Chapter 249.1

Chapter 249.1

‘I should pull myself together.’ Dana quickly blinked away the tears before her eyes could get any teary. She kept telling herself that she shouldn’t scare the child away by making another scene like she did earlier.


But she couldn’t help but to feel overwhelmed to see her daughter enveloped in such a resplendent aura. Although Anikas were known to possess a unique aura that distinguishes them from ordinary people, Dana knew that there was something special about her daughter in contrast to other Anikas.


The same aura that runs in her mother’s side of the family, which both her mother and she have possessed, was clearly running in the veins of her daughter as well. But despite all that, Dana was able to recognize her child just by her strong maternal instinct.


Eugene let out a sigh of relief as she checked on Dana’s complexion, who was sitting up on the bed with a seemingly calm face.


‘I’m glad she’s alright.’ Eugene had been worried sick since the lady fainted before her all of sudden. Her mind was in shambles while she waited for the lady to regain her consciousness. No one blamed her for anything, but Eugene couldn’t help but feel remorseful about everything that had taken place during their meeting.


‘I better leave after giving my regards to her.’ She felt like she couldn’t stand any bit longer in the house anymore. It pained her all the more as Dana was looking at her with great longing affection in her gaze. Eugene told herself that she should avoid running into Jin’s family until the day she returns to the kingdom. She admitted that it was a foolish mistake of hers to regard Jin’s family and Sang-je in the same light.


She clearly wasn’t shameless enough to pretend to be someone’s daughter.


‘Nevertheless…. She really is a beautiful lady indeed.’


Her once blooming youth may have now gone from her face but there was something unique about the lady that gave her a significant air. People’s attention will most likely be concentrated more on the mother should both mother and daughter stand abreast.


Like people say, the path one has taken so far in life is bound to show on one’s appearance as one grows old. With that in mind, Eugene thought to herself that she would like to grow old just like the lady before her. There was an air of cool elegance radiating from the lady’s outer appearance and she didn’t appear to be small despite her slim frame.


“Jin.” Dana reached out her hand to Eugene with a tender smile on her face. “Come sit closer.”


[It’s me Jin.]


Instantly, one of Jin’s memories came into Eugene’s mind. Jin’s mother looked much younger in the memory in which Jin was staring at her. And like the other memory she had seen earlier, the lady didn’t spare a glance at Jin, not even once.


[I am Jin. Why would you say that I’m not!]






[How dare you!] Jin’s mother snapped as she turned to Jin. [How dare you call me mother.] The way the lady glowered at Jin was so cold that it was enough to make one shudder.


‘Huh?’ Eugene was left confused by the memory she just saw. ‘Is there any secrets about Jin’s birth?’


But both mother and daughter looked unmistakably alike.


In the fleeting moment while Eugene’s mind was occupied with the memory, Eugene’s legs moved on their own accord as Dana beckoned her to come closer. When Dana told her to take a seat, Eugene, who was standing by the bed, obeyed her, and sat on a chair placed next to the bed.


After taking in the full image of her daughter with her eyes, Dana asked Patrick a favor. “My dear. Would you please give us a moment?”


“I promise to keep my silence while you two have a talk.”


“Please. There’s something I need to say to Jin alone.”


“But what if something happens to you again?”


“I’ll be just fine. You wouldn’t have to worry.”




Eugene replied with a start at Patrick’s call. “Yes?”


“If your mother happens to swoon again, don’t fluster and just shout for help at once. I’ll tell someone to stand watch by the door.”


“Yes… father.”


Eugene barely managed to address him accordingly after squeezing out the voice from her throat. Patrick didn’t sense any oddity as he regarded that his daughter was only being nervous as she always had been in the presence of her mother.


However, should the conversation have prolonged any longer, he most definitely would have sensed that there was something odd about his daughter. There simply weren’t any chances for him to enjoy the joy of reuniting with his daughter as he was too preoccupied on looking after his wife’s frailty after her collapse.


“Stop making a fuss and just leave us.” Dana made everyone leave the chamber including her husband and all the servants. In the end, it was only the mother and daughter who remained in the room.



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