Chapter 263.2

Chapter 263.2

Kasser tightened his arms around her body as she flinched. He broke off the kiss to switch the angle before he dug into her mouth once again. A faint nasal sound escaped her and tickled his ears as he continued to suck on her slick yet soft tongue. She was starting to feel faint as her heightened sensation surged all the way up to the crown of her head.

Though he knows not when it exactly started from, he was having an unquestionable thirst, which can’t possibly be quenched no matter how much cold water he gulped down, whenever he sees her. It was a thirst which could only be quenched by her alone.

His sensations had long been aroused since from the moment she gave him that lovely kiss, which was no more than a brush across his lips. He felt his lower stomach pulling and twinging inside him as all his blood seemed to have rushed to his lower abdomen in a flash. And like always, he fought back his crude desire to shove himself deep into her flesh, with all his might.

He didn’t want to give way to his primitive instincts as he rather indulge in other pleasures such as tasting her lips, breathing in her smell, watching how she responds while feeling her with all his keen senses. To him, the pleasure that comes from their physical union was inconsequential compared to the emotional union.


Eyelashes fluttered, her hands flinched on his shoulders, the sensual sensation, which had started from the bottom of her body, surged through her spine. Kasser, who has been driving her to the brink of breathlessness, broke off the kiss and nibbled at her chin before he pressed his lips grazed her cheek. He whispered as he kissed on her lids and licked at her ears.

“I knew something wasn’t right from the beginning.”

As Eugene glanced at him through her half-opened eyes, Kasser promptly showered his kisses around her eyes as she couldn’t look more lovely to him.

“This marriage.”

The next victim of his ministrations was her slender neck. Eugene’s head jerked up involuntarily and her body lost its balance. However, she didn’t fall as his hand firmly supported her on the back.

“I wondered why Anika from the Arse Family, who really had nothing in lack, had chosen to marry me in the first place.”

“Hmmph!” Eugene gasped in surprise when her breast was grabbed by his hand.

“What more could a woman of her status be in need of?”

Indeed, Eugene wondered about the reason he’d decided to marry Jin as well. As far as she knows, Kasser was rather cautious and meticulous by nature. So it was quite unbelievable that he’d actually taken Jin for her verbal promise and spent three whole years without ever being intimate with her, not even once.

Eugene asked as she threw her arms around Kasser’s neck, while he kissed her on the nape.

“Did you really believe that Jin would bear you an heir?”

“To be honest, I had my doubts that she might go back on her promise.”

“Then, why did you… Ah!”

Eugene clung to his neck in surprise when her body fell backwards. She found herself lying on her back as he laid her down on the sofa. Since the legs of the tea table were longer than the sofa, the table was now well above her eye-level. Sheepishly, red flushed her cheeks as she was somehow embarrassed by such novel position.

Kasser gently brushed across her flushed cheek with his hand as he gazed down at her. He especially loved the moment where her milky skin turned rosy with red.

“I will definitely not accept the offer if I am asked again. But back then, I guess I acted out of sheer desperation since there was a lot going on in my life. All I wanted was to get married and be done with it without giving much thought about the possible aftermath. Which was a good thing after all since I was able to meet you through that marriage.”

Eugene’s eyes widened at his remark.

“You were involved in an unexpected incident against your will and as a result, everything you ought to enjoy was taken away from you. That makes you a victim. So, there’s nothing for you to feel sorry about.”

Feeling hot behind her eyes, Eugene closed her eyes for a moment before she opened them again.

“Ironically, your misfortune has turned out to be luck to me instead. As you wouldn’t have married me three years ago if it really had been you.”

“I…”  Feeling a lump in her throat, Eugene paused before she could go on. “I feel so lucky to meet you too.”

Eugene had indeed reproached the world countless times during her tearful reunion with her mother. She felt deeply wronged about everything that had happened to her since her life could have been much happier with her loving family by her side. However, her life on earth was hard and painful. She was already covered with all the cuts and bruises, which left scars forever in her heart.

But somehow, she felt like all her hardships, which she had gone through before she came to this world, was compensated by this one warm remark from him. She wondered if her last twenty years had been a price she had to pay to meet this man.

And just as he said, she probably wouldn’t have considered marrying a ‘king’ if she was raised in this world since she would have been blinded by prejudice like Anika Gemma. If that was the case, she would have forever missed her opportunity to find out how good a person he actually was.

Eugene took his hand from her cheek and turned her head to give a kiss at the tip of his finger. She looked up at him seductively as she nipped further at his flesh. Almost instantly, his once tranquil eyes turned and ablaze with a deep blue flame.




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