Chapter 28

Chapter 28

“Then what shall I call you?” A mischievous smirk painted across his lips. “Queen?” He nibbled Eugene’s ear as he whispered softly.

“A… a name?” Eugene stammered by the sudden query. 

A query that Kasser only made to squeeze out a reaction from her. He wanted to tease her.

But as he was greeted by her sheer confusion, he couldn’t help but be amused. If he were to call her by her title from before she lost her memory, a disagreement would be a certainty.

But even then, this obsession of hers didn’t bother him at all. He was the king, after all. It’s just unfortunate that Jin Anika was never tolerant of her subordinates committing this mistake.


“Eugene. Call me Eugene.”

Eugene answered quickly for fear that he would call her Jin Anika and ruin the mood for her in an instant. During this heat of the moment, she did not want to be called by someone else’s name. She wanted to hear hers.

As a matter of fact, Eugene’s name was pronounced similarly as that of the queen’s—”Yujin“. Therefore, if the king asked, she could just make an excuse, of remembering the nickname she had as a child.


He repeated for her, her name rolled off his tongue smoothly. And although he was definitely puzzled at the mention of the unfamiliar name, he didn’t ask her any further. Whilst Eugene, on the other hand, felt shivers run up her spine upon hearing her name come out of his lips.

When Kasser kissed her this time, Eugene’s lips parted for a moment before nipping lightly his lower lip. 

A guttural sound came from Kasser’s throat at her daring conduct, making her stomach twist and turn with a rising fire from deep within.

Eugene hesitantly wrapped her arms around his shoulders, his muscles rippling sensually under her fingertips.

Almost immediately, she clamped her eyes shut as she felt Kasser move, righting and placing himself between her thighs. She braced herself for what was sure to come. She could feel it making its way in unapologetically until it buried all the way to the hilt in her.


Pain shot from between her legs and Eugene gripped onto his shoulders tightly. She knew it would be painful, but it had not prepared her to feel as if something was splitting her open.

With his every movement, every thrust, she could feel his stiffness poking in, breaking her down with every passing moment. But the pain was ebbing away, replaced by bouts of pleasure instead. And Eugene shuddered at the overwhelming feelings, threatening to burst out of her, as she clung onto his back, nails digging on his tanned skin.

“Uhhh…” She gasped as they rocked rhythmically.

The human body is really mysterious. At first, she dreaded about how long the pain would last, but as he kept going, it gradually became dull and tingling. Instead of screaming in pain, she found herself gasping for pleasure.

Her eyes kept fluttering with every feeling. The warmth in her gut only growing by the second, as the scent of musk and sweat began to infiltrate her nostrils. Sounds of slapping flesh, along with moans and grunts filled the room.

With what little strength she had, she firmly held onto him for support. Her hands kept slipping in sweat, but it only made her cling harder.

He suckled on Eugene’s lips with such fervor that she reckoned her lips will be swollen the next day. She felt so precious, so wonderfully full, even though she kept dreading this moment inwardly.

With every move from him, she could feel that delicious friction, poking at her sweet spot. And the build-up continued, she could feel herself getting overwhelmed as the pacing kept going faster, harder… He was stretching her as he continued to thrust deeply.


Her insides squeezed and started to spasm. Kasser plunged deeper and rougher.

Eugene threw her head back, feeling herself blackout as a dam broke in her. She felt something gush in, warm and thick deep inside, as they rode out the throes of their passion.

As the movement stilled, she was well aware of the way her back was bent, along with her head arching behind her. She could feel her nether regions instinctually clamp down and relax repeatedly. A sense of despondency came after the sensation of pleasure that swept through.

She noticed a little bit later that the deep-seated foreign body remained inside her still. Her body grew limp as something hot spilled inside her.

Kasser watched her intently, his chest heaving visibly at the aftermath. Her serene expression was sending him into overdrive.

Slowly, he pulled away from her, and she watched with lidded eyes as he rose up, his face hovering above her own. She felt a sense of excitement and embarrassment at the same time…

But as he was yet to be satisfied, he seized her thighs and plunged himself deep, again.

“Ah! Stop–” She gasped but her scream was swallowed by his lips, as he thrust his tongue deep into her mouth with a thick, murky look.

Their recent exchange of passion was not enough. His appetite for her seemed insatiable. He wanted to taste her hot flesh some more. But Kasser didn’t want to spoil this night. He would not force her to do it again, not unless she asked him.

He flung himself a few more times inside her before finally pulling himself out. Unsatisfied thirst resounded in his eyes as he looked down at her tired form.

Her heartbeat wildly against her chest. He slowly nibbled on her neck. Her flinching provoked him. He clenched his teeth in the struggle against the desire to put his length back in and ravage her endlessly.

Gathering his senses, Kasser resorted to caressing her forehead and combing her hair with his hands. His hand looked enormous at the side of her small face.

She looks so tiny.

A being so fragile, he could break her thin bones in a breath. A feeling of relief washed over him. He felt glad that he didn’t hurt her, crush her even, while he was so invested in his desire to devour her just minutes ago.

Eugene closed her eyes and breathed hard. She didn’t even want to move. She liked the feeling of his hands sweeping her hair soothingly. Eventually, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

“Anika.” He called out but received no response.

Kasser spoke again, sweeping his palm against her cheek gently like she was precious porcelain he was afraid to shatter by his immeasurable strength.


Still, he was answered by nothing but silence. Hence, he concluded that the woman in his arms had already fallen asleep. 

“Rest well.” He murmured in her ears.




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