Chapter 265.2

Chapter 265.2

Eugene never expected for him to be that surprise. He appeared calm even when he was told that her soul was changed but being confided of her mother’s origin elicited a reaction from him.

“Do you know well about the Muen Family?”

“Just as much as it’s known to others.”

“The fact that my grandmother was from the Muen Family is supposed to be kept as a secret. So, it’s only my father who knows about the secret among our family.”

“Is it alright to let me in on such a secret?”

“It’s fine. I’ve already got my permission from my mother. Since you’re not the kind of person who would give secrets away to others.” Eugene beamed from ear to ear and gazed at him expectantly, waiting for a compliment. Kasser looked at her in silence, tightened his arms around her shoulder and began to kiss her all over her lovely face, making her laugh.

Eugene has heard all about the Muen Family from Dana. It was in fact the most interesting topic among all that had arisen during the conversation with her mother yesterday.

Indeed, Muen is considered a hermit family where its existence is hardly known to the people of the Holy City. There is however an unspoken fact that among those who have an influence in the city, there are none who have not heard of the Muen Family.

The head of the Muen Family is known to possess a special ability—they can foresee one’s destiny or even the future of the world. And such ability has been passed from one head to another for generations in the family.

However, chances are that they could be mistaken for belittling God if a mere human such as themselves were to display such godly power when there is Sang-je, who is acknowledged as God’s vicegerent.

Nonetheless, the history of the Muen Family goes way back and although the family is known to exert invisible influences on the ruling class in the Holy City, they never had been largely oppressed or whatsoever. It seemed only natural to assume that Sang-je was in fact turning a blind eye to their existence as Sang-je wouldn’t have been in the dark about them.

Sang-je had never once mentioned about the Muens in public. However, he hasn’t taken any actions so far to correct the rumor that said that the Muens are in fact under his very protection. Resultantly, it was now regarded as an open secret that Sang-je was indeed deeply connected with the family.

Sang-je does meet with the people through audiences, but only a minority of the population was granted a chance to actually see Sang-je in person. And the reason they long so much for an audience with Sang-je was out of vague expectation of getting God’s blessing, more than to seek his advice.

So whenever overwhelmed by the wall of harsh reality, people tend to turn to the Muen Family who would give them concrete solutions to their problems.

On the surface, it was the head of the Muen Family who demonstrated one’s godly power more often than Sang-je does so. However, there was a good reason as to why the head of the Muen Family wasn’t worshiped as an equal to Sang-je as God’s vicegerent. The reason being is that the head’s power wasn’t downright absolute.

The head’s ability to foresee widely varied depending on the people and the issue. Occasionally, people would likely get turned away at the door or told only about whether they were having good or ill luck. Even so, the prediction can sometimes be very precise, and it would literally blow everyone’s mind away whenever they come true. As it happens, the predictions have never been wrong when it comes to one’s fate of life and death.

To cite an instance, once there was a man of importance who came to seek the Muens, most desperate to ask about the whereabouts of his lost child. However, what the man was then told by the then head that his child had long since died. The man was then directed to the place to look for his child’s body and ended up finding the child’s cold corpse.

No one came to doubt the ability of the head of Muen when more similar cases of such were resolved after that.

“It seemed like the Muens had also helped back when I was kidnapped twenty years ago. Mother said there was a knight who came and assured them that it was only a matter of time before I was found as the Muens had offered to help in locating my whereabouts. From that, mother had regarded that the rumor about the relation between the Muens and Sang-je must be true after all.”

“Is that so? That really is astonishing since Sang-je had never officially acknowledged his relation to the Muen family so far.” Said Kasser.

“I guess the Muens are more renowned than I imagined.”

“They truly are.”

“If so, how come their name is not so widely known to the public? I’ve heard that most people in the Holy City don’t even know about their existence.”

“It’s true that they truly are a renowned family. However, their fame is strictly restricted to those who already know about their existence. It wouldn’t be so wise to gossip about the Muens as one would have to risk having his or her name being removed from the list whom the head would grant an audience to.”

“So it’s basically, ‘Watch your tongue if you wish to see me’. What a bold threat.” Said Eugene, her mouth in an “o” as Kasser continued,

“One must have a connection within the family to actually meet the head of the Muen in person. Into the bargain, there’s a big sum to pay in advance, in exchange for the information. Nevertheless, one would likely have to wait at least half a year after registering for appointment as there is always a long waiting list.”

“Have you ever seen the head of Muen in person before?”

“No. The head of Muen never meets with a king.”



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