Chapter 281.1

Chapter 281.1

Eugene smirked as she thought, ‘I’m truly amazed by how fast the words are spreading. And they don’t even have a cellphone in this world.’

“How interesting.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Are you trying to suggest that a fine lady from the Arse family is rather special than others? A king who buys jewelry at the boutique for his queen Anika. I must say you’ve chosen the perfect place as there are many eyes and ears in a boutique. No wonder the words spread like a wildfire.”

Eugene’s head tilted as she listened to the Anika’s provocation. She had to restrain herself from asking who she was, as the woman clearly seemed acquainted with her imposter. But looks like they weren’t close as no memory concerning them has struck Eugene. Therefore, Eugene had no idea why the woman was being so openly hostile towards her.

“My apologies.”

With that said, Eugene turned up the corners of her mouth into an unmistakable smile, which prompted the woman’s perplexed look.

“I guess you must have had your eyes on the necklace first. But still, don’t you think it’s a little absurd to act so nakedly aggressive for something like that?”

The woman’s eyes began to tremble with anger.

“And as it seems that this bathroom has taken your fancy, I’ll take my leave.”

Eugene decided to just walk away to not waste her strength and time by arguing with someone she barely knows.

‘I think I might get prejudiced against Anikas.’

From Flora to Kasser’s birth mother, and now this woman. All her encounters with Anikas so far have been a bad experience to her. Gemma, whom she met back in the Slan Kingdom, was also rude at first.

“Stop pretending to be so special, Anika Jin. Since it wouldn’t change the fact that you are just a tool for the king to produce his heir to the throne.” The woman raised her voice at Eugene’s back.

The woman’s remark has made Eugene turn back around and wonder, ‘Is she married to a king?’.

The woman seems to be in her early thirties. And besides from the Sword King of the Slan Kingdom, the rest of the five kings are almost the same age, with some younger or older than the Desert King by just a few years.

And as far as Eugene knows, there are three Anika queens, including Eugene herself.

‘Who is she?’

Eugene wondered if the woman was married to Ferrard, the Dark King or Akil, the Concord King.

But regardless of that, the woman before her didn’t seem very content with her life as a queen.

“It’s not wise to judge others by your own standard. And just because you are not content with your life as a queen, that doesn’t mean you should drag others down to your level.”

Eugene could only assume that the rumors about the necklace had rubbed her up the wrong way. However, the woman continued to snap at Eugene, with her face contorted with anger.

“I wonder how long you could be on your high horses.”

Then all of a sudden, the woman laughed scoffingly as if she’s just got a sudden realization.

“Oh… I see that you have yet to bear an heir to the throne. No wonder the king is taking such desperate measures.”

Eugene, who tried not to be provoked by the woman, has finally run out of patience. So without feeling the need to be courteous any longer, Eugene shot back.

“Are you admitting that you’ve become obsolete after your duty to produce an heir was done?”

“What did you just say?”

“If you have time to waste like this, why don’t you just go back home, sit down and have a meal with your child? Besides, isn’t it you who’s regarding yourself as a mere tool?”

The woman crossed her arms, followed by a scornful scoff. Eugene could easily put up with the hostility in the woman’s gaze, however, she couldn’t help but to feel deeply insulted when the woman shot her a pity look, as if trying to imply that she would be no different from her in the end.

“I’m sure you’ll change your mind once you bring out a monster into the world from your own body.”

Having utterly disgusted with the woman, Eugene wore an impassive face as it was clear to her that she would be wasting her breath to argue with her any further. Without retorting back, Eugene turned away from her and left the lounge.


There was nobody around the main lounge.

“Have you seen anyone coming out?” Eugene asked the employee who’s been waiting without.

“I’ve been standing here all along, but I saw no one coming out.”

If that’s the case, the man whom Eugene had caught a glimpse of his back just now as he rolled around with Anika, must still remain inside.

‘I bet… he wasn’t the king.’ She realized that she had indeed caught them in the act of adultery as the Anika wouldn’t have dwelled on her misfortunes, after having romped with her husband.

Eugene was deeply lost in her thoughts while she followed the employee back to the room. But after some time, she felt a flare of anger within her, thinking that she should have at least hurled insults or gave Anika a slap across her face.

‘How could she say such things.’ Eugene’s stomach churned further in frustrated rage.

It was hard to believe that Anika had actually used the word ‘Monster’. That, however, has made her wonder if Kasser’s mother had also thought the same, treating her own son as if he was a monster.

‘He is such a kind and thoughtful person.’

She almost blew her fuse—she had never felt so deeply wronged before in her entire life. Her heart ached for him, fearing that he might have heard such dreadful things from his own mother. On the verge of tears, she bit her lips and blinked away the tears from her eyes.

But as far as Eugene could remember, she had indeed heard something similar from Gemma in the Slan Kingdom that Anika was bound to suffer gravely from the aftereffects upon bearing the king’s heir. Nonetheless, Eugene was confident that they were completely mistaken and deluded by wrong beliefs.

In fact, according to Aldrit, Kings and Anikas are designed to complement each other by the providence of nature. It didn’t make sense to think that it would take a significant toll on Anika’s body compared to a normal childbirth, just because it was the king’s son they were bearing.

Childbirth normally involves a very considerable sacrifice by women. Even on earth, women still could die in childbirth despite all their advanced medicine.

‘I’ll show them.’

Before going back inside, Eugene put on a composed look. Any sign of frustration would worry her mother right away.

‘We are going to have a happy marriage no matter what everyone says.’ Eugene resolved to set a precedent that would help to break the tainted relationships between kings and Anikas hereafter.




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