Chapter 278.1

Chapter 278.1

“But I thought Sang-je is the one who chooses the match for the king.”

“Well, I guess there’s no reason for Sang-je to say no if Anika, who he might consider as a match for a king, actually volunteers to get married.”

Katie’s inborn Ramita was of below average level and nor was she from a prestigious family. And above all, she was a gullible, faint-hearted person with a faint will as well.

No one could know if she had become despondent with her life or if she truly had fallen in love, but she returned to the Holy City after giving birth to a son, then soon became the center of a scandal that’s been discussed on everyone’s lips for years.

Katie had a child with a man called Hogan Wallfred although she was still legally married to her husband. The infuriated king notified her at once that he’ll divorce her, after he heard about such a scandal. After going through all the divorce proceedings, she remarried Hogan as soon as she was officially divorced.

She further renounced her name as Anika and became Lady Wallfred afterwards and had two more children with Hogan. On the surface, she appeared to be leading a happy life with her new family in the Holy City. But according to the intelligence, her new husband, Hogan, was no more than a lowly swindler and gambler. Kasser could easily imagine that her life was in a mess after she remarried to that kind of man, especially as she came to ask money from the son whom she had long abandoned in the past.

But Kasser didn’t bother to tell Eugene that his mother was living in such hardship.

“Just ignore everything even if you hear or should you happen to come across Lady Wallfred at some point. As she has nothing to do with me anymore. I’m just telling you because I thought you should at least know about it.”

It wasn’t hard for Eugene to take notice that Kasser was calling his mother strictly by the name ‘Lady Wallfred’. It pained her even more since he couldn’t sound more indifferent as if he was telling stories of someone else’s.

However, she had no intention to sympathize with him in the least. And she thought offering him a consolation will only hurt his pride now.

“Thank you for telling me.”

Kasser gave Eugene an embrace as she held out her arms at him. He looked much more relieved now that he’s told her, as he realized that he no longer had any feelings left about his birth mother. And the only reason he felt dejected earlier when he heard about her recent tidings was no more than sympathy.

It was the woman he was holding in his arms right now who made it possible for him to face the future. He no longer had any reason to resent his mother for abandoning him as Eugene was now his new family.


Rahan was wearing a careworn expression with his eyes closed- worry registered on his shriveled face. And it was all due to the message he received from the elder through Hitasya, after she returned from the underground.

[I want to meet Resha’s child which God had bestowed her with. To do so, I’ll need a bridge to reach the dream.]

It seemed like Hitasya had repeated the elder’s message countless times on her way back so that she wouldn’t miss even a word. She literally poured out the words as soon as she was alone with Rahan and heaved a sigh of relief only when she was finished. As a matter of fact, Rahan’s son later told him that Hitasya had kept her mouth closed as tight as a clam, without speaking a word all the way home.

Rahan couldn’t be prouder of his bright young granddaughter for doing such a great job. However, the message she brought was nothing of his expectation.

By the child which God had bestowed Resha with’, the elder must have meant Anika Jin, who was in fact Resha’s granddaughter. There was no surprise in how the elder had found out since the elder has the ability to foresee the future.

‘But I had no idea she had the ability to read dreams too.’

A spell is something which literally anyone could initiate as long as the essential conditions, such as the rune, medium and the vessel are prepared. But there are indeed some special spells which could only be initiated by sorcerers with appropriate rights.

The spell which connects one’s consciousness to someone by entering the dream was one of them.

‘I should have known that the elder had an ace up her sleeve.’

Rahan couldn’t help but to feel a shudder down his spine. If Sang-je had even the remotest idea about it, he wouldn’t have let the elder meet with the children from the tribe in the first place.

However, no attempt as such was made so far from the elder to contact with the descendants, using her ability. Rahan also doesn’t recall seeing the elder in his dreams nor had he heard of such attempts from his predecessor. Instead, the elder had sealed the ability, keeping it hidden away from the eyes of the beast, waiting for the final blow.



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