Chapter 264

Chapter 264

Chapter 264

Kasser promptly climbed on top of her body. A pleasant moan escaped her when she was pressed down by the familiar weight of the man. Without hesitation, she welcomed his kiss by parting her mouth.

His tongue soon moved intrusively inside her as he sucked on her soft flinching tongue. He traveled all the way up from her calf to her thigh with his hand before he took hold of the mound hidden under the thin layer of her undergarment.

He rubbed against the crevice he felt over the thin material. The undergarment was however already soaked through and was now wet against his fingertips.

He nipped at her earlobe, seeing her eyes downcast on her flushed face.

“Hand or mouth?” His whisper had made her look up with a start.

The finger, which has been rubbing over the undergarment, penetrated the fabric easily from the sideways and shoved right into her entrance.


“Hand? Mouth? Which is it?”

Eugene shot him a reproachful look. She didn’t appreciate him for asking her opinion on such things since his intention was clear to tease her. As a matter of fact, she was all scarlet by now as if her face was blazing on flame. Doubtless she was red all over her face and even under her neck.

Kasser shallowly slipped an inch of his sleek finger into her opening and before long, his whole finger was deeply shoved all the way through. His firm and long finger then poked at her insides and rubbed against her walls.


“So you prefer the hand?”

Imperceptibly, Eugene shook her head as she gazed at him with teary eyes.

“I wouldn’t know unless you tell me.”

The finger, which had been pressing against her inner walls, slipped out from her at once. Then, he shallowly penetrated and tantalized her entrance before pulling out again. Wet sounds filled the air as her fluid trickled stickily along his finger.

Eugene, however, was growing restive. She didn’t feel quite satiated from the stimulation having experienced countless moments where she would feel completely spent after receiving his tenacious caresses. Wistfully, she recalled the warm touch of his tongue against her privates and felt a sudden twinge in her waist. It almost felt like she has now become an addict who’s lost self-control after dabbling in the forbidden drug.

After much hesitation, she bit back her words and beckoned him closer instead. In obedience to her gesture, Kasser lowered his ear to her mouth. Sheepishly, Eugene parted her lips and whispered in the faintest voice.

“The… mouth.”

Kasser responded in a subdued voice and smiled with the corners of his mouth. “As you wish.”

Without missing a beat, he vanished from her sight. Soon, he took hold of the hem of her dress and easily rolled it to her waist. She felt a sudden cold draft brushing against her lower abdomen as he stripped away her undergarment.

Eugene screwed her eyes shut when her inner thighs were grabbed and spread to its sides by his hands. She felt so exposed to be lying on the sofa with her legs wide open to reveal her bare private before him, at this hour in the study. Yet, her waist trembled with expectation in stark contrast to her sense of shame.


Kasser licked up against her privates with his slick tongue. Then, he burrowed into her entrance the tip of his tongue before he gave another tantalizing lick from her labia to the start of her crevice. Eugene gasped with shock as it almost felt like she could sense even the tiniest projections on his tongue.

As he turned and changed his angle against her heat, his tall nose stimulated her clitor!s. He deeply inhaled and sucked as if to devour her with his mouth.


Eugene’s waist heaved up and down against her will. Firework exploded behind her eyes as the prickling sensation ran through her spine. She felt the constricting spasms coming from her walls while fluids poured out from her entrance. The obscene sound of him swallowing the trickling juice was all the room had in silence.

She reflectively tried to close her spread legs but failed in vain as it were held back by his firm grips. Eugene covered her face with both her hands while moans slipped past her mouth between intermittent sobs.

With his lips pursed, he sucked on her small tumescent projection. Eugene took the full force of the stimulation at her swollen nub. Unable to endure the sharp pang of pleasure, she uttered a loud coquettish moan.

“Hrrr, Ah…!”

Her heightened sensation reached the climax at once. Resultantly, her waist jerked and seized up before she lolled back on the sofa. She felt her privates throbbed after reaching a short climax. His lips once again coveted her convulsing folds and tasted the trickling juice.

“Ah! ah!”

She could feel her sensitive nub pulsed with excitement after being stimulated in a row. Relentless pangs of pleasure felt like blades against her body. However, Kasser seemed far to being done.

Resting her legs on his shoulders, she didn’t expect for him to lap up her still oozing labia as if it were honey causing her legs to tremble in the air.

“Ngh! Ah, ah!

A new wave of pleasure washed over her after coming to her climax, once again. She reflectively curled her toes as her chin jerked up, while her body stretched before growing taut. Soon, she found herself lolling on the sofa as if she was made of wet cottons.

“Haah. Haah…” She gasped, struggling to catch her breath. She didn’t feel like lifting even a finger as she felt like she was sent into a state of torpor, completely spent after her climax. Her brows furrowed at every intermittent flinch when her entrance convulsed with spasm.

Without taking a breather, her legs were however spread further by his grip around her ankles. Eugene uttered a moan as she whined.

Kasser positioned her legs on his waist and placed his slick manhood against her wet entrance. After giving it a rub or two, he pushed his member straight to her core. Her supple entrance easily engulfed his thick flesh as it slid into her.


A sharp chill ran through her body at once. Kasser, on the other hand was not spared from the building pleasure, her walls warm and tight around his member almost drove him insane. He licked across his lips, tasting sweet in his mouth. The constricting spasms from her walls tightened and relaxed around his member continuously.

Slowly, he slipped out from her body with a gentle twist in his waist before he pushed in once again. He started to pick up his pace as he thrusted up against her. Meanwhile, he carefully observed the change in her face as she winced and gasped for breath.


He continued to let out his urge as he gained speed at his thrusting. Wet sounds transpired as two bodies slapped against each other.

“Ah! Ahh!!”

Eugene uttered a coquettish moan whenever he moved. After being filled with him, her inner flesh trembles with pleasure as he slipped out. However, she barely had the time to feel her emptiness, as he gave another hard, deep thrust. She was completely overwhelmed by the tingling sensations while tears welled up behind her closed eyes.

Soon, she felt a twinge at the tip of her fingers and toes. A hair-rising shiver travelled through her body like a drop of ink being spread across the water. It almost felt like she was being prickled along her fingertips to her shoulders. her arms, then again from the tip of her toes to her thighs along her calves. All her senses were on edge.

Eugene knew exactly what to expect, from the moment she was engulfed in her senses. Waves could seem so far away at first, however, she knew the waves would eventually wash over her, much faster than she expected.

“Ah ahh!”

Her pupils enlarged at the sensation while she sang moans that only encouraged the man before her. As her hips jerked up, she hooked her legs around his waist tighter. Kasser was undeterred in filling her insides. He could feel the squirming sensation around his member, her walls narrowing around him as he hasten his pace.

Her shoulders heaved as she sobbed while tears flowed out of the corner of her eyes. Along with his low guttural moan, he poured out his hot seeds inside her. Eugene bit into her trembling lips, amazed by the mass inside her as it still managed to stretch against her inner walls, even after his release.



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