Chapter 276.1

Chapter 276.1

Eugene was visited by Charlotte after she returned home in the afternoon. She greeted Charlotte in a pleasant manner as she indeed had been looking forward to Charlotte’s visit.

“I’ve paid a visit to my grandfather. And I’m here today as I have something to speak to you regarding that matter, Your Majesty.”

“Let’s hear about it.”

As Eugene asked everyone to leave, only she and Charlotte were now left in the drawing room.

“First, I give you my sincerest apology for failing you, Your Majesty.”

“Did something go wrong?”

“My grandfather… he’s fastidious and a skeptical person by nature.” Charlotte said with a bitter smile.

Charlotte didn’t think her grandfather doubted her words at all. If he did, he most definitely would have kicked her out on the spot, judging from his character. If anything, he was only showing a strong disapproval of Charlotte taking the role of Count Wacommbe, who had been a liaison between him and Anika.

[There’s no reason for you to be a part of this. Or is there something you didn’t tell me about? If you are not willing to do this, let me handle it. I still have that much power.]

[There’s really no need to, grandfather.]

[Are you certain? Isn’t it because of your husband? If it is, I’m going to knock some sense into his head. How incompetent he is to take advantage of his wife?!]

[Grandfather. You’re jumping to conclusions again. I told you, it’s not because of him. It’s just that I’ve become acquainted with the queen by chance. And she wasn’t all that bad once I got to know her.]

Mitchell only gave a snort in disgust.

[Grandfather, you are having a biased view of her because of the groundless rumors. I believe you have never actually met her in person.]

[I haven’t but your grandmother did. Are you trying to suggest that your grandmother had lied and betrayed someone for no good reasons?]

Charlotte was at a loss for words as this was her first time hearing of it. She was well aware of her grandfather thinking less of the queen and until today she thought it was only because of the rumors, as there has been no chance of them meeting each other.

[You are no longer a child, so I guess there’s no reason for me to interfere if you insist as so. But Charlotte, if someone entrusted you with a task without giving you any kind of explanation beforehand, that person is not someone worthy of your trust nor loyalty. And will only bring you more harm than good.]

[I’ll keep your words in mind, grandfather.]

[Also, just because you are my granddaughter and will be acting as a liaison from henceforth, I still can’t tell you about anything that happened between me and the queen since trust is essential in trade and one’s tongue must be held tight to earn it.]

Charlotte’s original plan was to coax forth information from her grandfather, but all she got was a good scolding instead. She delivered the words she had with her grandfather, while leaving out the parts which might come across offensive to Eugene, at her discretion.

“My apologies, Your Majesty.”

“There’s no need for you to apologize, Count Oscar.” Eugene said, with a shake of her head. “Your grandfather said only the right things. I must admit that I was being shallow. The head of the Scan firm must have only said so as he was concerned for his granddaughter. I should be the one to apologize.”

Charlotte couldn’t be more grateful to the queen, who surprisingly displayed understanding for her grandfather without any sign of being offended. On one hand, she couldn’t help but to feel resentful of her grandfather’s prejudice against the queen.

She never used to like the queen but nor did she have antipathy against her. Instead, since she had kept her distance from the queen, she held no hard feelings or whatsoever towards the queen either. And because of that, she was able to draw a conclusion that the queen had been on edge out of her wariness, after she came to the foreign kingdom.

In fact, according to her experiences so far, rumors never truly reflected the truth most of the time. She believed that there had been some malicious maneuvering involved, behind all the rumors about the queen that are rampant in the Holy City. Indeed, the queen was an Anika from the Arse family, so it wasn’t hard to think that there were people who begrudged her wealth and social influence.

“I’m really trying my best but I just can’t remember anything about it. It’s taking longer than I thought for my memory to come back. Believe me, I never meant to deceive you or anything, Count Oscar.”

“Your Majesty. I have never doubted your words.” Charlotte said at once with a startle.

“I’m glad that you believed me.” Eugene said, along with a genial smile.

Charlotte reflectively lowered her gaze. The queen wasn’t authoritative at all, but Charlotte couldn’t help but to feel overwhelmed by the queen’s presence itself. She naturally bowed her head before the queen as her mere subject.

“I guess I’ll have to meet the head of the Scan firm myself. Do you think you can arrange a meeting in my stead?”

“Yes, Your Majesty. And I’ll do my best to not fail you again this time.”

After their conversation was finished, Eugene left the drawing room with Charlotte to see her out. It was when they’ve just stepped foot into the hall on the first floor that a servant came up to Eugene and said, “Your Majesty, the assistant manager of the Janette Boutique has come to deliver an item for you.”


“Yes, Your Majesty. He’s just arrived and is now waiting by the door.”



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