Chapter 226 (2)

Chapter 226 (2)

Richard seemed baffled by the sudden request. Knowing that it was a tall order to ask, Kasser had contemplated it over and over, since the moment he first encountered the Sword King.

However, the only people he could possibly ask for advice were ‘the kings’. And among all the five people in the world who could answer his question, the Sword King, who was sitting right across from him at the moment, was without doubt the most reliable person he could confide in.

“I am fully aware of my insolence for asking such a request all of sudden. However, I wish to seek advice with regards to a king’s Praz.”

Richard, who had been staring at Kasser without a word, gave a nod as he said, “If that’s what it’s concerned, we surely can’t have any ears around us.”

At Richard’s gesture, the servants hurriedly left the hall. Soon, only the two kings were left alone in the empty hall.

“As you are aware, we can’t have a long talk, Desert King.”

Private audiences between the kings could lead to sensitive diplomatic issues between the two kingdoms.

“Yes, it wouldn’t take long.”

“Then tell me. What is it about?”

“I’ve learned that the king’s Praz will soundly settle down upon rising to the throne. And it accorded with my experience as well. Please correct me if I’m mistaken.”

“No, not at all. You’re more than right. That happened to me as well.”

“Then, have you ever experienced any sort of changes in the Praz after that?”

“Changes in the Praz…?” asked Richard as he stroked his chin following with a murmur of a “umm…”.

“Can you be more specific about the changes?”

“It’s almost as if it is invigorating my body even more than it had before.” Kasser had saved on the details as he was yet to gauge all the changes that were happening to him so far.

“Do you have an inkling of what might have caused the change?”

“That’s….” Kasser was left speechless as he hadn’t thought of a way to explain it. He couldn’t just bluntly say that it was after his intercourse with his wife.

“It happened…after my marriage.”

“Marriage?” repeated Richard with a puzzled look. But as soon as he’d caught a glimpse of Kasser’s troubling look, wrinkles creased around his eyes. Richard had then let out a guffaw and Kasser dropped his gaze to the ground as he was abashed.

“I can see that you’re very much enjoying your marriage so far, Desert King. You just practically rubbed the salt in my old wound.”

That reminded Kasser of the fact that the Sword King had lost his wife a very long time ago. As Kasser was still young back then, he had no notion of the particulars. But he had heard that the Sword King was in so much agony that the state funeral lasted for almost a month in the kingdom.

In the past, he’d only regarded it as no more than a gossip. But now he feels like he could finally empathize with how the Sword King must have felt back then. The bare thought of Eugene to be gone forever from his side was enough to make him despair. Kasser reproached himself for his imprudence as he seemed to have unnecessarily twisted the knife in the wound of the king.

As Kasser looked very much perplexed, Richard quickly waved his hand as he said “I was only jesting with you. It was such a long time ago. However, I can confidently say that it’s only natural for you to be bursting with vitality during the early years of marriage. But I guess I can’t quite regard you as newlyweds anymore as it’s already been three years since you got married…. “

Although they have been married for three years, it’s only been three months since their real marriage started. So, they were practically newlyweds. But Kasser held his tongue as he couldn’t explain all the minutiae to Richard.

“Nevertheless, I believe the matter is not negligible seeing that you’ve come to ask for my advice. You really must have experienced some significant changes.”

“Yes, I have.”

After taking a moment to ponder, Richard said, “I think I’ll need some time to reflect on it as it’s been such a long time ago.”

“I don’t mean to give you any pressure. However, please let me know if anything comes to your mind.”

“I certainly will.”

With that said, Kasser excused himself as there were quite a few people whom he had to meet before the evening banquet. A large number of people, including delegates and the merchants stopping by the Slan Kingdom, were waiting for a chance to have an audience with him.

There was a quizzical look on Richard’s face when he wheeled around after seeing Kasser out. Turning his head back to the door, he stared steadily into where Kasser had just disappeared to. Then with his eyes narrowed, he murmured “Change…. So that wasn’t just a coincidence which only happened to me?”



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