Chapter 25

Chapter 25

For a man to show off his capabilities to prove a point was beyond his comprehension, hence, this sudden situation Eugene put him into, he finally understood.

He was a man of pride, after all!

But he couldn’t stand the soaring kicks of pride within. So, he grabbed her wrist… and pressed her palm against the low of his abdomen.

With her wrist enveloped by his warm hands, and her attention currently snatched by the shadowed face of the man before her, Eugene belatedly realized the identity of the hard flesh she was touching.


Eugene backed away with a short scream. The atmosphere surrounding them freezing in uncomfortable tension.

She studied his face firmly while he, on the other hand, only looked grave with an excessive air of nonchalance. On instinct, she cradled her molested hand and threw him an accusing look.

“What’s with that look?” he asked.

Looking into his eyes, Eugene could feel that he was nowhere near calm. His glimmer of desire was visible at this moment.

The whole chamber was blanketed in darkness, so Eugene couldn’t exactly see his eyes, could not dwell on its depths… 

What do those cold blue eyes look like now?

“You can’t blame me for thinking this way. We’ve not been in bed together for three years.” She stated matter of factly, rubbing salt on the wound.

The man, who never expected to encounter this challenge on his manliness, reacted indecorously. At that, an idea flash through Eugene’s mind.

Jin Anika had a reason to keep her virginity. Presumably, there was an important connection between her purity and her plan to pursue the power of Mara.

Eugene cited situations in various cases. What if Anika’s soul isn’t entirely gone, but rather, just asleep inside her? What if she tries to take control of this body again?

If the original owner demands to return to her body, Anika will have every right to do so–but there was no guarantee that Eugene would return to her original body. Not to mention, the possibility of her returning to her original world was thin.

If Jin Anika would die, she would also meet her end. No one would wish to vanish like that. Therefore, she must find ways to prevent the worst and survive.

Being intimate with the king could break Anika’s plans and twist the story. 

Think realistically. There’s a contract on your shoulders and you have no way out. And if you sleep with that man, there’s a good chance that Anika won’t accomplish her goals, of which the most definite one is to acquire Mara’s power.

Yet, there was still the problem of a possible pregnancy. Eugene couldn’t imagine herself becoming a mother. But she had to do what she thought was right. Once Jin Anika accomplished her dark plans, it would be too late for the people of Mahar.

Right now, she must take a risk.

Eugene inched closer to him. She kept her head straight, ignoring his unmistakable erection below.

“You said that we still have a fortnight…” 

She started hesitantly, her hands trembling at the sides of her. Even so, her eyes conveyed pure determination. I will not lose my life by letting the plot take its course.

“I did.”

“Well, maybe tonight… Uhm….”

Still, she couldn’t make out the words. Speechless, she covered her burning face with her hands. How ridiculous would it sound for a woman to invite a man to her bed!

In this briefest of moments, she changed her mind. “Nothing! We should go back to sleep. It’s nearing dawn.”

She backed away timidly. But as soon as she turned her head in a sigh, her arm was seized by a strong force.

The next thing she felt was the touch of soft lips against her own…

Kasser captured her head effortlessly and skillfully slammed a kiss on her moist, inviting mouth.

It was not gentle at all…

As the gap between them completely disappeared, Kasser’s desire heightened. He tilted her head to gain more access. His wet tongue slid in between her lips, sucking, and licking like he couldn’t get enough of her. Her head was bent back, with a strong hand supporting her neck.

Then, she slowly felt him lower her to the bed beneath them… As the center of gravity shifted dangerously, Eugene grabbed him unconsciously, and in a split second, she felt the soft mattress against her back.

His tongue caressed her lips once more before Kasser broke the kiss. Eugene tugged at his sleeves which distracted him from his feast.

At this moment, Eugene found herself lying on the bed with the king on top of her. Her hair was spread in disarray around her head, and her eyes reflected what little moonlight that had trespassed through the gaps of the window curtains.

“It seems that when you lost your memory, you gained a new talent of making people… really upset.” The deep-seated man’s voice pierced her ears intimidatingly.

“How about the fortnight? Will we still—” She gulped nervously. Her ears burned in embarrassment.

Kasser understood what Eugene was trying to say. She doesn’t want a repeat of this.

“Yes, I will not visit you on the fortnight if you don’t wish so.” He was growing impatient by the second.

She barely knew the man–she described the king in her novel rashly, not a bit detailed. Therefore, it would be best that she set boundaries as early as now.

Besides, the purpose behind this man consummating was for their marriage to be not annulled and for him to see his successor through Anika.

Even so, Eugene didn’t want animal-like sex. It was her first experience; she didn’t want it to be a nightmare.

“Be gentle or else…”

“Or else?”

“I’ll tell everyone that you are terrible!” 

At her request and vain threat, he grinned boyishly, Eugene’s eyes to grew round.

“I’ll do my best.”

They locked lips once more. At first, it was soft, appeasing, and gentle. Their lips brushed against each other, soft as a feather.

Somehow, the weight of the man above her felt good.

Eugene felt more unrealistic now than when she first opened her eyes in the middle of the desert. She couldn’t believe she was doing this intimate act with the man she met only a few days ago. What’s even more surprising was that it didn’t feel unpleasant at all.


A thick tongue entered her mouth and rubbed the tender flesh inside. Her fingertips tingled the moment his tongue began to move more intrusively.

Eugene’s first kiss a long time ago was fuzzy and clumsy, unlike this one. This was the first time she’d ever participated in a deep kiss–with a blatant desire to do more.

She didn’t know that tongue was such a sensory organ, in a sexual way, that is. The sensation of his tongue sliding against hers became wilder.

The air became smoldering hot as a battle silently commenced…




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