Chapter 253.2

Chapter 253.2

After a discussion with Dana, they had decided to let Rene go back to her parents’ house with her baby so she could have a good rest and had reminded her to come back whenever she’s ready. Hence, for the last couple of months, Enoch had been traveling between the Arse manor and the house of his wife’s parents.

‘I better ask Rene to come for a visit so we could have one full family dinner before Jin goes back.’

Everyone remained seated ever after they were done with their late lunch. Soon, desserts and teas were served in front of them.

Enoch took alternative glances at his mother and Jin as he lifted his tea to his life. It was hard to tell by their faces, but they do seem a little more comfortable than they were before.

Before Jin had left the city, they hardly had dinner together as a family, except on special occasions like birthdays. And even if they do, Dana would take her leave when she was finished with her meal. This was absolutely a first to all of them—the Arses gathering around for tea.

He was both incredulous and puzzled at the same time about the sudden change. He couldn’t help but to wonder what Dana and Jin had talked about. Before this, he even got praised by his mother.

[I wouldn’t have tried to meet Jin if it weren’t for you. Thank you, Enoch.]

Inwardly, Enoch was hoping for the time to pass as he was dying to know what the important thing was mother was trying to tell them before their lunch.

‘Hmm… He does seem like a fine man…’ While everyone was still in a daze, Dana looked disapprovingly at her son-in-law, who had snatched her daughter away from her. It is only now that she had finally reunited with her daughter after so many years. Back in the glasshouse, as Dana saw only her daughter in her eyes, she couldn’t recall if the Desert King was there with them or not.

Three years ago, Dana couldn’t care less if Jin was getting married or not. She didn’t even bother to interfere thinking that it was all the better to not see the fraud if possible. Back then, she had already resigned herself to the thought that she would never get to meet her daughter ever again.

But after having reunited with her daughter at last, she was disappointed to find out that she was already married and soon she would have to leave the Holy City to a faraway kingdom again. Why is she married to the king, of all people?! It would be ages before Jin could return to the Holy City after giving birth to the king’s heir.

At first, Dana surreptitiously eyed the Desert King. But before long, she found herself staring at him in an illiberal manner. Even Patrick gave a light squeeze at her hand, hoping that she would be self-aware of her discourteous behavior.

Gradually, her eyes softened with time. She wasn’t sure if the Desert King was truly unconscious of her gaze or he was just pretending not to, but he did seem like he was unable to take his eyes off his wife. The way his eyes followed his wife’s every move reminded her of her own husband back in the days.

‘She’s being loved.’ Dana felt relieved. Although she hasn’t heard all the details from her daughter yet, it seemed like she had gone through a tough time growing up. Dana would have been devastated if her daughter wasn’t happy in her marriage as well.

‘Wait. She wasn’t my daughter when she got married three years ago!’ Her eyes sharpened again when this thought crossed her mind. ‘I didn’t approve of this marriage. Since there’s still no child between them, maybe there’s a chance for a divorce….’

Just about when Dana was devising her brutal plans in her head, the butler came into the dining room. He then crossed the room to where Dana was seated.

“My lady, Anika Flora has come for a visit.”

Dana immediately turned her eyes upon Enoch. Puzzled by the accusation, Enoch set down his cup of tea in a flurry. “I didn’t invite her, mother.”

Dana reprimanded the butler with her brows furrowed. “Isn’t it your responsibility to make sure that we aren’t interrupted by any unwanted guests during our family gathering?”

Just until this day, Anika Flora was regarded as the most welcomed guest of the manor. Flora wasn’t always accompanied by Jin during her visits as sometimes she would just come all by herself or it would be Jin who would ask her over for a visit.

Moreover, Jin had always invited Flora over on her birthdays to join their family dinner.

However, the butler knew better than to retort at the lady for her unreasonable reproach. Instead, he omitted Flora on his list of important guests in his head.

“Forgive me, my lady.”

Eugene spoke out just before the butler was about to turn around with his head still lowered at Dana. “Mother.”

Dana answered, with her face instantly softened at her daughter’s call. “What is it?”

“We can’t just ask her to leave when she has already come all the way to visit. Besides, she must have been told to wait. She would be offended if she’s asked to leave.”

“Are you sure? You said you don’t really remember much.”

“I can handle it.”

Patrick and his two sons glanced incredulously from Dana to Jin. Never in their life had they seen Jin put on such an innocent smile and Dana speak in such a gentle voice which sounded as if she had just swallowed honey. And what did Dana mean by Jin not remembering much? They couldn’t help but to look inquiringly at the two women.



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