.”

Eugene was greatly surprised to receive such a serious opinion to her casual query.

“What do you mean by a different person? Is it as in a figure of speech?”

“To speak truthfully, it’s almost as if Your Majesty’s having an identical twin as it’s only the appearance which I could find the resemblance from. Of course, as Your Majesty is an Anika it’s preposterous to even have doubt in the first place. Do forgive me for my absurd imagination, Your Majesty.”

Laughter had disappeared from Eugene’s face as it was not a comment to laugh off with. What she had been apprised of was that Jin only had little acquaintance with these two and that one could count the number of times they had met in person for the last three years on finger.

‘Upon arrival in Holy City, I will be surrounded by people who had once known Jin in person.’

If the difference was apparent, even for Charlotte and Darlin to notice, Jin’s acquaintances in Holy City would definitely see through her poor pretense, in no time.

She was literally blown away by Charlotte’s outspoken comments as no one had ever dared to give such a blunt remark on her changes before. No one in the castle could possibly talk openly about the queen behind her back. And while Marianne only concentrated on apprising her of Jin’s memory, Kasser took it even further in nonchalance, and told her that her changes did not bother him in the least.

Despite feeling the need to imprint herself on Jin’s old acquaintances, there was one person who she was concerned about.


There was definitely something eerie about Sang-je. His true identity was still unknown to Eugene and furthermore, she had her doubts that it was Sang-je who was behind Jin’s contractual marriage with the Desert king.

There were just so many questions she wanted to ask Sang-je. But if he gets even remotely suspicious of her identity as Jin, she wouldn’t be able to get her answers from him.

Of all people, she desperately hoped for Sang-je to take her for real Jin, without noticing any differences. If anything, she wanted to give off the impression that she had only matured during her three years of marriage and not as if she was a whole new person like the way Charlotte described her.

Eugene delved deeper into her musings with a grave look on her face, Both Charlotte and Darlin had then reigned in their breath and nervously studied Eugene’s stern face.

“I have something important to tell you two.”

After much deliberation, Eugene had decided to let them into her secret as she figured that she could use their assistance. Although she was yet to grasp their characters in full, she reckoned that they would keep this talk to themselves considering their husbands status in the kingdom.

“Not many know about this, but I was actually involved in a big accident not long ago and on account of that, I seem to have lost some of my memories since then. But I don’t think I have just lost my memories. Most people think that I have changed after that incident.”

Both Charlotte and Darlin blindly nodded their heads as their doubts were finally cleared.

“Count Oscar, can you specifically point out the difference between the way I behaved before and after I changed?”

Charlotte considered for a moment before she replied. “Yes, Your Majesty.”

Charlotte was adept at remembering people. She had this keen insight into a human character and was good at spotting an individual’s characteristic behaviors or such. Despite coming to her good use in high society, her gift had also done her harm as she easily grew sick of people.

“Then I would greatly need your help. I need you to teach me how should I behave or talk to resemble my former self.”

“It would be my pleasure to be of your help, Your Majesty.”

When Eugene turned to Darlin from Charlotte, Darlin promptly answered with a look of determination.

“I may not be much help compared to Count Oscar, but I promise that I will do my best to help!”

After looking into Darlin’s resolute face, Eugene then bursted into another laughter which followed by Charlotte’s. And before long, the carriage was filled with mirth, the three ladies having such a time.

Thereafter, it was only Charlotte and Darlin who rode on the queen’s carriage. With their earnest assistance, Eugene immersed herself in practice day and night, to put on a perfect act as Jin herself.




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