Chapter 27

Chapter 27

She bit her lip and turned her head sideways to escape from his stare. Yet, she could not run away from the pleasure that traveled to every corner of her body. At Kasser’s touch, prickly goosebumps erupted on her skin; her body temperature gradually rising with a palpable desire.

When Kasser felt her warmth seeping through his fingers, only then did he realize the extent of how much they had progressed. Yet, at her sudden resistance, he found himself unable to express his mixed feelings.

“Have you changed your mind?” He spoke in a low, strained voice.


The long and firm fingers that were only touching her from the outside, suddenly plunged deep inside her heat, as if daring her to refuse his ministrations… All the while, he bit her jaw softly and licked her earlobe to stimulate her even more.

“You don’t want this?”

At the abrupt intrusion, Eugene shook her head from side to side. She didn’t hate it. It’s just that the changes that took place in her body… embarrassed her deeply.

His finger, which moved in and out of her, clenched, stretching her hot walls, and preparing her for what’s to come. Her face burned up hearing the wet noises which grew increasingly louder in the chamber–her lower region becoming slippery by the second.

She could only close her eyes tightly and grip the sheets so hard her knuckles turned white. She felt ashamed that her body seemed to welcome him enthusiastically.


He was heartily relieved. For a moment, he thought she would beg him to stop, which was an impossible task for him to do.

His fingers slid out of her folds.

But, at the next moment, he inserted it deeper. A pleasant tingle surged up inside her, making her jerk up at the flood of euphoria.

She felt hot and damp all over. The imminent realization of being penetrated gave her fright. Still, she was too narrow, that she couldn’t imagine how he could ever get inside her.


Eugene groaned intermittently, groping his strong arm at the side of her face for support. The sensation that began in her lower abdomen gradually heightened as if it was going up the stairs. Her head spun as she reveled in the tide of desire.

Suddenly, the foreign object became thicker… Eugene yelped in pain! She felt herself stiffen momentarily, and her breathing sharpened.

“It hurts…”

Kasser was puzzled for a moment. But upon seeing her disgruntled face, realization hit him like a truck. 

But how? I only put two fingers in her…

“Are you kidding me?”

She shook her head.

“This shouldn’t hurt. Something much bigger than this would go in here.” He grunted.

Surprised by his blunt remark, Eugene pressed her lips and only nodded. At the same time, Kasser became more persistent in his actions–his fingers started to move faster and rougher.

And the strange discomfort gradually turned into a different sensation.

Her legs opened wider on their own accord. As an indescribable feeling took over her body, Eugene didn’t even notice that her underwear was already completely peeled off by Kasser’s skillful hands. Nonetheless, she felt shame no more, and instead, concentrated on the pursuit of pleasure.


A rush of excitement began to take its course inside her. The euphoria that began in her lower abdomen quickly spread throughout her body. Her head tilted for a little as a groan found its way out of her throat.

Thoroughly and surely, she never felt as debauched as she felt now. However, the short moment of bliss passed when Kasser retracted his fingers. Her nub twitched at the loss of contact–she surprisingly felt empty.

After the storm, her senses dulled. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply, calming the trembles that remained; the lingering sensation continuing to erode her.

Then, she heard the rustling of clothes…

Kasser peeled of his sleeping apparel. While doing so, he eyed her exposed nakedness sharply. He then settled between her legs, his arms, with bulging veins, grasped her soft thighs but not as gently as he wanted to.

When Eugene felt her legs being forcibly opened wider, her eyes snapped open, she was greeted by his bare chest. Her breath hitched.

It is really unfitting to describe a man’s body as “pretty”. 

His firm and lean muscles were densely packed. Eugene suddenly had the ache to trace every crevice with her fingertips. He looked strong, but this should not be a surprise. The Six Kings of Mahar were the strongest in this world, after all.

Kasser was well-aware of the eyes full of wonder that peered at him. She was so transparent in her adoration, her mouth forming an “o”, resembling that of a pufferfish. This almost emitted a laugh from him.

But, on another note, he disliked the light atmosphere. He was on the verge of bursting, his length which stood close to her heat, ached terribly.

With one hand, he held up one thigh and put one hand beside her head. He dipped his head low and captured her lips, pushing his tongue intrusively.

Bewildered at the rough gesture, Eugene quickly reacted with a gasp which gave him more access to her mouth. And with deliberate movements, he slowly rubbed his fully established fire against her small hole…

He took out her tongue and met her eyes.

Eugene felt a strange impulse as she looked at his eyes. He pressed his waist and pushed his manhood inwardly.


Upon emitting this scandalous sound she herself was surprised to hear, Eugene slightly shook with embarrassment.

Even though she didn’t have the experience, she heard a lot of things about this intimate moment. Now, her first experience was indeed painful because she couldn’t help but feel nervous. But she shook off this wariness and let herself relax a little. After all, if it’s really painful, people won’t do it.


As Kasser plunged himself deeper, Eugene felt a pain that was almost unbearable.

It hurts… It really hurts.

Her pelvis was forced open and a huge wedge seemed to have penetrated her body. It became more and more painful as Kasser kept digging without relent. Her eyes welled up with tears. When she blinked, tears trickled down to the side of her face.

To soothe her, short kisses landed on her lips, cheeks, and nose.

Cold sweat on his back, Kasser slowly entered, waiting for her to get used to it. The tight inner walls were too narrow for him. But the feeling of touching her inside was insanely pleasurable.

He managed to resist the urge to push all the way through. With great willpower, he stopped half-way through. Going too deep inside a woman for the first time could hurt.


He kissed her trembling lips and sniffling nose.

“Don’t call me that.”





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