Chapter 248.1

Chapter 248.1

Eugene dropped her eyes onto the floor with a flinch. She reflected that it may have been rude of her to openly stare at the lady for too long. Moreover, she reminded herself to be extra careful as mothers are usually the first person to notice the changes in their daughter.

‘But of course, there are some exceptions as well.’

Eugene bitterly muttered as she thought of her own mother. Color seemed to have drained from Dana’s face while her lips quivered as she stared blankly into Eugene’s face. Then she uttered desperately as if she had just found a beam of hope from despair.

“Jin…Come. Look at me.” Impatiently, Dana shouted when Eugene showed hesitation. “Look at me, child!”

Her shriek was sharp enough to startle everyone in the glasshouse. Arthur quickly went up to his mother as she seemed unusually distressed.

As Dana floundered around, the vases of flowers got toppled over after being hit by her arm. The vase had then rolled over and hit other vases on the table while some fell onto the ground with a loud clang.

Despite all the mess of her surroundings, Dana’s eyes were fixed only to Eugene. Her body staggered as her leg got tripped on the table while she scrambled toward Eugene in great haste.


Arthur quickly helped his mother up. However, Dana struggled to break free from her son’s grip as if he was a nuisance although he had only tried to help. Her body did not seem to be in sync with her impatient mind. The sudden weakness in her legs made her stumble and it was hard for her to keep standing. Arthur quickly supported Dana who looked like she was about to faint.

“Mother, are you alright? What’s gotten into you?”

Staring at Eugene, who returned her gaze with a startled look, Dana reached out her hand. “Ah, Jin. It really is you. My daughter.”

Dana had never forgotten the aura which was radiating all over from her daughter’s body. Three years may seem short, but it was more than enough for Dana to remember everything about her precious daughter as she hardly ever let her daughter off from her arms in those three years.

After raising two boys of strong build, Dana lost her heart to her daughter the moment she held the soft body which fitted right into her arms. Dana could almost feel her hunger being filled just by looking at her daughter and she took extra caution whenever she held her baby. She felt like her tender body would just melt away in her arms. Occasionally, she shed tears for her mother who had passed away without having to hold her lovely granddaughter in her arms. Dana knew that her mother would have sensed the blinding aura surrounding her granddaughter if only she were alive.

But then everything changed on that day when Dana had entrusted her daughter to a nanny. It was the first for the baby to be away from her care as Dana had a cold. Little did she know that it would be the last day of her seeing her precious daughter—the baby who was returned to her arms after being missing for three days was not her real daughter.

“Jin. My baby. Come, come to mommy.” Tears began to flow from Dana’s eyes. Everything seemed so surreal that she felt like she was only dreaming. Afraid that this all might be only her imagination, Dana reached out her hands to Eugene desperately, her weak body supported by her son or else she would crumble to her knees.

Eugene couldn’t help but feel dumbfounded by Dana’s hysterical reaction. The lady was indeed dramatic even for a mother who’s seen her daughter for the first time in three years. It was such a drastic change of attitude for someone who had been arranging flowers with such a dignified manner just until a moment ago.

But she just couldn’t ignore such a desperate set of eyes that were directed at her. She felt like she needed to help Jin’s mother to pull herself together. Hesitantly, Eugene went up to her and held Dana’s hand.

“Jin! My daughter.” Dana strongly pressed her hand against Eugene’s as if she will never let go of her hand ever again. “Come to me. Let me hold you in my arms. Call me mommy, will you?”

It was so piteous to see such a beautiful lady sobbing as she said those words. At first, Eugene intended to do the lady a favor as she seemed so desperate. Besides, the favors weren’t so difficult after all. However, she ended up buttoning her mouth close although the word ‘mother’ kept lingered at the tip of her tongue.

The lady’s daughter wasn’t her, Eugene thought with remorse. Real Jin was gone, and she was only an imposter.

A strong sense of guilt weighed heavily on her mind. Eugene felt like she would be committing an irreversible crime to call the lady ‘mother’.’ She just couldn’t bring herself to deceive Dana. Feeling hot behind her eyes, she quickly blinked away the tears as she averted her eyes.

However, her hand was still strongly caught in Dana’s shaky ones. As his sister seemed hesitant to shake off mother’s hand, Arthur stepped in and shook his mother by the arm. Once the grip around her hand loosened, Eugene quickly pulled out her hand and took a step behind. She then buried her face as she leaned against Kasser who embraced her shoulders.

“Jin!” Dana shouted with a despairing look in her eyes as she reached out her hand. She could literally feel her heart being torn into pieces after being avoided by her own daughter whom she had finally reunited with.

“Mother!” Arthur shouted as he held his mother who was slipping away from his arms. Dana lost her consciousness after hearing her son’s voice fading away in her mind.



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