Chapter 281.2

Chapter 281.2

It was a fairly small room, barely having enough space for a table for four to fit inside. Kasser, who was the only occupant of the table, shifted his gaze to the window. There were no curtains, just the opaque glass obstructing the outside view completely. Much to his dissatisfaction.

Kasser imagined the view beyond the window in silence. A club called ‘Day and Night’ would be standing cater-cornered across from where he was now. The five-story building, somewhat longer in length than height, stood out conspicuously in downtown Holy City.

His wife would be inside the club by now. Truthfully speaking, he wasn’t very pleased when he heard about the venue of the tea party she was attending today.

Being known as a congenial place for those seeking licentious pleasure to congregate at, sporadic incidents broke out frequently in the club. And despite Eugene being in safe hands with Lady Arse around, he was still worried that she might have her delicate feelings hurt by unpleasant encounters.

In fact, Kasser has heard that her imposter had made an enemy of her surroundings while she inhabited the body. Therefore, there was a high chance that Eugene might be attacked by those who still held grudges with past events she doesn’t even know of. And even should that happen, Eugene was too considerate to let it show.

‘Perhaps I should have asked her to take Kid with her.’

He found himself growing restless when she wasn’t in his sight. And despite his reasonable mind telling him that there’s no way he could force her to stay by his side all day, he wouldn’t hesitate to do so if he could.

Knock, knock.

Upon hearing someone tapping at the door, Kasser straightened up in his seat. Through the opened door came a man in black robe which covered him from head to toe. Without a hint of hesitation, the man made himself comfortable to a seat across from the king before pulling back the hood of his robe.

A bushy vivid green mane was revealed immediately. The man took his seat as he questionably gazed at Kasser with his emerald, green pupils.

The two kings sitting across from each other were garbed in simple attire alike, wearing a black robe in abidance of the dress code required to access this building. The very place where they have agreed to meet was a club with specialized rooms, ideal for exchanging confidential conversations.

There were indeed tens of rooms fully equipped with soundproof facilities in this entire building. Besides that, the whole process to make reservations was done anonymously and even the tiniest feature that could specify one’s identity must be hidden before entering the club.

“Let’s not beat around the bush.” Akil, the Concord King opened the conversation. He is the sovereign of the Delano Kingdom located in the northeast with the Holy City as the center.

“What is the occasion of this meeting? Desert King.”

Both the Desert King and the Concord King had no more than a nodding acquaintance. As a matter of fact, they have never once spoken to each other before today.

It was almost as if the six kings had tacitly agreed not to interact with one another unless it was truly necessary. A king reigns over their country as a sovereign ruler of the kingdom. And regardless of the kings’ acknowledgement of Sang-je’s authority, no dominant-subordinate relationship was ever formed between them. In fact, Sang-je has never intervened in any internal affairs of any kingdoms.

However, it was rather ambiguous when it came to establishing a relationship between kings. Especially as a king must at all cost prioritize the interest of their kingdom, it was highly unusual for the kings to befriend one another. And with clear borders between their kingdoms, they were neither enemies nor a threat to each other since no kingdom had the notion of invading one another.

In other words, the kings had literally no occasion to interact with each other. But not today. Two kings sat afront each other privy from the eyes of everyone.

As all the other five kingdoms, apart from the Hashi Kingdom, which is far from the city, the kings never have to cross paths with each other, even in travelling towards the Holy City. The case of the Desert King, who naturally became acquainted with the king of the Slan Kingdom since he must pass through the Slan territory to reach the Holy City, was therefore considered unusual.

“I need a travel pass that allows travel across the Delano Kingdom. To be exact, I’m in need of a travel pass that can pass through inspections without having to leave any travel records. As it isn’t something that can be easily issued, I thought it would be fastest to meet and request it in person.”

“A travel pass?”

Just before the word ‘Why?’ could leave his mouth, Akil managed to hold his tongue. He realized it would be an absurd question after all. In fact, if the king sitting across from him had even the slightest intention to explain about where he was planning to use the pass for, he wouldn’t have asked to meet up in this secret club in the first place.

With his brows furrowed, Akil debated with himself for a while as he couldn’t give neither a ready consent nor a flat refusal.

“I will, of course, pay a corresponding price for it.”

The Desert King made it sound like a casual trade proposal, but one in which he would be finished off should the trade end in failure. The Desert King seemed like he wouldn’t hesitate to walk away should he hear a refusal. This aroused Akil’s curiosity.

“I have a question. And I must insist on hearing your answer.” He questioned.

“Ask me anything.”

“Would there be an occasion where you’ll use the travel pass yourself?”

“Yes, there would.”

Akil’s brows creased deeper as the presence of one king was a greater threat, incomparable to dozens of larks running amok. On top of that, the Desert King is known to possess a formidable Praz. It would be the same as setting a wild beast free around the house. Though there’s no reason for the Desert King to go on a rampage, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

“I bet you don’t expect me to make a decision right away, do you? I would need some time to consider it.”

“I’ll wait for your decision. And if possible, I hope you’ll get back to me within the middle of the next month.”

“Next month…That’s plenty enough time.”

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