Chapter 278.2

Chapter 278.2

There are only two ways to enter one’s dream. Either by intrusion or by making a careful approach. But by intrusion, there will be unavoidable damage to the minds of both the intruder and the owner of the dream. And whatever the outcome is, Sang-je will be bound to take notice of the attempt as the whole process must be done at the expense of the initiator’s life force.

But as the elder requested for a bridge, it seemed to him that the elder was attempting to make an approach instead. However, there are two conditions needed for the approach. First, the owner of the dream should never refuse the visitor. Secondly, a medium which signifies the owner of the dream will be needed. The most ideal will be body tissue, such as blood.

A deep sigh escaped from Rahan as they both seemed an almost impossible task to be done.

Who in their right mind would give their blood to someone who appeared one day after insisting that they actually are relatives?

Besides that, Anika has a close relation with Sang-je. And Rahan couldn’t risk Sang-je from finding out about the attempt, as once he does, it will be the end of the Muen Family.


Torn between whether he should just be complacent with status quo or to take on a risky venture, Rahan deliberated, wondering if he, who clearly hasn’t got much time to live, has the right to gamble with the future of the Muen family. But when the face of his pretty granddaughter came to his mind, he felt hot tears spring to his eyes.

‘This might be our last chance.’

Rahan’s eyes glowed glaringly when he peeled his eyes open.

‘It wouldn’t have been possible for us to live in such comfort and plenty without her sacrifice in the first place. So even if things go wrong… and if that’s really the end for all of us, I guess that must be God’s will then.’

Rahan called on his son at once and asked, “Do you know if the head of Scan is keeping in contact with Anika Jin still?”

“I believe the contact between them has been scant for the past few months but I’m not sure if it’s been the same after Anika Jin came to the Holy City. I have yet to receive any information regarding the matter.”

The reaction among people who met the head of the Muen family in person varied greatly. There are people who first come with great anticipation, return only with disappointment, while some who were rather dubious of the family’s reputation ended up becoming a frantic believer. Besides that, there are also people who think it was only a waste of money, and a several showed tremendous gratitude even for the smallest advice given to them.

And as for Mitchell, the head of the Scan firm, his reaction was more of the latter as his business conspicuously prospered after taking the advice from the head of the Muen as a young man. So ever since then, he has been aiding the Muen family in his own secretive ways.

Capitalizing on human nature to go all out for their kin or lovers, Sang je had both Alber and the Muen family by their throats, exploiting them to his advantage.

But no matter how cunning he really was, a monster like him couldn’t fully understand everything about humans. In fact, Sang-je tends to take a piecemeal approach in his judgment of human relationships.

However, human nature isn’t as simple as he imagined. For instance, humans have the propensity to show compassion, willingly sacrifice themselves for a stranger, even if they aren’t their kin nor lover. Sang-je obviously has failed to notice the intricacy, as well as the spirit of goodwill in human relations.

Besides, it’s been fairly long since the Muen family has settled in the Holy City. In other words, the number of people who benefited from them was almost beyond counting by now. And they all were the so-called elites of the Holy City, who have the whole city revolving around them.

Therefore, the Muen family, who has been long known as the hermit family, has indeed a powerful, largely invisible influence on the Holy City. And no matter how much Sang-je tried to keep the Muens under his close guard, it was impossible even for him to get the full picture of the Muen family’s network of contacts and intelligence.

Sang-je tends to become extra vigilant whenever he senses any sign of interaction between the Muen family and the ancient tribe or any collateral descendants of theirs. But other than such cases, Sang-je was mostly unconcerned.

Making use of the monster’s blind spot, the Muens have managed to make a tiny opening on the thick, high wall of Sang-je’s surveillance.

And to escape the vigilance of Sang-je, the Muens did business with only a certain circle of people. On the surface, all interaction they had with the outside world seemed no more than an exchange of regular greetings with their acquaintances.

But in reality, they have several supporters just like the head of the Scan firm, who willingly help the Muen family on the quiet. And every intelligence the Muen family received was mainly from their such secret supporters. Sang-je must have believed that he managed to blind the eyes and ears of the family by keeping the information to himself, but they knew better. Muens knew as much about the world as Sang-je did.

“Contact the head of the Scan and ask him if he’s able to arrange a meeting with Anika Jin.”

“I will do as commanded.”

“And I want you to meet Anika Jin yourself.”

For a moment, Thas was stunned into silence. “But the Sang-je…”

“You’ll have to find a way. I can’t leave this to anyone else but you. As this will affect not just the fate of our family, but our entire tribe.”

Thas silently stared at his father with a stiff expression on his face. And he nodded heavily when he saw his father’s determined eyes.




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