Chapter 235.2

Chapter 235.2

The Sword King, who had been keeping his calm composure throughout the conversation, grimaced for the first time as if he was on the verge of crying.

[She drowned herself in the tub, right after her visit to the Holy City to see His Holiness. There was something unusual about her after she returned from her journey. She seemed absentminded more than usual. You have no idea how much I repented myself after she was gone from me just like that. Moreover, she was pregnant by the time she died. Those who knew about her pregnancy believed that my wife had killed herself out of guilt. But I believe in my wife more than anyone else in the world. It was my child she was carrying. She couldn’t possibly have betrayed me.]

It was a commonly known knowledge that an Anika can only give birth to one heir to the throne. However, they still could get pregnant with a common man’s child. Hence, there were some cases of Anikas getting pregnant again after they remarried to common men.

If what the Sword King had just told him was true indeed, that could only mean that the common knowledge was in fact false. An investigation must be then conducted to find out why there weren’t any records about an Anika giving birth to a second heir to the throne.

[It pains me to recall such a memory which had been long since buried in my mind.]

With a look that was part grief and part relief, the Sword king went on.

[I had never once told anyone about it before. You are the first person I’ve confided in.]

[…Why have you told me?]

Kasser was dubious of the king’s intention although he had not doubted that he was lying. The information he sought out was simple—all that he wanted from the Sword King was for him to share his experience if he ever did go through the same changes in his Praz. They were never deeply bonded for the king to give him such personal information.

The Sword King had done little to hide his hostile attitude towards Sang-je as he spoke. Doubtless, he would be badly troubled should any of his words fall on Sang-je’s ears. As long as Anika’s birth cries could only be heard in the land of Holy City, the fate of the existence of a kingdom was laid in Sang-je’s hand as his consent was essential for a king to marry Anika.

[I was reminded of the fond memories of the past as you and your queen, Anika, seemed very much devoted to one another at yesterday’s banquet.]

With that said, Richard stared into the blank with a nostalgic gaze as if he was recalling back to the good old days he had spent with his wife. Kasser waited patiently without minding the long silence as he didn’t want to interrupt while the Sword King indulged in reminiscent.

In the past, Kasser would have definitely prioritized efficiency in order to gain as much information as possible in a short time. However, he had learned of the fact as to how inefficient and illogical a human’s mind was, of late. Somehow, he felt like he could empathize with the Sword King’s agony to some degree.

[I’ve heard about the rumor regarding the Lark tree. How truthful is the rumor?]

[It is indeed true that the queen’s Ramita had transformed a Lark into a tree.] Kasser had answered.

[…Though I have no idea of what actually happened, this is indeed an unprecedented event. To His Holiness especially. As there has never been an Anika, who supposedly possessed such a level of Ramita, married to a king.]

Suddenly, the Sword King fixed his glaring eyes on Kasser before he firmly spoke out.

[Don’t put too much trust in His Holiness.] Instantly, the last words of his father, the late King, overlapped over the remark. [Son. Do not trust in Mahar.]

Kasser wondered if the late king had known of something before he passed. But if so, why didn’t he leave him a will about it?

[His Holiness may attempt to take your wife away from you.]

[Our marriage has already been officially acknowledged.]

[That wouldn’t stop him from finding a way for it. In the worst case, he has the absolute cause to justify his every action. That he’s been called to fulfill the divine will.]


Kasser was finally hit by the realization that it was possible for every worst scenario to actually transpire. He would have seriously considered returning back if only he were yet to cross the Anotty Mountains. But as he had already journeyed to this far, there was no other choice but to walk right into the enemy field.

Devastated by the situation he was in, Kasser turned to the Sword King to seek his advice. At that moment, Kasser seemed merely as a young fellow, who was seeking advice from a wise elder, and not as a king.

[Do you have advice for me as to how I should respond if unforeseen situations arise?]

The Sword King, looking quite surprised by the unexpected question, watched intently at Kasser before he opened his mouth again.

[I only have one piece of advice for you.]



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