Chapter 263.1

Chapter 263.1

“Your Majesty, I can’t stress enough that this was never my doing. It was what Jin had done in the past. How outrageous of her to conspire such things with Sang-je. But nonetheless, I guess I can’t say quite say that I’m not accountable for any of it as there’s no denying that my body was involved during the whole conspiracy and just like you said, the rule and regulation which humans are legally obliged to abide by, is meant to apply on the human body and not on the soul. I would be the one to be held responsible even if I had committed a crime under the state of hypnosis. But—”


Kasser just stayed and watched as she wandered in her talk, looking much puzzled. He was of course, infuriated by Sang-je for trying to deceive him but he knew there was no point in brooding on what’s already happened. He rather considered himself lucky since he can now at least prepare himself for the worst-case scenario. Moreover, it was even beyond Sang-je’s powers to unilaterally annul their marriage against Eugene’s will.


Nevertheless, Kasser remained still as he watched her drawing closer to him. His instinct was telling him that it was advantageous for him to keep silent now.


“—I have no interest whatsoever in Sir Pides. Nor do I intend to do as Sang-je’s will.” Eugene cuddled up against him as she linked his arms in hers. “Are you mad?”


She muttered in a dismal tone as he remained silent. “What a stupid question. Of course you’re mad.” With that said, she released her arm and embraced him instead. She buried her face in his chest before she looked up and said, “But please don’t be mad. I’ll do anything to make you feel better.”.




She gave him a nod despite her sense of foreboding as she believed that he wasn’t a petty man who would take advantage of the situation and make an inordinate demand.


“Yes, whatever you ask.”


Kasser wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her further into his arms.


“I have three wishes.”




Eugene was a little surprised when he jumped at her offer without a hint of hesitation but there was no reason for her to complain even if he had ten wishes.


“First of all, you’ve said some memories of the past come to your mind occasionally although they weren’t technically yours to be exact. So, I wish you could tell me about everything you see from now on no matter how trivial they may be.”


“I will.” Eugene answered meekly as she was planning to do that anyway.


“Secondly, as much as the time you left me alone yesterday, your whole day from now on, no, until tomorrow, will be mine alone. I don’t want you to leave my side, not even for a second.”


Eugene first thought his remark was made half in jest. But when she realized he was being serious, she couldn’t help but to ask back with the same intensity as his.


“But what if I have to use the bathroom?”


“Do you mind if I come with you?”


Eugene shot him a sideways glance along with a slap on his shoulder when he chuckled.


‘He’s not mad.’ A laugh of relief slipped out of her as her tension eased. “Your second wish is also granted. Except for the bathroom part. What is your last wish then?”


Taking her chin in his hand, Kasser used his thumb to brush across her lips with a slight pressure. Eugene was bewildered by the sudden intensity in Kasser’s eyes since he seemed a bit subdued just until a moment ago.


“I want you to kiss me.”




“With all your heart.”


Eugene was having a hard time keeping up with the changing circumstances. And since her life had turned upside down after coming into this world, some part of her had braced for the similar changes to come after her confession to him today. But so far, nothing seemed to have turned out in the way she had expected.


She couldn’t quite understand how her confession about the change in souls had led to Pides then to their current conversation.


However, it was much easier for her to kiss the man in front of her than trying to understand the puzzling situation around her.


Slowly, she began by drawing closer to his face. It felt so odd to feel her heart flutter with embarrassment. Then, when their lips touched, Eugene reflectively closed her eyes, washed over by a wave of emotions. Picturing herself swallowing his lips, she enveloped his mouth with hers for a moment before she pulled away from him. Then she glanced up at him with her cheeks flushed red.


“So, when are you going to kiss me?” said Kasser with a cheeky smile spreading across his face.


Eugene had no choice but to give him another kiss after narrowing her eyes at him. She took her time and even pushed her tongue in before she pulled away with a look asking if it was satisfactory to him.


However, Kasser didn’t acknowledge her efforts in the least. Instead, he went on in a wistful tone. “Is this how you really feel about me?”


His such remark was enough to make her bristle with disgrace. But on the other hand, she realized that there was no reason for her to shy away, especially when she had already spent countless nights with him without a shred of clothing. So, without further hesitation, Eugene pulled up her skirt altogether as she climbed on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck.


She started by devouring aggressively at his lips, knowing full well what a deep, sensual kiss was from her experiences by now. So just like the way he did, she inclined her head so their lips would interlock while she pushed in her tongue and gave a suck.


Instantly, she felt his body grew taut against her skin. Just when she was feeling much triumphant for successfully arousing him, Kasser, who was taking a passive attitude all along, thrusted his tongue into Eugene’s mouth at once and placed his hand on her nape so that she wouldn’t pull away from him.




Eugene flinched as he rolled up his tongue and rubbed eagerly at it. She felt herself limp, her weight supported by the arms she hung around his neck. Kasser embraced her tighter, sensing her giving in. Her body pressed tightly against his, Eugene’s face became flushed as soon as she felt the hardness against her thighs.



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