Chapter 244.1

Chapter 244.1

At first, she really was flustered when Kid appeared all of sudden. But due to Kid, she had found out that Sang-je was excessively forgiving towards Jin and she had also managed to slip out earlier than she expected.

Elated by the praise, Kid did a twirl on the back of her hand. While she was laughing at the sight of Kid, something odd crossed her mind.

‘How come Sang-je didn’t notice that Kid was actually a Hwansu?’

Hwansu is in fact a special lark. If Sang-je truly was God’s vicegerent, shouldn’t he be more agile in identifying lark’s presence, which practically were the intruder of this world? However, he failed to even take notice of a lark which was right under his nose.

‘What if Sang-je was actually related to the tribe of the ancient times? It’s said that it is the tribe who can foresee the future that hogged all the knowledge regarding the spells. Is it possible that they are using the spells to act as the leader of a cult? If so, the high priest wouldn’t differ from much. Or maybe they are actually conspiring to fool everyone… Have I gone too far?’

Momentarily, the carriage gradually slowed down to a halt. After a while, it started moving again, Eugene saw that they had just passed the magnificent iron gate which was widely opened, when she pulled the curtain.

‘Ah… I’ve finally made it back.’

In the Holy City, there are mansions which are owned respectively by the royals from all the six kingdoms. But unlike how the mansions are usually built around a neighborhood, the exclusive residential areas of the royal kingdoms were located sparsely around the Holy Palace.

‘I’m home.’

Just by thinking that there’s someone waiting for her return in there, has made all her worries disappear and put her mind at ease at once. Eugene realized yet again about how much she was relying on him.

She had heard that Jin never stayed in this mansion before—she had left right after the wedding ceremony with Sang-je as officiant and spent a fake bridal night in an annex which Sang-je provided for them. Eugene was eagerly looking forward to it even before she arrived as it was a new place which Jin had no memory of.

Soon, the carriage came to a stop. Eugene quickly hid Kid back under her sleeve before the door could open. She had expected Pides to be standing outside when her door opened in a moment.

All of sudden, someone shoved his upper body through the opened door. Eugene was startled as she was just about to rise from the seat. But when she found a set of blue eyes staring right into hers, her set expression softened almost immediately.

Suppressing a surge of emotions, Eugene gave her hand to Kasser when he offered. She was overwhelmed when she felt the strong squeeze of his hand as he took on hers.

She stared into the massive mansion which came right into her sight as she stepped onto the ground. It was structured with a stair leading into its interior and there were servants lined up on each floor in their standardized uniforms.

Although it was incomparable when it comes to size, it definitely was more practical than a castle. Somehow, it made her feel as if she really has become someone of high social standing.

“Let’s go inside, my queen.”

“Alright.” Eugene turned her head after taking a few steps. When she spotted Pides, who was standing in the distance, she said, “Sir Pides, thank your escort.”

“It’s my pleasure. I’ve only done as I was bid so.”

“Come in with us. We must ask you to tea after having you come all the way. You shall be our first guest.”

Eugene turned to look at Kasser when he cleared his throat in an undertone. Kasser then said as he tugged at her hand. “My queen, I’m afraid we are in no condition to invite guests over just yet since the place was left vacant for a long time.”

Pides promptly intercepted.

“Anika—Your Grace. I truly appreciate your offer, but to my regret, I must return as I have some matters to attend to. I would be greatly honored if I could join you next time.”

“Ah. Well, that’s a shame.”

“I’ll be leaving then, Your Grace.”

“Thank you for taking the trouble to escort her.”

Pides turned around after he bowed his head. Eugene didn’t get to see Pides getting on his horse to leave as she was hastily led inside by Kasser. She casted a side glance at Kasser as she passed the servants in line. Though she was not familiar with the courtesy of this world, she knew that Kasser’s response was inappropriate.

It clearly didn’t require much trouble in serving tea to just one person. It was almost as if Kasser had just betrayed his displeasure in inviting Pides over, right in the face.

“Does he have a problem with Pides?”

It was quite surprising to see Kasser expressing his dislike for someone like he did just now.

‘Well, I guess it’s better to be wary of him as Sang-je has his knights at his beck and call.’ Eugene simply concluded.

“Your Majesty, I have something important to tell you.”

“Let’s go where we won’t be disturbed.” Then, they went into the parlor which was on the inner side of the house. Kasser sent away all the servants who followed along and bid them not to come in until they were summoned.

“Are you alright? Did something happen?

“Kid had come along with me.”

They both spoke simultaneously once they got alone. Eugene caught Kid under her sleeve and showed it before Kasser’s eyes.

“Was this your doing by any chance?”

Kasser shook his head,

“You really didn’t know?”

“There’s no reason for me to do such a thing. Have you got into trouble because of it?”

“No, I was fine. Since when do you think he followed me?”

Kasser took a moment to think before he answered. “I think Kid’s cage was nearby when we had our last conversation before you set out to the palace.”

“Then I guess he must have sneaked out at that time. You didn’t know that he was gone?”

“I had no idea.”

“You really don’t seem to care about being their master.”

Eugene’s criticism seemed unjust to Kasser as he was in no state of mind to care about the whereabouts of a Hwansu. He felt restless the whole time after she had gone alone to the palace. He ran down the stairs right after hearing that her carriage was in sight.

He turned a reproachful gaze on the insolent squirrel which had made him get told off. But when a thought crossed his mind, he let out an exclamation.

“Kid must have worried about you. Our conversation must have sounded pretty serious.”

“You mean Kid had come along to protect me?”

“Yes, just like how I can summon it when in need.”

Kasser nodded approvingly as if he had found a use for it.



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