Chapter 282.2

Chapter 282.2

Flora had her last lucid dream two months ago. Normally, as her lucid dream recurred following a cyclical pattern of once every two months, it was now a high time for her to have another one. However, she was experiencing an unprecedented delay in her dream cycle despite more than two months having passed since the day she last dreamed.

The average cycle of her recurring dream is supposedly two months long. However, the cycle sometimes ranged in length as there were times where she would have her lucid dream a little ahead or after the normal two months period. But after having noticed some subtle changes in her last lucid dream, Flora couldn’t help but to grow restless when the due date had passed. In fact, she was having a hard time going about her days lately as all she could think about was the lucid dream.

“Have you all heard that a banquet is to be held in the Arse manor?”

“I wonder if it’s true as I’ve only heard it second hand.”

“No surprise, since people tend to exaggerate even the tiniest rumors concerning the Arse family.”

“Best way to get clarification would be to hear it first hand. Perhaps from Anika Jin, herself.”

The ladies, who have been exchanging words with each other, glanced at Flora askance all together. Flora couldn’t help but to feel aggravated as even with her attention diverted, her ears seemed to respond sensitively to the name ‘Anika Jin’. In fact, it almost felt like the efforts she’s put in to free herself from the name for the last three years were coming to naught at once.

“The rumor is true indeed.”

Flora hasn’t told anyone that she had already met with Jin in her last visit to the Arse manor as the last thing she wanted was to help spread the word about the banquet through her own mouth. But now that the words have already gotten all out, there was no point in her to keep quiet any longer. As a matter of fact, it would be a wiser move to flaunt her dominance of the information instead.

“I’ve heard about it in person from Lady Arse.”

“Good heavens. I knew Anika Flora had already met with Anika Jin!”

“No surprise since the two of them had been the closest friend until Anika Jin left the Holy City. It’s obvious that Anika Flora had already been told about the banquet.”

“And I’m sure Anika Flora’s invited to the banquet without saying.”

“I wonder whom I should ask for the invitation from.”

Flora smiled wordlessly with a feigned ignorance as she listened to the ladies beating around the bush, when all they wished to say was, ‘I want the invitation as well.’. Flora, however, didn’t feel very eager to attend even if she was invited, as she would feel miserable to be reduced to nothing next to Jin, who would be the center of everyone’s attention in the banquet.

“Do you think the truth of the lark tree rumor will be revealed at the banquet?”

Flora’s hands around the teacup flinched at the remark.

‘It’s just a false rumor. That can’t be true.’ Flora spoke in a low mumble as she chewed the skin on the inside of her mouth. Anika Jin does not possess Ramita, and she really mustn’t.


Eugene has been very busy for the past few days. In fact, most of her time was spent outside as she only returned late in the night after she left at noon. She accompanied Dana to various gatherings and went out shopping for decorative props and tableware needed for the banquet.

The time she is spending with Dana felt like a dream come true to Eugene as she’d always craved for mother’s love. Eugene couldn’t be happier to see her mother smile, every time she proudly presented her as her daughter.

Besides that, Eugene respected Dana for her high spirits as well since her mother doesn’t seem to get tired at all. In the end, Eugene was the first to wear out instead of Dana, who only seemed to grow more vibrant as days went by. Therefore, on the fourth day, Eugene excused herself and returned home much earlier than usual.

It was a late afternoon with the sun still hanging low in the sky. The manor somehow seemed unfamiliar when she looked up from the window of her carriage as it almost felt like it’s been ages since she last saw the manor in daylight, instead of being surrounded by the dark.

“Is His Majesty in the audience room?” Eugene asked the chamberlain who’s come to meet her at the gates.

Kasser has indeed been fully occupied with work while Eugene was busy in her own way. In Holy City, there are a considerable number of merchants from the six kingdoms, who run their own respective businesses. However, as Hashi is the farthest kingdom from the Holy City, it was hard for the merchants to make frequent visits. In fact, as it was a rare occasion for their king to visit Holy City, a long line of merchants who wished to have an audience with the king was formed around the manor.

“His Majesty is in his office. However, the administrative official from the kingdom has yet to leave since he went inside. I believe the meeting will run late.” The chamberlain told Eugene.

“Alright. There is no need for you to report my return. I’ll go see His Majesty later on, myself.”

“As you will, Your Majesty.”

Eugene then went straight to her bed chamber and got changed. And after her attendants left, she took off her jewelry and placed them back carefully in her jewel box. Then, when she was looking into her reflection in the mirror, her gaze shifted with a startle as she spotted a tiny animal being reflected as well.


At her call, the squirrel climbed up to her dressing table and wagged his tail while standing on his two legs.

“Did you sneak out from your cage?”

Kid’s cage was, in fact, in Kasser’s reception room. Eugene was all smiles as she patted him on his tiny head.

“I must say, you and Abu are complete opposites.”

Kid, who was rather quiet in disposition and prefers to not be seen by humans, was nothing like Abu, who enjoys receiving fearful gazes from humans after flaunting his strength before them. However, it was rather Kid who tended to act more unpredictably. Therefore, Eugene couldn’t help but to think that chances were high for Kid to turn out to be a highly intelligent troublemaker as he grows in experience.

“Come to think of it, you two haven’t met with each other.”



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