Chapter 26

Chapter 26


A gr0an escaped from Eugene’s lips during the heat of the moment. Her eyes firmly closed, a strange sensation originated from the tips of her toes and slowly spread through her body. Kasser’s warm t0ngue probed her mouth, delving deeper. 

She squirmed underneath him.

Despite being long c0vet0us of her lips, Kasser mustered the will to relent his attacks on her mouth and pulled away. He cast a gaze on her current state, his eyes smoldering at the sight before him.

Her moist lips softly parted and her cheeks flushed red made her look like a seductr3ss… He found he wasn’t able to take his eyes off of her. But even more so, he was deeply baffled by these unforeseen circumstances. When night came, he wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary to occur.

However, at this point, it was too late for him to stop. He had already been ar0used, to the point that his lo!ns strained within his trousers, wishing to be released from entrapment.

A strange sense of crisis like a storm shattered his reasons. He could only wonder where this intense surge of passion for the queen sprung from.

In the end, his desire triumphed over reason. His mind refused to think of anything else except to have this woman in his grasp… to claim her as his.

He lowered his head, pressed his lips down on hers again. His hands, as if they had a mind of their own, began to caress her soft skin. From her lips, Kasser began to plant kisses across her cheek and then captured her earlobes gently between his teeth.

His mouth then moved lower to trail hot kisses down her neck. And he noted that whenever his lips touched her skin, she would tremble every time. His actions made Eugene release another m0an, and such a response naturally heightened the heat that came from within him.

Ha, I must be going crazy, was Kasser’s only concrete thought at this moment.

Softly and affectionately. 

If he ever submitted to his carnal desire, the queen would definitely not allow him to touch her a second time. And there was the—

Be gentle or else. 

Her words from a while ago still rang loud and clear. But he was torn between his heightened desire and consenting to her wishes.

When he remembered so, he realized that the queen didn’t entirely change at all. As expected, she still made difficult demands! Kasser didn’t know how to be soft and affectionate, he was never gentle.

If he followed his way, he would have already spread her legs and buried himself deep inside her right away. Yet, acknowledging her demands, he pressed down his th!rst and moved slowly with all his efforts.

His large hand went under her gown to grasp her soft mounds. With only slight pressure, he caressed her twin peaks gently, the tips hardening at the contact. Her smooth skin against his calloused hand made such a wonderful contrast.

The clothes that separated them now looked cumbersome to him and he impatiently unfastened the string on her chest. The strap, tied to a thin cloth, suddenly loosened, revealing the hidden skin. 

He breathed, finding himself freeze momentarily at the sight underneath him. But then his impulse took over and he dipped his head low. Slowly, almost teasingly, he kissed her soft peaks and buried his nose, breathing in her scent. 

Surprised by the sudden sensation, Eugene unconsciously arched her back. But it didn’t stop there, he rolled her hardened tips around the tip of his tongue evoking another moan from her.


At first, there was a bit of hesitancy in his actions. But then, Kasser’s caresses began to intensify with every second. He took her moistened tips between his teeth and gently bit. Finally, his head bowed deeper as he took her peak and suck3d on it relentlessly.


Eugene buckled beneath him. She felt as if she were burning… like hot honey was being poured all over her — her body couldn’t help but heat up in anticipation of contact. 

The sound of his mouth against her chest mingled with her quivers and soft moans. Eugene suddenly found herself embarrassed at the immorality of it all, and her face burned further.

His hands brushed over every part of her skin. She felt his palms sliding all the way down her waist and reveled in the exotic sensation of a man’s hard and rough skin against her own smooth flesh.

She felt heat pool between her legs with unmistakable urgency. If he touched her now, he would discover that she was already w3t.

Several times Kasser thought he had reached his limit. Yet, he held himself back, realizing he didn’t want to rush an exquisite moment. He was genuinely absorbed in the act of slowly worshipping her body and was willing to put off the expected pleasure of a quick fix.

Her mounds were now moist under his attacks… and her soft moans blended with his barely concealed gr0ans. Her hand slid across his palm, a surprising action that shook his core. Just slight provocation, it drove him into a state of extreme excitement.

An unfamiliar emotion bubbled from him for the woman lying breathless beneath him. He wanted to delve more, deeper into her being.

His eyes locked on her barely opened eyes, he wanted his caresses to go further — lower and down Eugene’s inner th!ghs. He placed his knees between her, spreading her two l3gs apart and she suddenly opened her eyes to look at him like a startled deer. 

His lips stretched upward in amusement, feeling her embarrassment. After he was positioned, his hands began to move towards her lower abdomen, and underneath the flimsy und3rwear.

“Wait, wait!”

Eugene tried to brush him away. But it was not enough to stop his fingers from going under her soaked und3rwear. His fingers tantalizingly rubbed her w3t petals up and down and Eugene felt her resolve, and her knees, go weak. His firm fingers melted against her hot flesh and her face could only burn up further.

From embarrassment or the blissful sensation, she was quite undecided.

“This, it’s— “

“What is it?”

Her words died at her throat as she was faced with Kasser’s penetrating, hawk-like gaze. But it was far from the intimidating or cold stares they once exchanged. It was a smoldering one… one that spoke of devouring her.



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