Chapter 236.1

Chapter 236.1

Chapter 236

Deeply absorbed in his thoughts, Kasser had reached the bedchamber before he knew. As he opened the door, Eugene, who was flipping over the pages of a book while lying flat on her stomach on the bed, came right into his sight. Eugene casted a brief side glance at Kasser, who entered through the opened door, before she promptly returned to the book she was reading.

Eugene tended to do so of times when she was deeply absorbed in what she was doing. The way she behaved around the king was surprisingly unreserved.

In fact, it had been quite some time since they had not been too particular about conforming to the courtesies when they were alone. For instance, without going through the formality of announcing his arrival through a servant, Kasser had just casually swung the door open and shoved himself into the chamber.

He had received a strict upbringing to observe the customs and the rules of the decorum, ever since he was young. However, he was finding such a mere deviation from long standing customs to be very amusing of late. He felt rather thrilled to imagine the nonplussed look on Marianne’s face if she ever finds out, as she was very strict when it comes to rules and customs. It was almost as if his hidden rebellion side was beginning to raise its head in his mind after all these years of suppression.

As he climbed up to the bed and sat himself up right next to her, Eugene spoke to him with her eyes still fixed on the book.

“I found this on the table. I guess it’s some kind of a fairy tale for the children. Nonetheless, I find it very amusing as I read on.”

Kasser took a glimpse down at the book she was reading. As she said, it was indeed a story book for children as more than half of its page was filled with illustrations with only a few sentences filling the rest.

However, he had soon lost his interest in the book. In fact, such a story book was never his concern in the first place. The only subject of interest to him was his wife, who was engrossed in reading, without giving a fig for her husband by her side.

As he pondered for a way to distract her attention from the book, he gently wrapped around her ankle with one hand. With that, he slowly slipped his hand from her ankle to her calf, along the curve of her body.

Eugene shifted her body a little, as if suggesting him not to disturb. But without giving a fig, he pressed his fingers onto the crook of her knee and rubbed gently against it with his fingertips. Next, he covered the flesh under her thigh with his palm and groped along until his hand settled on the division between her thigh and hip.

“I’m almost finished. Give me a minute.”

This time, Eugene tossed her body more strongly on the bed. However, his palm had only tenaciously teased her as if it was entirely clung onto her body. Insistently, he cupped her hip while he brushed away her long hair, streaming over her shoulders, and pressed his lips against the skin revealed at the back of her neck.

As much as Eugene was determined to finish the last few pages of the book she was reading, she tried hard to ignore him altogether. However, the tickle she felt by the nape of her neck, every time his lips were pressed on, somehow aroused her with strange sensations. Her concentration shattered even further as his hand began to caress her hip. Even a simple short sentence had failed to be comprehended by her brain.

Once she had reached the limit of her patience, Eugene tossed her head to the side as she muttered irritatingly under her breath. However, Eugene’s annoyance disabled in a vain effort, when she saw him promptly backing away after stealing a kiss from her as soon as his eyes were met with hers.


Perplexedly, she heaved a sigh thinking that this wasn’t fair for her after all. The man before her was impeccably dashing. No one could possibly refuse him before his smoldering blue eyes, blazing with heat.

Accepting her defeat, Eugene yielded by rolling herself onto the side, with her hands off from the book she was reading. And as soon as the back of her head touched the bed, he promptly climbed atop her and pressed himself against her body.

Eugene breathed out languidly as she felt the pleasant weight of the man which she was very familiar with.

At once, her lips were engulfed by the hot wet lips of his while his tongue moved intrusively around in her mouth. He rubbed against her tender flesh with the tip of his tongue as he swallowed the trickling fluid down her throat.

Then, he further slipped his hand to draw up her sleeping garment, which was already rolled up revealing her thigh, all the way up to her waist. His erection, pressed tightly against her as he burrowed his way in between her legs, was as hard as a rock.

Eugene’s face was all flushed with heat, when she felt the plain pounding movement of his waist against her privates, while his tongue was tangled around with hers. Her annoyance for being interrupted in the middle of reading had been long since vanished.

He was doubtless a fine gentleman with his composed manner as if he was a man of little or no sexual desires, but as opposed to his serene expression, his body however was more than true to his basic instincts.

Oftentimes, they either embraced or shared a light kiss during lunch or when they were out for a walk. And it wasn’t a time or two where Eugene had felt his hardness pressed against her lower abdomen or witnessed his bulging manhood with her own eyes. It had almost got her to wonder if he gets hard just by seeing her face.

The fact that he restrains his desire depending on the time and place, despite being aroused every time in her presence, had given her quite an unusual feeling of satisfaction.

But on one hand, she wondered if he would be able to keep or lose his patience, when she gave out her signal to him. She was resolved to put him to test one day. Eugene anticipated to see his dumbfounded expression after realizing it was only a joke.



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