Chapter 243.1

Chapter 243.1

Eugene’s heart plummeted all of sudden. Despite all her effort in displaying a calm countenance, she couldn’t help but to feel her corners having stiffened with tension.

“Are you accusing me as a liar, Your Holiness?”

-I would have arranged the venue if only you had informed me after you found the medium. How come you didn’t do as we promised?

Instantly, Eugene heard the voice of Jin, coming one after another.

[Your Holiness. I must go look for the medium.]

[No. If you ask the Desert king to bring it over, it will leave a witness and record. I don’t want everybody to know that I had once been an Anika without any Ramita. I want to proceed without anyone knowing. I will want to kill myself if anyone finds out about it.]

[I beg for your permission, Your Holiness.]

[Yes. I’ll do as you bid. I just need to find the medium.]

Eugene had just discovered a new fact. Turns out it was Jin who had pushed ahead with the marriage with the Desert king while Sang-je had looked for other ways to get the seed from the Desert king.

‘Well, it surely is much easier that way.’

Kasser had told her on the day when Eugene had first entered the chamber of royal treasures with him.

[I should be able to straighten things out as the value of the national treasure is no more than symbolic.]

Kasser was not bothered much about the national treasure which had gone missing. Of course, he could only have been considerate of her, but he would be troubled much if it truly was an article of value. If Sang-je had ever proposed a deal in return for the seed, Kasser would have accepted to strengthen the relationship with Sang-je.

However, Jin didn’t just insist on marrying the Desert king, she also ended up breaking her promise with Sang-je by going out to the desert with the treasure she had stolen. But why? Eugene was again back to square one just when she thought that she had finally got the clue.

But one thing was now clear for sure. Jin possessed no Ramita and the reason behind the whole scheme was to initiate the spell to retrieve her lost Ramita.

“Your Holiness. Now that I’ve listened to your saying, I feel like I could remember something.”

-That’s a relief. What is it about?

“The medium was the national treasure of the kingdom. It was kept under tight security where it was highly inaccessible, and I’d bide my time to steal the treasure. But I failed in every attempt.”

Eugene blended lies with some truth as she went on. The seed was indeed stored under tight security, but it was fairly easy for Jin to get access. She would have easily stolen the seed since she had practically frequented herself as if it were the chamber of her own. However, she waited for three whole years to finally put it into action. Eugene revised the list of puzzles that needed solving.

“And I got anxious when I’d finally got hold of the medium as I wanted to find my Ramita as soon as possible.”

As she unwittingly fisted her hands to hide her nervousness as she spoke, she flinched when she felt the squirm within her palms. Kid, who had been staying low all the while, must have been startled when its surroundings got narrowed.

Feeling apologetic, she promptly loosened the grip of her hands and lowered her gaze. As she brought her hands close to her stomach to have a better look at Kid, she saw its tiny little head popping right up in between her fingers.

She smiled as she tried to hold back her laughter. But as soon as she realized her mistake, she lifted her head at once.

-Anika Jin, you don’t seem to be able to concentrate.

“My apologies, Your Holiness. I won’t be distracted anymore.”

Sang-je couldn’t help but to let out a small laugh when she strained her eyes open to his direction to look like her attention was solely invested on him and the topic at hand.

-I think it’s better for us to continue another time as we have an intruder with us today.

“Ah…But Your Holiness, I still have much to tell you about… I promise that I will pay my full attention from now on.”’

Despite being elated by a sudden chance of escape, she feigned reluctance as this could be his attempt to sound her out.

-You’ll need your rest as you must be all weary after traveling such a long way. And there’s plenty of time ahead of us.

He was saying the last words to himself to calm his anxious mind. It was better for him to show tolerance now than to press on her, just like he had done over the years.

The door opened and Pides entered the audience room. He paid courtesy by bowing his head to Sang-je from where he stood and without coming in any further.

-Pides will be your escort on your way back, Anika Jin.

“Yes, Your Holiness.”

Eugene paid respects to Sang-je while thinking ‘It’s Pides again?’ to herself.

“I’ll visit again soon in the near future to finish what I’ve yet to tell you today. May the grace of Mahar be with you always.”

“May the grace of Mahar be with you always as well. And congratulations, Anika Jin.

“…Thank you.”

-I will be looking forward to hearing more from you then. And I hope there won’t be any intruder the next time we meet.

“Yes, Your Holiness. I’ll keep that in mind.”

Sang-je’s voice was heard again when she turned around after rising from her seat.

-Anika Jin.



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