Chapter 258.2

Chapter 258.2

Dana has met a wide variety of people throughout her whole life that she has drawn her own guidelines in her mind about how she should conduct herself whenever she encounters a certain type of person.

However, there were two types of people in the world, whom she couldn’t quite put her finger on, even to this day. The Sang-je and the king.

Fundamentally, Anikas are from an ordinary household where their parents and siblings are common people alike. Moreover, as they hardly reveal their special ability, which is known as Ramita, they were pretty much the same as others in general.

And apart from Sang-je, who seldom associates with people, the kings whom Dana had encountered so far had all varied in terms of their personality and principles, to almost an extreme degree. She also got this impression that they held a strong superiority over the others as they considered humans an inferior being compared to them.

That explained why it bothered Dana so much about her daughter being married to a king. She clearly carried a prejudice towards the kings. Compared to this, the problem of not being able to see her daughter whenever she liked, since her daughter now must live somewhere remote away from the Holy City, was only a trivial concern.

Since a husband and wife was supposedly a lifelong companion, whom they can depend on till death do their part, Dana couldn’t help but to doubt if the king was willing to understand and cherish his wife, with all his heart. There are too many failed marriages between kings and Anikas because Anikas were only seen a tool to produce heirs.

Dana reproached him inwardly when she was informed of his arrival early in the morning today, thinking, ‘What’s his rush to come barging this early in the morning?’.

She had intended to let her daughter get all the sleep she needed after seeing her slumbering as soundly as a baby. But since he was a king before he was her son-in-law, Dana dared not to ask him to wait for her daughter to wake up.

Having no other choice, Dana first went to greet the Desert King by herself.

[Jin had gone to bed late last night since we had a lot of catching up to do. I’ll go wake her up in this instance.]

Dana was going to wake her up herself. She had also come up with a childish plan to walk as slowly as she could, so that her daughter can sleep for a little longer. Yet, the Desert King didn’t sound like he minded at all.

[You may just let her sleep off her fatigue. The journey must have tired her out. I’ll just wait.]

[… But there’s no telling when she will wake up.] Dana had said.

[It’s alright.]

Dana was intrigued further when he asked her for a book to read while he waited. However, she still had her doubt in the back of her mind that the Desert King was only putting on a pretense of consideration, while he actually wished she would go wake her daughter up without him asking.

After she brought him a book, Dana left him unattended on purpose, to further study his response. But when she returned to the sitting room after two hours, she found him absorbed in reading, sitting right on the sofa just as she had left him before. To her surprise, the aura of his surroundings was calm, without any sign of waver.

According to the servant, the Desert King concentrated on his book without asking if his wife was awake, not even for once. Upon hearing that, Dana had started to see her son-in-law in a favorable light.

She then recalled how she was faced with Eugene’s strong opposition when she cautiously suggested divorce to her daughter last night.

[Mother, why would you say such a thing? You have no idea how much he means to me. He was the only person who distinguished me from Jin before I met you.]

Eugene had then tried to convince her, saying that the marriage was first agreed only under a contract, for many complex reasons. She had also said that Kasser was only married to Jin in name for the last three years before Eugene came to this world. When she was finished, she told her that she and Kasser have now become a true man and wife adding the fact that he could clearly tell her apart from Jin.

Dana listened intently to Eugene and even chimed in for her sake every now and then. However, she couldn’t help but to click her tongue inwardly, as she realized that her daughter was deeply besotted with her husband. She also felt dejected for a moment as it seemed like it was too late for her to split them up.

Moreover, she couldn’t help but to feel dubious about her daughter’s explanation. She specifically found it hard to believe that Kasser was married in name only, without sharing the same bed with his then wife—the imposter Jin—for once over the course of three years.

However, Dana was starting to get curious to find out more about the Desert King, since he had made a favorable impression on her earlier. She brought in tea, in an attempt to strike up a conversation with him. They hadn’t spoken much, but she was pleased with her findings from the conversation.

‘She’s married to a good man.’

Dana felt relieved as the Desert King seemed like a man of good character, with not much of emotional ups and downs. A well-rounded personality was the best, in her opinion.

She was especially fond of his prudent manner of speaking. His words were concise, and he paid no mind to flatter her with meaningless fine words. She’s got this impression that he only speaks words he can be responsible for, instead of giving halfhearted responses.

What her daughter had said about him only being married in name before, was beginning to sound convincing to Dana as both him and the imposter wouldn’t have tolerated each other’s temperament.




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