Chapter 283.1

Chapter 283.1

Eugene felt bad when she thought of Abu as she hadn’t really made the time to play with Abu ever since she came to Holy City. She had indeed spent more time with Kid as he had even tagged along with her when she visited the palace in Holy City.

“Let me introduce you to Abu as I think you are now fully capable of communication.”

Eugene went outside along with Kid to the back yard and headed to where the stable was. As it was relatively big in size with a fine external structure, it seemed more like an outbuilding than a stable.

Without even having to enter the stable, Eugene could already see a black horse running towards her from afar, as well as the stable keeper who was chasing after it from behind.

Abu made a loud snorting sound as if to tell her how much he missed her. Apologetically, Eugene patted Abu on the forehead.

“You may leave me as I’m going to take him on a walk.” Eugene told the stable keeper who was still catching his breath from the chasing.

“I beg your pardon? Your Majesty, this Hwansu is wild and could be out-of-control.”

The poor stable keeper didn’t get to finish his sentence as Abu, who must have thought the man was standing in his way, showed aggression by growling and snapping at him. The sound of the black horse snapping its teeth in the air was in fact terribly intimidating.

The stable keeper shrieked as he recoiled in horror from the horse. Eugene couldn’t feel sorrier for the man as he cowered almost instinctively. In fact, his such response evidently showed how much he must have suffered in the meantime.

With a bitter smile betrayed on her face, Eugene grabbed Abu by his mane.

“I have permission from His Majesty. So you may leave now without worry.”

The stable keeper, however, seemed hesitant to leave since he was worried about the consequences he would have to face should the queen get injured. He only took his leave after he witnessed Abu meekly obeyed to sit down at Eugene’s command.

After the man was gone, Eugene took Abu to somewhere quiet. In the meantime, she couldn’t help but keep snickering as she recalled the man’s earlier expression, whose eyes were wide in shock, as he could not quite believe to see Abu being obedient to her.

“Come to me, Abu.”

When Eugene opened her arms at Abu, the black horse quivered its body as it transformed into a black panther instead. In the form of a panther that was no larger than a kitten, Abu jumped right into her arms at once. Bursting into laughter, Eugene hugged the little ball of fur tightly into her arms.

“I’m really sorry. I was all over the place after so many things happened in just a few days’ time.”

Eugene apologized to Abu, who was now purring in her arms, as she stroked his soft fur. After a while, Eugene put Abu down on the ground and crouched before him.

“Abu. I would like you to meet a new friend.”

Eugene then turned to look at her shoulders. However, Kid was nowhere to be found.

“Kid. Where are you?”

Kid was in fact lying flat on top of Eugene’s head after shrinking further in size. Only after being called several times, Kid climbed back down to her shoulder. Eugene then grabbed Kid and placed him down where Abu could see him

“As you both serve the same master, I want you guys to get along with—”

In the blink of an eye, Abu, who had been all quiet while he stared at the squirrel with its red eyes, swallowed Kid down into his mouth in just one gulp.


Eugene stretched out her hand to Abu immediately with horror. Her hand was literally an inch away from touching Abu’s body when the Hwansu spitted out Kid from his mouth and leapt away from her. Kid, who had been flung back onto the ground, hurriedly ran towards the thicket and hid himself.

Eugene, however, didn’t get to see how the two Hwansu had run away from her as her eyes were fixed down onto her own hands.

‘What just happened?’

Eugene had clearly felt a subtle change that just happened inside her body. It almost felt like there was a whirlpool of energy inside her before she felt something escaping through her both hands.

Flustered by the unfamiliar sensation, Eugene instinctively drew it in and found out that she was able to control the strange energy at her will. Before long, as the hot energy seemed to even out inside her, the strange sensation was no longer to be felt.

‘Was this like what happened before?’



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