Chapter 252.2

Chapter 252.2

Some might say that there’s no use in raising a daughter because as soon as she gets married, her husband becomes her world. Eugene’s mind couldn’t stray from her husband despite being reunited with her real mother in 20 years. However, she had things to say for herself. In her defense, a mother was a mother while a husband was a husband, but both were just as precious to her equally.

Eugene crossed the room towards Kasser. When she was within his reach, he pulled her closer by her hand and cupped her face as he caught her body falling into his arms.

“Did you cry?”

Her eyes were all red like someone who had just cried her eyes out. And that had bothered Kasser the instant he saw her.

“Yes. Just a little.”

“Why? Are you alright?”

“We were just talking about things, that’s all. It happens between mother and daughter sometimes. But I didn’t cry because I was sad.”

Grasping his hand around her cheek, Eugene flashed him a smile while arching her eyes into a crescent. “I have a favor to ask you.”

Kasser narrowed his eyes as he was dubious of the intention behind her such stunning smile. But he knew he wouldn’t be able to refuse no matter how unreasonable her favor may be.

“… And what is that?”

“Mother and I still have a lot of catching up to do. And it might take us all night long to talk about. So, I was wondering if I could stay for a night here.”

“You want me to go back all by myself?”

“You can come back for me tomorrow.”


“Just for one night. Please?” Eugene brushed his cheek with her fingertips as he let out a sigh.

“Remember when I said that I will tell you everything when the time is right? I think tomorrow may be the right time.”

A flash of light flickered in Kasser’s eyes.

“So please give me one more day.”

“I will definitely come back for you tomorrow.”

“Thank you.”

“You can’t go back on your words tomorrow and say you want to stay for another day.”

“Umm. I can’t really give you my word on that.” Eugene couldn’t help but to break into a laughter at the sight of Kasser closing his mouth into a tight line. “Fine. One day is all I ask for. I promise.”

Overwhelmed with her love for her husband, she kissed him on his cheek on impulse. Instantly, Kasser grabbed her, who was still in her girlish giggle, by the nape and pulled her closer before he whispered, “That’s too little for a reward.”

Eugene’s lips were then swallowed by him at once. While she hesitated in a fluster, the sleek tongue of his burrowed through the gap of their closely interlocked lips. He sank right into the deep of her mouth and brushed against her inner flesh as he entwined their tongues.

She felt like losing grip on his shoulders for support. Dazed by the sweetness in her mouth, she closed her half-open eyes completely.


Eugene sprang her eyes open at the sound with great surprise. She quickly turned her head around as she hastily pushed his chest away with her hand. And there was Enoch standing, with his body turned slightly sideways away from them.

“Mother suggests that we should have some lunch before the conversation gets long, since no one has yet to eat although it’s well past lunchtime.”

“Oh. I see. Alright.”

Eugene leered her eyes at Kasser as she straightened herself up with haste. She could feel her face burning up with embarrassment. As there was no way for Kasser to have not realized that someone was coming in, Eugene gave an accusing thrust in his chest with her elbow’s end as he rose from the sofa.

However, Kasser asked Enoch with a straight face as if nothing just happened. “Shall we adjourn to the dining room then?”

“…Yes. This way please.”

It was Kasser’s intention to show Eugene’s family that he was indeed her lawfully wedded husband. He couldn’t deny the fact that he was quite upset to hear everyone calling out her name because until today, it was only him who could have called her by her name.

As he followed behind Enoch, Kasser slipped his arm around Eugene’s shoulder. He could feel her looking at him inquiringly, but he kept his eyes fixed forward.


Everyone was having a discussion over one common subject with Flora in present at the tea party,

“Is it true that Anika Jin has returned?”

“I’ve heard that she arrived just yesterday.”

“Do you think the rumor about the Lark tree is actually true?”

“Wasn’t she summoned right away by His Holiness for the verification of that rumor?”

“But there’s no way of knowing what His Holiness had said.”

“There are plenty of rumors of doubtful origins around the city, but I’ve never met anyone who knows the real truth. But one can’t go all the way to the Hashi Kingdom just to get clarification on the rumors.”

“Don’t the nobles from the Hashi Kingdom know something about it?”

“They have no idea as well since they spent the whole active period here in the Holy City. It would take ages to wait for those nobles to bring back news from their kingdom in the next active period.”

People casted side glances at Flora as such opinions were exchanged. Flora yielded under the silent pressure and opened her mouth at last.

“I have yet to meet Anika Jin since her arrival in the city. It isn’t appropriate to drop in on her just to verify the authenticity of the gossip, especially when she must be weary from her long trip.”

“I don’t think it’s gossip.”

Someone murmured under her breath, but it was soon drowned out by the babble of voices.



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