Chapter 280.2

Chapter 280.2

Eugene quickly dropped her gaze as she got red in the face. The necklace felt so heavy around her neck all of sudden although she didn’t really mean to flaunt them when she wore them out today. She just believed that the only thing she could do to show her gratitude was by showing how much she appreciated the present she received. Therefore, she wore the necklace and showed it to him before she headed out. And Kasser did seem pretty pleased to see her wearing it to the party. And that has made Eugene become lighthearted as well.

Fortunately, no one seems to judge her with a jaundiced eye. In fact, they rather displayed their pure curiosity as they got overly excited, without any trace of sarcasm in their remarks. Still, Eugene couldn’t help but to sit through the conversation in an awkward manner, until they moved onto a different topic.

After a moment, Eugene finally managed to quietly sneak out of the room. All the tea she has been sipping on as she sat quietly in the room has made her want to go to the bathroom. She then followed an employee who came to escort her to the bathroom.

Together they walked down the hall, turned into a corner and walked a little further in before the employee stopped at a door, down in the corridor.

“As you enter, you will find yourself in the main lounge which leads to various rooms. And as you enter one of the rooms, you’ll be led to a private lounge with an attached bathroom. There would be signs hung on the door if the room is already occupied.”

The employer waited outside as Eugene alone entered. The main lounge seemed all empty as she saw no one inside. Then after taking a look around, she found there were five doors in total, without any signs being hung on any of the doors.

‘The rooms are all empty. I guess I can enter any one of them.’

Eugene turned the doorknob of the nearest door and entered inside. But before long, she came to an immediate stop with a startle, as there were people inside the supposedly empty private lounge.

As a matter of fact, there was a woman with her hair as black as coal reclining on the long sofa with her cleavage almost revealed under her disheveled clothes. A simple pull at her clothes would easily have her whole breasts revealed in no time.


A coquettish moan was then heard between the woman’s half open lips. And although it’s fully covered by her flowing dress, there was no doubt indeed that the woman’s legs were spread to the sides since Eugene could see a man’s broad back, with his head supposedly buried in between the woman’s spread legs.

Dumbfounded by what she saw, it took Eugene some time before she came back to her senses. She was frozen in her tracks, with her eyes widened in great shock to witness such a scene right before her eyes.

The woman must have noticed someone’s approach as she slowly opened her heavy-lidded eyes. For an instant, her bleary eyes widened a little when she met eyes with Eugene. However, she just daringly smirked back with a brazen smile without any sense of shame or whatsoever.

“I’m-I’m sorry.”

Eugene made a dash out of the room at once. After having her heart calmed down a little in the main lounge, she reached out to open another door to the private lounge. But after what happened just now, she hesitated greatly at the entrance and only heaved a sigh of relief after she confirmed that the lounge was really empty.

“What’s wrong with her? She should have at least hung a sign on the door.”

Eugene grumbled with her belated irritation. It wasn’t like she knew nothing about the intercourse between man and woman, but she couldn’t help but to feel disgusted to actually witness the intimate acts of others.

All of sudden, she was reminded of her mother’s advice.

[Be careful as you might encounter unsightly scenes.]

‘I guess this was what she meant.’

Eugene only regained her composure after she came back from the bathroom. However, she soon got absorbed in her thoughts while she straightened her dress in front of the dressing table.

I wonder who she is.’

She was a raven-haired woman, who seemed a little older than Eugene. And most importantly, she was the second Anika whom Eugene had met after she came to the Holy City.

‘I don’t know if he’s your lover or your husband, but you might as well get a room or do it at your own home and not in a ladies’ bathroom.’

Eugene turned her head around in surprise when she heard the door open all suddenly. It was Anika from just now who entered.

“I believe I have hung the sign on the door.” Eugene said with a frown.

“Yes, I saw it.” Anika responded flatly as she came to stand next to Eugene. Then, as the woman straightened her hair before her reflection in the mirror, Eugene couldn’t help but to stare at her with a perplexed scowl.

“I’d appreciate it if you would mind your manners.”

“Anika Jin.” The woman called out, as she turned to face Eugene. Then as her gaze fell on Eugene’s neck, she gave the necklace a long, hard stare before she broke the silence with a scoff.

“I guess that must be the necklace everyone’s been talking about.”




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