Chapter 246.1

Chapter 246.1

“How about us having dinner together as a family tonight? Jin… seems to have arrived just yesterday.”

Enoch felt responsible that he was the only one left to fix things up. His father had neglected Jin as he cared more for his wife than his daughter. No matter how much love he had given to his daughter, mother has always been his top priority over Jin.

Enoch had never felt particularly left out or complained about their parents being so merry in their marriage. However, it dawned on him that his covetous sister could have felt otherwise as mother has always been indifferent to her and being second to mother in father’s love must not have been enough to fill the void of her heart. That explained why she had cut ties with her family after getting married without even consulting them.

It was bound to wound everyone in the end if they failed to mend fences with his little sister forever. He felt like he could no longer stand by and watch his family growing apart.

Dana only replied after a long silence.

“…Alright. Let’s do that.” It was a rather unenthusiastic remark.

“I’ll then invite Jin over for dinner.”

“Do as you like.”

“Yes, mother.”

Enoch heard the two of them talk from his back as he walked away.

“Dana, try to put your mind at ease. You do have a strong side, but you really are delicate at heart, which makes me worry. Now, let me see if you still have a fever.”

Enoch gave a snort in the heart without showing it on his face.

‘Mother? Delicate at heart?’ Seems like his father has his own way of seeing mother through rose-colored glasses, unlike everyone else.

The House of Arse used to be renowned only by its name. But since the family history dates far back, the family never had to live in destitute but never had they lived in clover like they do today. It was barely enough for them to keep their dignity without having to ask for help from outside.

Then it was the late head of the house who laid out the foundation as he had an aptitude for management skills. Resultantly, the Arses had started to accumulate great wealth.

And as it happened, it was Enoch’s mother Dana, who succeeded to be the head of the house, and this newly acquired leverage had increased the family business to a significant scale. As of today, the Arses were still known to have amassed a significant amount of wealth, enough to be considered as one of the wealthiest families of the Holy City.

So ever since Enoch started to understand the mechanism of the business he had taken over, he has by now learned the law of survival of the fittest by heart. The cut-throat competition going on for the sake of business profits was no less fierce than a war. It was clear that this industry wasn’t cut out for those who are weak at heart.

‘Father, you really are clueless. Mother would easily prevail against you.’

In Enoch’s opinion, it was Patrick who seemed to have a weaker heart than his lady mother. The reason the Arses’s and Patrick’s company was never in conflict with each other until now was because they differed in the products which they handle. But what if they do?

‘…I bet father would step down even before the dispute could arise.’

Just when Enoch was about to get ready to go out, one of his aides brought him an urgent message. It seems like there was an accident at the field and they were in need of his instruction.

“Go ahead of me and take every necessary measure. I’ll be there soon.”

“As you will, my lord.”

Enoch racked his brain after his aide took his leave—his original plan to make a visit to Jin’s place and have a sincere conversation with her had now been thwarted. It would likely be sunset by the time he was done sorting out the accident. He wondered if he should put off his plans until tomorrow. However, there was a chance for the discord between Jin and family to deepen if Jin thinks that her family had ignored her for the whole two days after her arrival.

Just in time, the butler came in to give him a report.

“Master, the young master has just returned.”

Enoch rejoiced at the arrival of the right person who he can assign the task to. “Tell Arthur that I asked to see him right after he paid his respect to mother and father.”

“As you say, master.”


After waking up late in the morning, Eugene had a late breakfast and started to look around the manor. As she strolled about the place, a maid and Sven followed from behind. Eugene didn’t quite see the need for her to be placed under guard within the house, but Kasser insisted in a decisive tone.

[We’re no longer in the castle of ours. There’s a risk of invasion as there are blind spots around the house. Try not to wander around on your own.]

Moreover, there was Kid on her shoulder. Though she had not heard what kind of instruction Kasser had given to Kid, she was surprised to see it, which likes to roam about the place, was adhered to her shoulder the whole time without moving an inch away from her. It was such an adoring yet powerful escort.

As she strolled about the hall, she took a thorough look around the place, without missing the wall, pillar and even the ceilings. She had heard that the manor was at least a hundred years old since it’s been built up. There was indeed a classical touch to it but it wasn’t significantly worn-out.



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