Chapter 272.2

Chapter 272.2

Eugene revalued her imposter as she put the pieces of the puzzle together in her mind. Although fake Jin was indeed a person of a wicked disposition and she most likely would have done everything she could to gain whatever she wanted, there was no denying that she was a persistent person with a brilliant mind.

She must have had to take a detour to solve her problems as she couldn’t risk her secret from being revealed. Eugene couldn’t help to be amazed to think that her imposter had learned an unfamiliar knowledge such as spells just from the books in the library without any external help.

However, her imposter had ended up making a fatal mistake of making light of the power of spell. Perhaps she had fallen into a common fallacy of an amateur thinking that she had enough understanding of the spells after reaching a certain point of her learning.

The spell had turned everything back to its rightful places, a failure in the shoes of her imposter.

‘What happened to her soul after that? Has she returned to earth? There’s a chance that she remains somewhere in this world. To make sure, I must find out what was the spell she had initiated in the desert…’

As much as her imposter wished to steal the power of Ramita, Sang-je must have provided help by teaching her his divine powers to retrieve back her lost Ramita. However, both Sang-je and her imposter seemed to have similar yet a totally different purpose as their true intention differed. And that must have been where they had begun to splinter.

‘I still have no idea as to why he’s after the power of Ramita. I wonder where I should begin to solve this mystery.’

While Eugne was grappling with the unsolved mysteries in her head, the carriage had already arrived at the Arse manor.


Eugene began with the conversation by firing all the questions she had been meaning to ask Dana. What she was most curious about among all was of course about the mysterious Muen family. However, Dana only shook her head for an answer.

“I’m afraid there’s nothing I can tell you more. As what I had told you last time is all that I know about the Muens.”

“So there never has been any encounter between you and the Muens?”

“Your grandmother had always told me that our relation to the Muen family must be kept secret. As the Muens must abide by the strict rules of the family, your grandmother said one had to cut all ties with the Muens once leaving the family.”

“But you said the Muen family offered help when I was kidnapped.”


Dana continued after a moment of pondering with a perplexed look on her face.

“It wasn’t me who had asked for their help.”

“What kind of help did the Muen family offer back then? I thought the destiny of king and Anika is beyond the power of the head of the Muen family to foresee.”

“I’m not sure as I wasn’t in a state of mind to consider all that. Then later it became hard for me to ask His Holiness about it since much time had already passed after the incident. But the girl who came back to me wasn’t you after all so I could say they hadn’t been much help after all.”

“Do people of the Muen Family know about you?”


“Don’t you think they would have known naturally from people’s talks while grandmother engaged in social events?

“The thing is, your grandmother hardly left the house to socialize.”

Dana’s gaze turned somewhat nostalgic as she finished her last sentence. Eugene quickly changed the subject, seeing that her mother was in low spirits at the thought of her late grandmother.

“Mother. What exactly was the relationship between Sir Pides and the imposter?”

Between Eugene and her family, the word ’imposter’ referred to the fake Jin of the past.

“Why are you asking? Did something happen?”

“A memory of the past had occurred to me once and it seemed to me like she had a special feeling towards Sir Pides.”

Eugene didn’t bother to tell her mother about how Sang-je was attempting to shake her up with Sir Pides as a bait nor that she was suspecting about his true identity.

The future relationship between her and Sang-je remained ambiguous as there’s no way of knowing if she would just keep her distance from him or if she would end up standing against him.

So for now, she decided not to make her mother worry. In fact, her mother would mostly likely show a sensitive reaction to those who come as a threat to her daughter, whom she had finally got to reunite with after so many years. She would also need a significant justification if she were to stand against Sang-je as she would continue living in the Holy City.

“Besides that, Flora’s remark had bothered me as well. So I guess it would be better for me to know about it.”

Dana’s face scrunched up for a fleeting second when she heard Flora’s name. But she must admit that her eyes had naturally chased after Flora whenever she came over for a visit. As a matter of fact, Dana did find a little solace in that significant aura of Anika surrounding Flora, whenever she missed her daughter.

But unlike her intention, it seemed like her such behavior had aroused some misunderstanding as people started to think that she was pretty fond of Flora. And worst of all, Flora herself had started to believe it as a truth.

‘How dare you try to insult my daughter in front of me.’

Although Dana didn’t show it on her face, she was indeed very much infuriated when Flora mentioned Pides’s name on that day. Dana knew Flora’s remark was never a mistake since there’s no way Flora had not known about the great social repercussions the words hold after her years of participation in social events.

“I think it’s better to ask your brothers about it.”

As Enoch wasn’t home today, Dana sent for Arthur instead. Arthur then briefly explained about what he knows of the relationship between Pides and Jin.

“I bet most people knew that your imposter was once fond of Sir Pides as she never bothered to hide her feelings in public.”



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