Chapter 241.2

Chapter 241.2

Mur then shifted his eyes to the young people who surrounded him after staring intently at Aldrit for a while. Some did flinch after meeting eyes with him but none of them averted him. With that, Mur realized that these young people have not come here with just the spur of the moment resolution.

“Are you all of the mind with Aldrit?”

One of them spoke up after exchanging looks with each other.

“Sir. With all due respect, just how long must we prolong with this kind of life? I can endure this if it’s just me alone. But I couldn’t help but to hope for a better future for my son who has just started to walk. And I believe Aldrit will lead us to that path.”

Mur remained silent for a moment after he heaved a deep sigh. The people have waited patiently for Mur to mull things over as they all have read the repentance off his solemn face.

Everyone wished for a peaceful transition of power. No one was feeling at ease to oppress the elders of the tribe as all they differed on was in their views of the future and not because they were rancorous of them.

“Where are the elder statesmen?”

“They are all gathered in the hall. We have just restricted their leaving for a moment.” Aldrit answered.

“They must be all furious by now.”

Mur said as he rose from the chair.

“Let’s go.”

Mur then turned to the crowd of the young fellows who followed and said, “You all better wait here. Aldrit. Follow me.”

“But…” someone retorted instantly.

“Do you think this is some kind of a turf war between some backstreet gangs!? How are you going to make a difference to the world if you were to ignore all the necessary procedures!” Mur rebuked.

Intimidated by the bawl, the young fellows looked as if they were walking on the eggshells.

“It’s alright. Believe me and wait for me here. Nothing could possibly get in our way

as long as we are all united with one firm conviction.” said Aldrit to reassure the others.

Aldrit then turned to Mur and said, “After you, sir.”

Mur saw that no one followed further when he glimpsed back as he took his steps. Their unwavering countenance displayed their ardent belief in Aldrit. “Ahem,” Mur cleared his throat to hide his astonishment.

‘I never knew he had such an accomplishment. What made him change so much? I wonder what happened to him in the past few years.’

One thing that concerned Mur as he nominated Aldrit as his successor was his passive attitude. Aldrit surely was a bright, prudent, and strong-willed young fellow, but he lacked the ardor of youth. His docile nature was both his strength and weakness.

Which made Mur still incredulous of the fact that Aldrit had taken the lead and stirred up such a huge revolution.


“Yes, sir.”

“Do you really think you could handle all the truth?”

Aldrit flinched as he realized the meaning and the bones in the words. However, it didn’t take him long to break his silence.

“I wouldn’t have started in the first place if I wasn’t fully resolved for it.”

“Are you really planning to disclose the lores of the tribe to everyone once you become the chief?”

“That was my promise to everyone.”

Mur had wordlessly let out a sigh for he was worried about the consequences to come. There’s a clear difference when it comes to one’s capacity. Some might handle it better while some may not when they are faced with the same truth. Doubtlessly, a great confusion was going to arise within the tribe.

‘You surely are young.’

Mur regarded that Aldrit was merely looking on the bright side of the things as he was yet to be stained from the world.

A racket of commotion was then heard from within when they arrived at the hall.

“You punks! Get your hands off me this instant!”

“You can’t leave yet.”

“You scoundrels! Let go, you rascal!”

“Sir, please take it easy and don’t get so worked up.”

Those who have been wrangling with each other paused for a moment when the door was opened. Most of the elder statesmen who have been whispering to each other turned their heads to the door. Only those elder statesmen, who were known for their foul temper, were standing in the middle of the hall while the young people kept their holds onto them with all their might.

It clearly wouldn’t be necessary for so many of the youngsters to cling onto one elderly person if they ever intended to overpower them. Besides, those of the elder statesmen who had flung about in anger were not in the least hurt other than that their clothes were in disarray while some of the youngsters got black and blue around their eyes as they blocked them.

Mur smiled bitterly at the rather ridiculous scene before him, thinking that he might have been vainly worried that a violence situation might arise. Once he realized that their respect for the elders had not changed in the least, it seemed like the mixed feelings of his, which comprised both the anger and the regret, had all dissolved just like the salt in the water.


“Chief. You’re finally here. Just what in the world is happening outside?”

“You insolent rascals have no respect whatsoever towards the elders.”

Mur waited for a moment for them to calm down a little before he spoke out.

“My dear honorable elder statesmen. Things are starting to get beyond my power. So, I am considering resigning my position to my successor.”


“Chief. What in the world are you talking about?”

“There’s no point in denying that our sun has set. It’s reasonable to let the future generations take control of their future. Honorable sirs, the tide has changed. We as adults shouldn’t be standing in their ways as our children wish to make a difference to the future of our tribe.” The chief said amongst his people.

In ones and twos, the elders, who clamored out before, have fallen into silence. They stared at the chief with a clear look of confusion in their faces. Some have even let out a sigh with turbulence in their gaze.

Mur gave a tap at Aldrit’s shoulder, who were standing right next to him, as he said, “Sir, I will take him to that place then.”

“Have it your way.”

“We have no choice but to obey the chief’s decision.”

While some of the elder statesmen were favorable to the decision, some remained silent and some unwillingly cleared their throats. Despite that, no one seemed to be in strong opposition.

“Follow me.”

Aldrit looked alternatively into the back of the Mur, who was striding ahead, and the elder statesmen. He then paced to catch up to Mur, who had already gone far ahead, with a puzzling look. He had braced himself for a long argument to come as he never expected for the elders to step away this easily.

A new breeze of expectation, mingled with the worry and the wistfulness for it was his turn to step down from the changing times, swept across Mur’s heart as he strides ahead.

Perhaps this was the day which the ancestors have been longing for where their descendants finally get to take a brave step towards the new future. It was indeed a step which Mur himself had once dreamed of taking when he was much younger but never dared to do so.



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